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This Blew Me Away! Wholly Shift!

This Blew Me Away! Wholly Shift!

Running an online business is pretty great.

As long as you have a computer and decent wifi signal (and a good jar of sauerkraut 😜) you could work from anywhere!

…even overlooking a bay of dolphins in Hawaii — where we just wrapped up our 10-day Universal Health Principles Training retreat.

Well, on Monday morning, as I was rushing from my early morning dolphin swim to go and lead Wholly Shift, something terrible happened: the INTERNET CUT OUT! Eeek!

Scrambling for a solution, I did something I’ve never been able to do before: I called Sarah, one of my trainees, and asked her to kick it off for me…

And the result couldn’t have been more perfect.

Sarah gave a beautiful session then passed the torch to Iryna, Kate, Caitlin, Robyn & Navy!

And although my internet finally kicked back in, I just sat back in awe.

It’s funny, for the past 6 years of running my business, I’ve had to do practically everything myself — lead the calls, lead the retreats, lead the client sessions, etc. But in this one moment I realized I don’t have to do it all.

These ladies absolutely rocked it, so much so that I want to share the FULL Wholly Shift session with you to experience the magic and shifts yourself.

Watch the recording right here.

Have an awesome weekend and talk to you next week!



P.S. The next class of Universal Health Principles training begins on June 14th in NYC. If you are curious about the program, leave a comment below saying ‘I’m interested and would love to learn more.’


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