MindBody Training to Transform Your Life & Teach You to Support Others to Heal & Thrive



UHP™ is a 2-year certification program where you’ll learn a revolutionary system to transform your health and life, catalyze change in others, and make money doing meaningful work in the world.



During the UHP Certification Program, I’ll show you how to…





Let me break it down for you... during the UHP™ Certification Program you can expect:
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Experiential Learning of YOU like Never Before

Usually people become inquisitive about their body once something goes wrong. We’re taught to think that we’re designed to break. Well, not here. At the Universal Health Principles™ training, you’ll learn about the body’s innate and incredible healing capacities and how to grow younger, not older. Through cutting edge imagery techniques and advanced anatomy education, you’ll learn how to ease tension and stress, heal injuries and really see what’s going on in your body.

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In depth study of the Fundamental Principles of Health and Healing

During the two year program you will become trained in how to use the body’s self-healing principle to support your health, life and dreams. I will teach you how to dialogue with the deeper inner wisdom inside of you, and you will learn how to listen to other people’s bodies as well. Over the course of the 5 retreats, we will explore advanced anatomy, principles of Chinese medicine, the science of the universe and the power of imagery.

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High Level Of Individualized Attention & Support

Throughout the two year training, you will constantly receive individual attention and support. You are not just a number here but a pillar in the community and will be treated as such. My team over-delivers on customer care and service, you will never feel like you are doing it alone, we are here to help you succeed. During both the retreats and ‘remote’ time, we have developed a full support structure to assist you through the entire program, how to start a successful business, and beyond.

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A Superhuman Community Like No Other

Become a part of a community of game changers. An entire new definition of ‘tribe’ -- instantly become connected to a group of people who are here to support their highest evolution and truest self (and thus your highest evolution and truest self). The nature of this work allows you to get to know people from a true heart-centered place. People will ‘get you’ on such a deep level because they are not only interacting with your mind, but also your body’s intelligence.

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Intimate In-Person Immersion Retreats

The heart of the UHP™ training is the live and in-person fully immersive retreats. No boring lectures and dull powerpoints here - UHP™ is all about total immersion: hands on, experiential learning with step by step guidance from me. You’ll experience a high-level of care, attention and transformation that can only happen in person.

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Location, Location, Location!

We will meet for five, 5-day in person retreats over the course of the 2-year certification. Four of the retreats will be held in New York City, and our middle retreat will be an exciting destination retreat in Hawaii.

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Destination Retreat in Hawaii

10-months into your Certification Program, we will have our Module 3 Retreat in Hawaii! Experience nature as your teacher as we explore the fundamentals of creation and how that connects to your state of health and healing. Explore the gorgeous island of Hawaii, swim with dolphins and live the dream life.

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Step by Step Business Guidance from Laura

Most certification programs teach you a skill and then leave you high and dry for how to take it into the ‘real world.’ During UHP™, I will teach you how to start and sustain a successful private UHP™ practice. I’ve built a multiple 6-figure business using the exact principles and strategies that I will share with you during UHP™.

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Self-Support like You’ve Never Imagined

The fundamental of UHP™ is that it’s all about you. Being a practitioner will 100% improve your own health, strengthen your ability to connect to your intuition, allow you to consistently be in a place of passion and inspiration.

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Everything You Learn in Your Pocket

You will have all the information available to you to further your study & practice and resources to access whenever you need including but not limited to: worksheets, videos, audios and the UHP™ Certification Manual.

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Monthly Q&A Calls so Your Questions Never Go Unanswered

In between the live retreats, you will have access to continued education and support from Laura, Team LAHF, and your fellow trainees. The monthly Q&A calls allow us to go deeper into different elements of the training, and give you the opportunity ask questions and receive answers on the spot. In our ‘online classroom’ you’ll be able to receive feedback, learn new topics, and connect on screen with your fellow classmates!

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Guaranteed Sessions & Practice Partners

Each month, you’ll be paired with a new practice partner to practice + receive UHP™ sessions with. Practice partners support you to continue to learn and implement your training every single week. Through this feature of the program, you’ll automatically build stronger relationships with fellow participants. These weekly sessions will greatly support your own personal transformation that happens every time you give and receive a session.

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Access to Pre-Certification and Make Back Your Training Investment

Upon completion of Retreat 2 you will have the opportunity to become Pre-Certified, meaning you can begin to charge people for your sessions. You’ll be able to make money back from your training investment and begin to grow the foundations for your practice with the support and guidance of Laura + Team LAHF. We provide you with all the stepping stones you need for building a successful practice, so you're already experienced in getting clients by the time you’ve completed the training.

