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Balance Life & Work with some Skateboarding Philosophy!

Balance Life & Work with some Skateboarding Philosophy!

What do you do if your work takes over your life? Are you trying to please everyone? How do you create ‘me’ time?

Thanks to Emily for this question for this week’s Action Ship:
“I currently consider myself a person who 6 different jobs which 2 too many and I don’t want to shortchange any of them.”

She likes to help people and make them happy, but sometimes this means she doesn’t have time for breakfast! “What do I do?” she asked?

For this holiday special, we’re flying to Venice Beach Skatepark to check out the riders, watch their tricks and tune into their mindset and philosophy…

How can we use this to answer Emily’s question?

“Go hard or go home!”
“Just do it!”
“Focus on the goal.”

When you are boarding, you cannot focus on more than one thing, and it feels exhilarating… so Emily, feel the flow of the ride, and stay focussed in whatever job you are doing. And then, start to refine what brings you the most joy, and how you can help people from that place!

Let me know how you get on, and make sure to like this video and leave a comment below! And if you have a question or comment, come and join the chat at my Facebook page. See you back in NY!



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11 Responses to Balance Life & Work with some Skateboarding Philosophy!

  1. Amanda says:

    Merry Christmas! What are you doing with the bands? It looks fun! What does it do? Thanks for the reminder of sticking with what invigorates you and being present with that. Perfect. Thanks!

  2. Emily Suggs says:

    Such a fun video! Thanks Laura :)
    So cool seeing how people “dance” with their skateboards and how much that connects them to their body’s feeling.
    I could feel it in my body when he took your phone on a ride :) love it!

    Thank you Laura!!

  3. Kathleen says:

    Your videos ROCK Laura! Sooooo awesome! So FUN! and I soooooo agree… putting your whole self into what you are doing EVEN if its not what you love the most… will move you to that thing you love the most! And not only that, it IS meditation! Those surfers are at one with their board, the walls, the wind and sun. THAT is meditation. So in our busyness we can even find a stillpoint, if we drop down and into it.

    Thanks for this Laura! Your videos are exceptionally done!

    • Thanks Kathleen. I feel your words fully- and exactly… it IS mediation :) Watching them, and imagining the ride takes you to a whole new place and reality that is only accessible in that still-point. Thanks for being you and sharing your gifts, and thanks for sharing my journey :) Much love and happy 2012! Laura xxox

  4. kylie hudgens says:

    This is such a great video to watch and consider right before writing my goals and vision for the upcoming year. I want to focus on activities towards which I can happily dedicate every part of my body… and I also loved that the way these skaters approach this is stress free! Just do it :)


  5. Malinalli says:

    hi Laura, really loved this one. i really enjoyed listening to the skateboraders, it made me think id love it too if more often you taped guests from other movement philosophies and we could learn more from their movement experience, really i never thought id be interested in skateboarder’s experience!

    thank you very much for this actionship!
    and happy holidays to you too!

  6. Emily says:

    Oh wow Laura!

    This video is too amazing for words. I really am rather speechless! The smile did not come off my face the whole time I was watching it. :D

    By far your best video yet, as bias as that might be… :)

    You are incredible Laura. I didn’t have a clue how you would answer this question/problem of mine (or really why I had the strong desire to ask it..)

    As it turned out it really was perfect. In so many ways; in the holiday season of lots of giving and do for others. I showed my video response/question to my mom (before you made the video) and she said that was help she needed too (they really do have clients saying, “We need this NOW”) That the video was filmed blocks away from where my brother and his girlfriend live and in the part of the country I’ve lived the longest. Also my brother was a skateboarder (before that skate park existed!). So much… So wonderful!

    I really LOVE this video and every time I watch I feel it more in body and emotions, so powerful and so wonderful! I also love the music – perfect!

    Such great advice to do and feel what makes me truly invigorated and focusing completely on the one task I am doing has a completely different and more powerful energy.

    Wow Laura, YOU have helped me so much! Thanks for sharing the bit about the guy at the end – what a truly individual and great reminder to me of the power of me being ME no matter what I do!

    I am still in the same spot with my six jobs but am looking and approaching them all differently. Thank you again!

    Bringing much LOVE and JOY into the NEW YEAR!!


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