5 Powerful Mind-Body Actions To Transform Your Body, Business, and Life

Is your BODY sabotaging your business? Get CLEAR now.

Is your BODY sabotaging your business? Get CLEAR now.

Last time I wrote we opened a VERY interesting discussion about listening to your body.

(I have had a few people come up to me and confess they are the ‘chocolate cake for breakfast’ kind of listeners!)

LOTS has been coming up for people and the BIG question is ‘ok, well, what do I do then?’



In this video, get ready to ditch the high-pitched-ear-squirking-static on the line between you & your body’s wisdom.

STOP Sabotoging Now! Why your body is sabotaging your biz & how to stop it.

It’s called ‘Why Your Body is Sabotaging Your Business’

Not just ‘official business’ – but the ‘business of living the best you‘.

You can’t think yourself into this clarity… you have to tune in & tune up so you ‘magically’ FEEL it.

So tell me what 3 things you are going to do once you are all sparkly clear and static freeee :)

To conclude today, I’m going to leave you with some of the LAHF community discussion from last time. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it yet – click here & make sure to tell me what you & your body have to say!

With love xo


PS: If you’re really ready to make MASSIVE shifts in your body, business & life… and have an ever-growing band width to tune into your magic 8 ball, come join me for Wholly Shift. If you’re not sure if it’s ‘for you’, just shoot us an email and we can answer your questions and see if it’s a fit.

If you’re already signed up, I can’t wait to see you on Wholly Shift!! Sooooo excited :)

21 Responses to Is your BODY sabotaging your business? Get CLEAR now.

  1. Fran says:

    Hi Laura, freaking awesome video today (as always!). I did the exercise and really felt the other parts of me listening up! The video was really agitating to my logical brain, it was like ‘What? Is this possible?!’ But my intuitive side felt like it was bathing in a bath of resonance and knowingness :)

    So my 3 things, even though they’re a bit random out of context, are:

    – organise office
    – hire coach to always have someone on my team
    – enrol in new life changing yoga course, after finding the right one – I’ll ask my body to do that for me ;)

    Thanks for your amazing work xx

    • Laura says:

      yes! our logical brain seems to always do that ;)

      Have you taken action on your 3 items? Leave me a comment and let me know. Would love to have you check out Wholly Shift as well!


  2. alyce says:

    thank you laura! i just did “is your body sabotaging…” Loved having liver talk to spleen and love the phrase “I give myself permission to help myself” because i often get side tracked by helping others, by being overwhelmed with what to do next, by trying to multitask, then brain goes on overload and i start avoiding tasks all together…. but this phrase makes it feel like all the things i want to do are really just one thing (me) and my “helper-self” is helping me. She is organized and knows what needs to be done next. I should have hired her a long time ago!
    thank you for sharing your wisdom,

  3. Lydia says:

    So absolutely wonderful and helpful as always. Energized, excited and supported by myself to continue the day in the most optimum way. The three things I nee to do are:
    1- Put together a portfolio to submit to Edible Charlotte Magazine to see if I can get some editorial work.
    2- Schedule shoots with the artists and people I’ve met to build a body of new work.
    3- Get to dance class and kayaking!

    I love you so Laura! Thank you for all that you do.

  4. Susan says:

    Wholly – You are so connected – I love that. I missed watching your stuff — thanks for the offer – so glad I saw this one. Had a BodyTalk treatment on self that gave this exact information that Wood element’s (liver) relationship with Earth elements (spleen) getting those 2 to work together.(not stalemating each other) Really enjoyed your explanation of how this is change will be able to help me take action and do the things I want/ know I am to do.
    1. Talk to people who have preschoolers about what I do that has value for the developing person and their household.
    2. Have information available in locations that those with young families can find me
    3. Experience the wonders of us (our world) – life.

  5. Ashni says:

    Thank for this video…was really exactly what I needed
    to give myself permission to help myself out <3
    Three Things
    – Activate my flower essences through labelling creating amazing badass descriptions of their healing powers and sharing them!
    <3 creating an inspiring succinct and clear plan for renovating the bathroom in the shipping container
    * Smile…and laugh alot!!!!
    Thank You

  6. Kate says:

    <3 So perfect today. Been missing Wholly Shift like crazy! (If anyone is on the fence… seriously, DO IT.)
    My 3 things…
    1- Finish up the new copy for my website
    2- Actually utilize my VA to do the things I hired her for :)
    3- Spend this afternoon outside in the sunshine!!

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  8. Dana says:

    Wow, Laura!
    I am madly in love with this video, with you, your message, I think you are just the bee’s knees.
    It’s amazing how the sabotoging parts of me didn’t even want to THINK about what three things I need to do, I was sure I didn’t know. But, like my mom used to say to me anytime we passed a toilet ever, I needed to ‘just try’. And three things came out! (Things I talk about, but don’t ever do)
    1) Go to (brave me says move to) Hawaii
    2)Actually take dance classes in NYC
    3) Get a nice picture of me taken so that my bio’s are no longer blank

    you are the BEST, most incredible superhuman, ever.

    love, Dana

  9. Robin says:

    Thank you! My three things are:

    1) Eat more greens and fewer cookies
    2) Drink lemon water every day
    3) Make prayers of intention to support my meditations.

  10. Letty says:

    1. Pull together amazing artists to give time and attention to portfolios.

    2. Build two websites.

    3. Raise funds for colleague’s dance project.

    All while being a very present person with those I love.

  11. bellyfat says:

    In this video, get ready to ditch the high-pitched-ear-squirking-static on the line between you & your body’s wisdom.

  12. Amber says:

    This is absolutely 100% what I needed today. I’ve been working like a madwoman for the past few weeks getting some business-y things up and running and I’ve been pushing myself through the marketing of them (MY MOST REVILED TASK) and I’ve completely burnt out. (Also, hi balsamic moon!) So it’s time for me to step back, rest, walk, yoga, meditate and otherwise take care of myself. I am now only allowed to “market” if it feels good and exciting and internally prompted.

    Internal prompt > to-do list prompt.

    Thanks, Laura!

    • Laura says:

      So happy to hear this Amber :) and so excited for you to join the StarShip!! Epic shifts. Massive love. Let me know if you have any video requests xoxoxo

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