Introducing: Superhuman Year

You experienced that taking superhuman actions for just a few minutes each day can create a massive shift in your mind and body.

Now imagine what having FULL superhuman mindbody support for 365 days PLUS me as your cheerleader and vision holder by your side can do?!



Superhuman Year will support you in bringing your dreams and desires to life this year and for you to live the life you truly deserve.


My very best programs, tools, and resources to support the WHOLE of you: your mind, body, spirit and mission in the world.


Say goodbye to old limitations and step into a new reality with grace, freedom, and fun.


You are the common denominator for everything in your life, so as you shift, EVERYTHING in your world will shift too (body, career, health, relationships and more).


You’ll have myself and an amazing power team there cheering you on in our private Facebook community.


Test drive the program risk free for 30 days and see the magic for yourself!

Superhuman Year consists of THREE components:

This is the first time I am bringing together my most powerful mindbody and movement tools in one program: the inner shift, the physical shift, and superhuman lifestyle routines & tools.

Stepping into our dream life requires letting go of any limitations that are holding you back. In Wholly Shift, I connect with you and your body every single Monday to see what is ready to shift in your mind and body for you to go to your next level of health, joy, wealth and vibrancy. We are going to the subconscious level and these shifts are subtle and very powerful.
Wholly Shift is like meeting with your therapist, energy worker, taking a nap, getting a massage, and hearing an inspirational speaker all in one. You will feel both refreshed and inspired to take new actions throughout the week ahead.
We all want to feel supported, free, flexible, love, abundant, and joyful, but what we often forget is that feeling is an inside game. When you feel it first in your body, it will reflect back to you in your life. The 40+ workouts in the Superhuman Fitness Library are designed to sculpt and tone your body, so you can feel sleek and sexy, but they also have lot's of side effect too like deep self love, more inspiration and release of tension while building strength. If you're ready for 2017 to be epic and to bring your dreams and visions to life, you need to have the embodiment tools available to you 24/7.
Each week for the first 6 months of the course, you’ll receive one superhuman routine tip straight to your inbox. Superhuman Routine covers all aspects of life and includes my very best tips and tools that I’ve collated over the last 10 years. You'll get my morning routine, evening routine, healthy travel checklists, what I eat for breakfast lunch and dinner, tips for shopping and my favorite products and more. Some will come in video format, others with a checklist, and others as a simple email. And you'll have plenty of time to integrate and slowly build up your superhuman routine over the first half of 2017. It's where healthy becomes the new normal.


It’s a warm community that feels safe and supportive. Almost two years after joining, I’m still stunned each Monday when it seems the session was custom designed for me. It makes me realize how deeply we are all connected and that I’m not alone in my experiences. There is no better way to support your own intuition, strength and power than by participating in Wholly Shift.
Even though Wholly Shift is a group session, it works on a highly individual level. Wholly Shift covers everybody’s current situation in a magical way. I’ve felt like Laura looked right through me into my heart, my life, my head and decoding my unique struggles..
Sometimes the recordings are even more powerful for me. I’ve been shocked at how “spot-on” they are for what is specifically happening in my life and my body at the time — and I wasn’t even “there”. Crazy! – Heather Pierce Giannone
I feel like a new person and have experienced more concrete growth in 4 week of Wholly Shift than I have in all of last year! – Alysen Starko-Bowes
Wholly Shift has opened the door in my life to a new way of seeing things and gaining new beliefs about everything. I feel so much more “tuned in” and trusting of what is and what is to come.


A Superhuman Fitness calendar to help you stay on track building strength, flexibility, and a routine.

  • Use the Kickstarter calendar when you want to get going with out a big time commitment.
  • Use the 21-day challenge calendar when you want more structure and challenge so you can know exactly which workouts to do every single day for 21 days.
I'm feeling more flexible when I wake up in the mornings
Johann Boutler
My body feels more relaxed. I love how Superhuman Fitness brings so much body awareness. I love it more everyday and I love being a part of this community! Everyone is so supportive and just plain awesome!
Angela Roggenbauer
I am loving feeling the subtle shifts as my body each day gets stronger and more toned. And I love how the workouts kick your butt, but in the gentlest way!
Caitlin Naramore
Following a routine with Superhuman Fitness everyday has made me far more able to listen to my body and notice myself. There is much less chat and mental babble and my mind is clearer.
Annie Pender


Accountability and support is everything! Get 24/7 online support from your fellow Superhumans and Laura any day of the week. Check in and share your goals, successes and shifts and let us cheer you on.