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Feel More Freedom In Your Body, Schedule And Bank Account

In being a UHP™ Practitioner, you have the freedom to build your own schedule, be your own boss and establish work-life balance, for real. Most people spend their time working, and then need to counteract all of the stress and stagnation with going to the gym or a yoga class, drinking green juice, and getting a massage. Since your health is at the center of UHP™, you will actually get healthier and feel more freedom through practicing this work.

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Certification in the Universal Health Principles™ System

Upon completion of the 2-year certification program, you will have the opportunity to become officially certified as a Universal Health Principles practitioner and earn an impressive income doing meaningful and healing work in this world.

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Lifetime Access to Wholly Shift

As a UHP™ Practitioner, you’ll get lifetime access to my flagship program, Wholly Shift. This is an opportunity to access weekly mindbody upgrades with me as well as learn from my teaching style to improve your communication of this work to friends, family, and potential clients.







William Brown
William Brown

William Brown is a biophysicist and research scientist at the Resonance Project Foundation and Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics where he performs experimentation and research to better understand the physics of the biological system, as well as theoretical work in unified physics. William’s professional background is in cellular and molecular biology.

Eric Franklin

Eric Franklin is a dancer, movement educator, university lecturer and successful author. Eric has studied and trained with some of the top movement imagery and conditioning specialists around the world and has used this training as a professional dancer in New York. He has shared his imaging techniques in his teaching since 1986.

Peter Sonnenberg
Peter Sonnenberg

Peter is the Founder of the School of Vibrational Healing and channelor of Orkie. The School of Vibrational Healing was founded on the philosophy that everything is consciousness. The beliefs and ideas that one supports in any given moment ultimately becomes the individual's reality. Through Orkie, we will learn about our connection to the universe and light.


Through my journey and years of study in the most cutting edge health, fitness and healing sciences and modalities, I’ve put all the pieces together into an integrated system. The science of the universe, anatomy, imagery, and the bodies ability to heal itself are not separate entities but rather essential pieces to create lasting, positive change on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

When I created UHP™, I began to see incredible results in my own life. My body has completely transformed (I am in the best shape of my life at 37), I have a multiple six figure business that has doubled in income every year for the past 5 years, I feel complete freedom doing work I absolutely love and have time to travel the globe with my husband.

And in my 6+ years of working with over thousands of clients, they too have experienced remarkable results. Take Melinda, who has lost over 100 lbs on her fitness journey, or Sam whose income tripled in just six months of receiving UHP™ sessions. Many people have thought this is something “only Laura can do” but the beauty of this work is that it is not unique to me - the discoveries and tools I've learned through my journey can be applied and taught to anyone who wants to finally feel that your state of health, your sense of freedom, and your success in your life's work can all click and connect together as one.

With more and more people experiencing amazing results through this work, many of my clients, friends and people in the Superhuman community have been asking to learn Universal Health Principles, and I am so excited to share that the training program is now here. We have had two beta retreats which were incredibly profound, powerful and not to mention fun! The beta trainees and now their UHP™ clients are seeing the same miraculous results.

The UHP™ Curriculum

fundamental principles of the universe
Retreat 1:
August 23rd-27th 2017, NYC

During our opening retreat you will learn the fundamental principles of Universal Health Principles™ and become trained in how to practice on yourself and others. Retreat One is an introductory experience touching upon the science of health, the body’s ability to heal, basic principles of chinese medicine, intro to anatomy, and overview the UHP Chart. This will be our first time together as the Class of 2018 and you will quickly see how.

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Retreat 2:
Nov 15th-19th 2017, NYC

In the second retreat, we will dive deeper into all aspects of UHP™: the bodies ability to heal, the science of the universe, the power of imagery through Franklin Method, and a much deeper exploration of the form and function of the body. After completion of Retreat Two and upon individual assessment from Laura, trainees have the opportunity to become Pre-Certified. As a Pre-Certified practitioner you can begin charging for private clients and watch yourself easily make back your Certification investment.

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Retreat 3:
The Inner & Outer World As One.
April 25th - May 5th, 2018 in Big Island, Hawaii

Retreat Three will be an experience like no other. Together, as a group we will travel to the Big Island of Hawaii and have the brilliance of nature be our classroom. With the beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and expansive night sky we will discover the essence of creation and how guidance from the outside world can heal and improve our inner communication systems. In-depth study of anatomical awareness and consciousness of body parts will be covered in Retreat Three. The peaceful environment and natural beauty of the island will guarantee the most incredible sense of inspiration and transformation. *Dates To Be Confirmed

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Retreat 4:
Tools for a Successful Practice.
November 15 - 19, 2018, NYC

Most training programs teach you a skill and leave you high and dry when it comes to implementing how to have a business and make money. Not here! During Retreat Four in addition to furthering our UHP™ study, we will focus on how to have a thriving business. With special guests speakers as well as learning from other successful UHP™ Practitioners, you will receive all the support and tools you need for how to best get clients, how to lead a workshop and talk formally about this work, recommended guidelines in regard to the client-practitioner relationship, and more.

