5 Powerful Mind-Body Actions To Transform Your Body, Business, and Life

Action Ship from W hotel!

Action Ship from W hotel!

This Action Ship is short and sweet and filmed in a bathroom in Atlanta!

Liz wrote to me saying that she’s getting nauseous with stress and despite relaxation techniques is still experiencing extreme muscle tension, sick and dizzy.

Whatever your current stress level, this video will give you a simple way to lessen it.

“Dizzy from stress? Stop it with this simple lesson w/ @laurahames & the #ActionShip”

AND, if you didn’t catch this week’s WeDanceDay, you gotta check it out here. Especially keep an eye out for the guy in the top hat and short unitard! Only in NYC :)

Dance with me. It relieves stress, brings you into your body, frees your mind. Gift yourself freedom from the inside out!

I’ll see you over on the blog and Facebook.

Loads of love


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  1. Babs says:

    COOL! Oh yes, Laura, great Action Ship! See you for the free webinar on 24th (25th for me in Bali). Love it!

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