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Ballet pirouettes lessons! How to improve your turns, dance moves and life challenges!

Ballet pirouettes lessons! How to improve your turns, dance moves and life challenges!

Ooooh, we have a super special magical guest to help us have some simple insights for complicated things!

It may sound simple, but what she has to say will drastically improve your ability to make huge leaps in all areas of your life.

And get a tiny sneak peak into my daily ballet practice and how I am also taking her advice to improve one of my biggest frustrations!

So whether or not you’re a dancer, you might find yourself spinning & giggling around your living room after watching this one :)

Thanks so much for watching & sharing!

Please write a comment and tell me what your current frustration is, that you can apply this simple awareness to. (And I promise to pass on all the comments to our guest too.)

So, I’m going to step out of the way and let our guest share her wisdom…

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With love



23 Responses to Ballet pirouettes lessons! How to improve your turns, dance moves and life challenges!

  1. Lisa says:

    Another wonderful action ship and a very wise special guest! She’s absolutely adorable. :)

    One thing I’m finding difficult, and something I can use my imagination to overcome (I hope) is writing. Or rather, procrastination.

    I found a great article at litemind.com about how we can reframe our mental messages to get past it (http://litemind.com/overcoming-procrastination-self-talk/), but I think a healthy dose of imagination would work wonders too.

    Thank you so much for a lovely action ship, and you’re right – I do feel like twirling around the floor now. :D

    • Hi Lisa. Hmm, thanks for sharing your challenge. I’d love to hear more, and maybe that wold be an Action Ship of it’s own? If you want to write me a question on my facebook wall, with some more details, I can see if I can offer you something to help. And yes, imagination is beyond incredible!! Twirl around every day :) xo

  2. Emily Anton says:

    Laura and Elliot!!

    Such a magical video and message! So marvelous!

    So exciting to get more magical advice from Elliot! Thank you Elliot, you are a foundation of pure magical wisdom! Love it! I love your outfit too! :)

    And thank you Laura for putting this video together and inspiring it.

    Looking forward to applying this to my pirouettes the next time I’m in ballet class! :D I’m envisioning 4 easy pirouettes on pointe and flat!

    I know this advice will be super helpful in my next audition. In class I find it’s easy to just dance and let go of the frustrations. But at auditions letting go of frustrations of not doing a combination just right sometimes consumes me and then I cannot dance!!! And this is exactly what I don’t want to happen at auditions where I want to showcase my dancing!

    Looking forward to having more fun at auditions and pretending I’m a princess! :D

    Thank you Elliot and Laura!!

    Love you both!


  3. nancy says:

    Thanks for posting this wonderful lesson about how to be 2 and play and live in pure joy and open heart. I just “woke up” from 56 years of depression and dark night of the soul and removal of entities, etc. Ready to PLAY and DANCE…thanks for leading the way. Much love, nancy p.s. where can i get a fairy wand like you two have?

    • That is wonderful Nancy!! The fairy wands that we have are from fairyland! :) I am sure you might find something similar at a store that sells xmas decorations! :) Thanks for sharing your story and your open heart. Laura x

  4. Emily says:

    Yay! Elliot is back :)
    Thank you Laura and Elliot for such an inspiring and fun video. I’m going ice skating today and was a little worried about if I was going to be able to do it or not but this was the perfect reminder to not take it so seriously. Its going to be lots of fun! I’m going to make you guys a video response when we go! And I have a special guest too :)

    Thanks for another awesome Action Ship Laura!


  5. carol says:

    Hi Laura, BEFORE looking at your “action ship” today I pulled a gauzy,floaty “fairy like” top out of the closet and put it on instead of my usual work out clothes.. and immediately started sneezing.. been in the closet way too long! guess that tells me something..
    not enough fun
    but trying.. after 50 plus years of Classical Ballet.. started taking an interpretive dance “class”.. can’t really call it a class.. just movement to music.. lots of silk scarves and trying not to be self conscious about just dancing! and somehow.. the vertigo hasn’t bothered me even when spinning around .
    thanks for bring Elliot back.. she is a great teacher! I’ll try being a princess next class!

    tonight .. “Bad Boys of Dance” workshop at Ballet Hawaii studios… should be fun to observe.. Tomorrow they perform at Hawaii Theater.

  6. Great video! What goes for pirouettes, goes for life.
    Let go, have fun and it will turn on its own!

  7. Danica says:

    Elliot, thank you so much for your help! I love dancing SO much, but turning and spinning always makes me feel sad :( But now you have shown me how much fun it can be and I can’t wait to try it your way! Thank you for being so clever and helpful :)


  8. Emily Anton says:

    Laura! Elliot!

    I think the magic is working!!!

    A little girl after watching me dance on Sunday in a rehearsal, told me I looked like a pretty mermaid princess!


    I LOVE it! This journey, adventure and MAGIC!!


    love, Emily xo

  9. Addie says:

    I always love your videos Laura but this one with Elliot is really special. Back in my ballet days I too struggled with pirouettes. So I was delightfully surprised when, during this video, I tried a few following Elliot’s lead, with hardly any thought and quite a few giggles, and effortlessly whirled nearly two revolutions without falling over or bumping into my coffee table. It is a feeling I rarely ever had in ballet class. Th joy of being two again is truly powerful and ridiculously fun!!! Thanks to both of you!

  10. elizabeth says:

    that little girl is so cute. i can’t believe she’s only 2!!! very sweet video

  11. Sarah says:

    I just watched this video as part of my Superhuman 28 day challenge, and the clues were EVERYWHERE. Stop overthinking it. I have been wanting to write + blog more lately, and have felt a lot of resistance around actually doing it [should I post new things? old things? do I need to have a ‘dietary style’, ect]. Stop overthinking it!

    ALSO, the fun colorful wand that Elliot is holding is one of the objects that I picked during WSL San Francisco. #fullcircle

    • Laura says:

      Amazing Sarah!!! :) A brand new Wholly Shifter and the shifts are already unfolding! #cantmakethisshiftup Love love having you IN. (PS Still dreaming about your yummy food from WS LIVE SF!) <3 Keep rocking your superhumanness. Xo, Laura

  12. Myriah says:

    Is there something I could possibly buy that would also help me make my turns?

  13. Nancy Olthuis says:

    OMG reminds me of my granddaughter and how we so overthink ourselves. but I think we all need to dress for the part
    Fancy Nancy

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