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Retreat 5:
Conclusion & Certification.
February 13th - 17th, 2019 in NYC

In our final retreat we will cover everything you need to be out in the world as a thriving, certified UHP™ practitioner. We will finish our study of the Universal Health Principles™ system, discuss working with groups, charging rates, etc. You will have the opportunity to be added to the UHP™ website and become part of Laura's referral network.

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Have Questions? We have Answers.


If I’m not a coach, is this course still for me?

Yes! All types of people have gone through this training. Alumni include PR pros, web developers, financial consultants, pilates instructors, chefs, therapists and more. This training is for anyone who wants to bring a more holistic approach to their life and career, whatever field it’s in. Remember, you are at the center of your life, and as you shift, everything around you shifts. Aka even if you don’t officially practice UHP in your profession, this training will positively influence the impact you can bring to your work.

Will I be certified?

At the end of the 2-year program, you will be certified to practice Universal Health Principles™.

Are travel, meals and lodging included?

For the New York retreats, you are responsible for your own accommodations and meals. Our team will provide you with recommendations for where to go during the lunch break as well as suggestions on where to stay in NYC. Accommodations are included in your program fee for the destination retreat in Hawaii.

Where does the training take place?

Four of the retreats will be held in the greater NYC area at a gorgeous location and the middle retreat will be in Hawaii!.

Will this training happen again in the future?

Enrollment opens once per year. If you have an inkling about this training, I encourage you to apply now.

Is there a payment plan?

Once you are accepted to the program, you will be offered various payment plans. We are committed to making this program as accessible as possible.

What if I don’t want to practice professionally, can I still participate in the retreat?

Of course! Many alumni who’ve gone through the UHP training have enrolled simply for their own personal transformation with no intention to practice UHP session professionally. This training is the ultimate personal growth transformation as it will touch every aspect of your life (body, health, business, relationships, finances), and I welcome anyone who is committed to shining their brightest light in the world, no matter if they want to practice this professionally or not.

What can I expect from the training?

This is a one-of-a-kind totally unique training. I believe in experiential learning, so from the very first retreat, we will be learning using every sense and modality. Throughout the retreats, I will guide you through every aspect of the UHP chart, from anatomy & physiology to chakras, to how emotion gets stored in the body. At every retreat, you’ll get the opportunity to practice on other participants as well as receive several sessions yourself. Each retreat will build on one another, and at the end of the 2-year training, you will feel 100% confident and comfortable to conduct a UHP session on yourself and others, lead with confidence, and earn a successful living doing meaningful work in the world.

Is there support in between retreats?

Yes :) In between retreats, we will have monthly Q&A calls where you’ll be able to ask me anything, dive deeper into the work, and reconnect with your fellow participants. Each month, you’ll get a practice partner from the group to practice sessions. These sessions are incredibly powerful and are an amazing way to connect with fellow participants and build strong connections with leaders around the world.

Got more questions?

No problem. If you have any additional questions, please email me and my team at info@laurahamesfranklin.com

Begins June 2017



When you enroll in the UHP™ Certification Program, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Five 5-day live training retreats in NYC (and a destination retreat in Hawaii) with me for a completely immersive and transformative experience. Hands on, experiential learning with step by step guidance from me.
  • Access to learning from, and working with, my hand picked guest speakers in cutting edge health, science and business.
  • In-depth training in the Universal Health Principles™ system (of the body, science of the universe and fundamentals of self healing) that will instantly improve your own health.
  • Access to Pre-Certification halfway through the training program so you can make an impact and money in a line of work that will catalyze health in your clients and also change your own life.
  • Business training, tools and resources so you can turn your practice into a flowing and abundant business.
  • A community of like-minded people who are there to support you every step of the way, from before Retreat 1 begins all the way through Retreat 5 and beyond!
  • Full on support from me - a high level of individualized care and attention unlike any of my VIP programs (you can ask me anything!)
  • Monthly Q&A Calls, practice partners, access to our private FB community so you will never feel dropped but entirely supported and connected during in-between retreat months.
  • Audio training guides, manual, worksheets and videos so you can deepen your practice and study and take your training with you wherever you go.
  • Access to a lifetime of continued support through my signature online program Wholly Shift™ which will further catapult you into deeper and more massive shifts





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