5 Powerful Mind-Body Actions To Transform Your Body, Business, and Life



Just stop and think for a moment, how much time & energy you are spending trying to plan your thoughts, handle your inbox & get everything organized? Responding to other people’s needs before your own?

You know that soul-sucking overwhelm when you know you’re not moving forward in your life in the way you would truly like? Not accomplishing your goals, not making the money, not creating your course, not taking time to travel, meditate & sleep?

If you’re ready to get clear on your priorities and take consistent action daily & stop spending so much time and energy on the endless distractions, this week’s Action Ship is for you!

I’m going to give you 7 TIPS to immediately take you from DISTRACTION to ACTION

By the end of this video, you’ll FEEL the difference! You’ll be clearer, energized, more focused and ready to spring into action. I of all people know, there’s no point in giving you more unnecessary to-dos or strategies that just add to the overwhelm, what you need is a shift in your body & mind right here and now.

In just 10 minutes, you’ll feel recharged and focused and powered up to stay in action without getting exhausted.

Remember, the distractions of life are ENDLESS. Know what is not a distraction! Run the DISTRACTION TO ACTION UPGRADE and then leave me a comment below telling me what you’re fired up to create!

I can’t wait to hear how you feel after this one!

Loads and loads of love,

Laura xo


  1. Perfect timing and perfect reminders <3 In the midst of lots of "things" right now that are important and do need my attention but as the time passes and I'm still working on them bubbled up a bit of frustration. Then I got this email and it brought me right back…it's all good. I'm in my body, I'm back in my body and it does feel easier.

    Thank you and love


  2. Julie Nantel says:

    Distractions you say!!!! the ending is so funny…continuing my day in a jolly mood. Loving you. Thanking you for this concise video & clear manageable actions.

    • Laura says:

      LOL!! I know, right! Watching this footage fracked me up so hard! (You’ll see when I post the vlog today) Glad you liked it and I’m excited to hear all the wonderful things you create!

  3. Alecia Evans says:

    Wow! This one was so powerful for me. It felt like the subconscious belief about never being enough till I made enough money and then living my life for everyone else just popped out of my subconscious and left. It reminder me of the movie Contact where that machine starts whirling an then the space capsule pops through. I feel like I am getting to be me again. Thanks Laura.

  4. Mandy says:

    First of all, I’m wiping tears from laughter away as the ending to this video is amazing! ‘just my money altar renewing itself’ – so funny!

    Ok, three actions steps to do now that I feel focused: organize my weekend homework, go for my daily run (I’ve been avoiding that today), balance my checking account.

    Biggest take away for me: early mornings I have a habit of checking social media before checking in with me. I’m committing to taking the time to get in my body, feel grounded, before turning my phone on.

    Thanks so much!

    • Laura says:

      ha ha ha ha! This one is going to make me LOL for a long time!

      Go you for your actions and let me know how you feel after implementing the checking in with yourself fully before you log on.


  5. Margaret Fong says:

    Laura this is an awesome video! Thank you! My distractions are everything…mostly stemming from my roles as mother, daughter, wife, friend…etc…Three actions I will implement: getting into my body more, quiet listening to my body, and paying attention to heart felt feelings that are uplifting.
    Thanks, again! Lots of love to you!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Margaret! I LOVE your actions- these will make a massive difference. I can’t wait to hear :) Thanks for the love. I feel it xoxoxo

  6. Anna says:

    I can definitely relate to “trying harder” and to “staying up late” to work a bit more, just a little bit more;)
    “Distraction is in your body. It is actually a feeling” What an eye opener!!
    Like my body needs attention, wants to be taken care of and if I do so, then the resistance vanishes.
    Now that I’ve tapped my body and taped out the links, here are the three actions I’ll be taking in a few minutes:
    1- sending an invoice to a client
    2- installing books or suitcases underneath my computer so I can work standing up
    3- sending a message to my brother regarding his Website

    Thank you Laura!!

    Love xoxo💗


  7. Carmel says:

    Oh I hear you. You always seem to post about exactly what’s going on for me. Great reminder. My first action is to go for a walk. Next to tune into my IIN Advanced Business Course and then reach out to 10 people to set up Skype or in person meet ups about growing our visions side by side.

    Lols to your fire place/money altar

  8. Sophie says:

    My distraction has been that I haven’t placed myself as the most important person in my life. This has proven to be a pattern for me.

    My next action steps:

    1. Reach out to my current professional contacts.
    2. Make exercise a regular practice for me.
    3. Clear out the clutter that no longer serves me and offer it to someone else who may need it.


  9. The ending was Hilarious!!!! I loved this video. Thank you for the reminder to “Get in your body”. That’s going to be my mantra! I have a standing desk at work and often do a little arm dance at my desk. Now, I’ll know to move and shake more often, regardless of my co-workers, lol <3

  10. Great video Laura, as always! I’m still learning ‘where what is’ on the net, as it keeps shifting all the time! *smiling*. Can’t keep up. Love the laughter though, and even if you can’t see my ACTIONS, they are happening always. Thank you so much Laura and team LAHF, and everyone for being another beacon of light while I journey through space and time :) I’ve learned to delete a lot in order to stay focussed, yet, this path with you all on the seas of journeying, is one of those bright lights I want by my side. Always pursuing each moment with the Heart Path. Sail on, sail on together we go at our own pace. Keep laughing.

  11. Em says:

    Great (unplanned) ending, lol, love it (and the tips are great, too!) :)

  12. Jehane says:

    Great tips, especially the part about love not always choosing the easy option. I feel all fired up now (excuse the pun)! ;)

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