5 Powerful Mind-Body Actions To Transform Your Body, Business, and Life


I’m going to skip the usual “About Page” stuff, is that OK?

The “welcome, I’m Laura,” the “Do you wish…” or “Do you struggle with…” bullet points. You’re past that. Of course, later on I’ll tell you about myself, my favorite food, and how I take ballet class with my husband. But first…

I’ll get to what you want to know: what I do and how it will change your life.

After all, that’s why you’re here, right? You saw a colleague’s or friend’s life take off like a rocket, noticed they were looking amazing and doing amazing things like never before, and they said, “Oh, go see Laura Hames Franklin.” That’s all you know, and you’re game, but what I do remains vague.

So let’s clear up the mystery.

(If you’d rather figure it out by doing than by reading, skip these details and sign up for my 5-Day Challenge. You’ll get a sense of what I do first-hand.)

Laura-LoveOK — you know how you wish someone would wave a wand over you and you’d magically become the ultimate, dream-world, superhuman version of you that can leap over tall buildings?

I do that. Except, instead of waving a magic wand…

I pull on your wrists and tap you on the head.

I could probably buy a magic wand at Ricky’s, but I don’t need it. What I do creates total magic.

Don’t worry, it’s firmly grounded in science. I’ve got all kinds of hard-earned certifications under my belt, and I’ve woven that training together into Universal Health Principles, my own method of rewiring your body and brain. I instruct them to communicate better, so that everything in there runs at optimum capacity.

And, in turn, so do you.

It’s like going to the Genius Bar.

You like analogies? I love ‘em. Coming to me is like bringing your laptop to Apple. The techie types in some codes, has a private, geeky dialog with your operating system, runs a series of commands, dumps a bunch of garbage from the hard drive, and then hands it back to you running even faster and smarter than when you took it out of the box. Better yet, it’s also shiny and new-looking because they wiped all the dust and goop marks off your keyboard and screen. (Admit it, you’ve sneezed on it repeatedly.)

You, in this case, are the laptop. What I do when I’m tapping and poking and tugging is my way of talking to your operating system and then upgrading it majorly.


about-kristen“I’m no longer freaking out at launches & I easily sailed into rocking 6 figures. My work with Laura has made every transition an exponential leap in my internal capacity to handle more. When it comes to dealing with blocks that are bigger than I can understand or articulate, she’s been there to help me resolve every single one of them fast, putting a permanent end to some nasty patterns that years of other work hasn’t been able to touch!” – Kristen Domingue

If you’re not ready for those improvements, or you’ve already got everything you want in life but would just like more regular bowel movements, this isn’t the thing for you. I’m not interested in just fixing problems.

I’m here to help you go all the way.

about-lewis“Laura Hames Franklin is my secret weapon. Sessions always help me gain more clarity in my life. It’s like taking steroids for my mind, and she is a great guide to helping me understand my inner system to perform at a higher level in life”. – Lewis Howes

This is why I’ve narrowed my market down to brilliant entrepreneurs like you. You’ve already reached a certain level. You’re past the newbie phase where you discover affirmations and productivity blogs and green juice, where you spend all your time reading every ebook and opting in to every teleseminar hoping it will transform your life.

The LAHF Method is what will help you get to that next level, and separate you from the ocean of wannabes who get started, get obsessed, get a little successful, then crash and burn.

Here’s a scientific comparison.


So, you ready for what I’ve got?

Private sessions aren’t the only way to go. I’ve created a wealth of ways to guide you to your superhuman level and help you access the infinite energy you have within your reach. In fact, I can even teach you to tap and tug and poke yourself!

The 5-Day Challenge to Unlock Your Best Life Ever
Starts as soon as you sign up. With one video a day, you’ll get a taste of how this wacky-sounding stuff all works — along with incredible results. When you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll be entered for the chance to win a free private session. And, getting on my list means you’re entered into my spiritual vortex. I’m not kidding, I’m energetically connected with every individual on my list. It may sound “out there,” but “out there” is how I roll.

Free content:
You can get a piece of me for free on my video channel LAHF TV — where you’ll find an array of golden insights including, the Action ShipWeDanceDay, your Q’s A’ed plus tons of lessons + tips where I distill the best of Universal Health Principles into actionable, digestible nuggets.

Sessions, online program, and more:
If you want in on the true Laura Hames Franklin experience, there’s a buffet of choices, including Wholly Shift, my 4-week online program. Read more on how to work with me here.

On that page, you’ll also find out more about private sessions, and get answers to all your burning questions, including “Is it going to be weird?”

Of course, that all depends on your definition of weird, which brings me to my bio.


How’d I get into this stuff? And what makes me so good at it?

I’ve had massive training. Look, if you’re into credentials, you should know that mine aren’t the run of the mill, army issue degrees. But when’s the last time an MD made your dreams come true? The highlights are: Body Talk, in which I was certified in 2005, and Franklin Method teacher in 2007. (Franklin — sound familiar? Not a coincidence. I ended up marrying the creator, Eric Franklin. Ooh, I know, student-teacher! Yes, it was as sexy as it sounds.)

I’ve always been intuitive. And now, more than ever, I know how to tap into it. You can too, by the way.

I live what I teach. I moved from England with nothing but the voice in my belly that said “go to NY,” and a deep understanding of how the Universe works. Using my own techniques and knowledge, I’ve pretty much created the life I always imagined, and it just keeps getting better.

I go deeper. I take that woo woo stuff you’ve heard before and back it with science — so the miracles are real.

The results speak for themselves. Check out the raves here.

its-your-danceSome fun facts…

People assume I’m vegan, but nope, I love a good meat plate. As long as it’s from grass-fed, well-treated, well-adjusted cows.

I love to dance. I’ll dance in random places, and I take ballet 4-6 times a week. It’s a non-negotiable, even though it takes up 4 hours of my day. Good thing my work with clients is time-efficient.

My husband, Eric, takes ballet with me. We use the Franklin Method in class. Our pliés are awesome.

I carry bones around with me. If we meet, I’ll explain.

My middle name is Amelia. Hence my initials, LAHF — phonetic for “laugh,” or at least the way we pronounce it in the UK.

I’m a rule-breaker. I jaywalk. I jaydance, too. Never got a ticket.

I live in Brooklyn – the borough that’s become a global brand!

I love to draw and constantly see animations in my mind.

I go to Hawaii often to work with physicists. You haven’t lived till you’ve talked molecules at a luau.

I’m an avid snowboarder.

I put spaceships and other flying vehicles in all my drawings and animations.

I believe the world will be changed by the Western woman who has embodied herself.

I see miracles at least a few times a day.

People say I live a Harry Potter life, and it’s true. I thank Eric. If I hadn’t met him, I’d still be a Muggle.

What I do works. Experience it for yourself right here.

With love,