“It is like a family that is with you through the rolls and tides of life - but better.”
- Elizabeth Blue


Former professional dancer, turned fitness instructor, turned healer and leader, Laura Hames Franklin will show you that living a magical life and achieving your dreams is possible. She believe that willpower doesn't work and that when you have the right mind-body tools and support around you, you can make anything happen and can get healthier and sexier every single day. Laura has spent the last 14 years training with global leaders studying the science of the universe and the science of the body and knows that when you put these pieces together, change can happen at the speed of light.



MONEY MAGIC Increase your abundance. The magical way ;-)

$79 Value
As part of Superhuman Year, you are gifted a free spot in my popular, Money Magic course. It's a month long course starting in February 2017 all about making more money, clearing money blocks, and getting organized with your finances.


$456 value
Once you join Superhuman Year, you get 40% off ALL workshops and mini courses throughout 2017. My goal is that you can have the full LAHF immersion and that it is as doable as possible.
I've never done this before, but if you're ready to show up for your biggest and brightest year, I am ready to match you there!

Our Awesome team

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Project Manager

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Art Director

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Account Manager

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Business Development

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Wholly Shift and Superhuman Fitness are always available, but not with the bonuses and not at this discounted price.

Superhuman Year is worth $3,203 + but for a limited time, you get it for $1999 or 12 monthly payments of $176. These are real numbers based on if you wanted to purchase each program independently. When you join Superhuman Year, you get it all at an incredibly reduced rate (over $1,000 worth of savings!)

$176 per month

  • Wholly Shift
    Superhuman Fitness
    Superhuman Routine 2.0
    Money Magic (Bonus)
    Inner Circle VIP (Bonus)
Choose Plan

$1999 per year

  • Wholly Shift
    Superhuman Fitness
    Superhuman Routine 2.0
    Money Magic (Bonus)
    Inner Circle VIP (Bonus)
    $113 savings!
Choose Plan

Hundreds of clients have experienced the joy, love, health, and action taking power of my programs. I’ve done my best to describe the program here. Once you join and fully show up, if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply shoot me an email within the first 30 days. I will send you our Kickstarter Guide that will walk you through the best ways to take advantage of the course. If it still doesn’t work for you, no problem. I will refund your money.


I wish that 2017 is your year to shine brighter than ever before, to feel in the best shape of your life (it's possible at any age, I promise!), to have healthy living be your new normal, for you to love the way you look but more importantly, love the way you feel. For you to feel how truly special you are and know deep inside that you have a unique role to play here on the planet that is written just for you. For you to feel peace and joy and love every single day. For the stresses of life to melt away and create space for what is ready to flourish. To be in your body and love your body truly and deeply, beyond what you see in the mirror on the outside. To have the support to move through the shift as the bumps comes up and to have the friendship and community to be there through the ups and downs of life.

I would love to be that support for you this year and see your visions come to life. It would be an honor to have you in Superhuman Year.


Let go of the old and start 2017 with something totally NEW!


Deep breath. This is going to change everything.

The journey begins January 2017. Doors close Friday, January 27th.


Superhuman Year, Wholly Shift & Superhuman Fitness FAQs

Yes, when you click to enroll, you'll find a 12 month payment plan option.
Enrollment won't open again until September 2017. If you're ready to bring your visions to life this year, now is your chance. I'd be honored to support you on your journey.
You can join Wholly Shift live calls from a smartphone, tablet or computer and all Wholly Shift replays and Superhuman Fitness videos can be access on all devices as well.
Once you join, you'll get the program login details emailed to you right away.
Laura is incredibly present during the course. You'll be able to connect with Laura LIVE every single week in Wholly Shift as well get her support in the Facebook Groups.
We meets every single Monday live on the internet from 2-3:30pm Eastern and all of the calls are recorded so if you can’t make it, it’s easy to still fully participate at a time that’s convenient for you
Yes. You can download the Zoom app to log into Wholly Shift on any device!
Totally. As mentioned all calls are recorded so you can catch up at a time that is convenient for you.
Yes. As soon as you purchase Superhuman Year, you’ll be invited to join the Wholly Shift and Superhuman Fitness Facebook communities.
Equipment based workouts + videos to tone your body (like using Franklin Method balls + band + ankle weights), targeted area workouts (like ab work + arm toning) plus cool down and warm up videos.
Workouts will range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. You’ll get a variety of lengths to be able to access whatever you are looking for in the moment.

It would be great to hear from you! Just drop us a line and ask for anything with which you think we could be helpful. We are looking forward to hearing from you!