5 Powerful Mind-Body Actions To Transform Your Body, Business, and Life

BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Access

I am reading the BodyTalk Access book again, and I feel like I am hearing about BodyTalk for the first time. I can see what an incredible, profound and empowering system this is with fresh eyes. I feel so honored to be teaching this class and giving people the opportunity to really have a tool that will dramatically improve their lives, health and outlook on what is possible.

I remember, before I found BodyTalk how I would feel so helpless if I hurt myself or got sick. It felt like I was subject to the world, stress, whatever it decided to throw at me. I was fearful of ‘catching something’ or injuring myself. When I did get sick, I would do my best to take care of myself with food, rest and warmth, but it still left a hopeless feeling that was very disempowering and scary. With no health insurance in a foreign country- “what if…?”

Now, four years later, my world and reality is so dramatically different. I have the tools to be able to support myself, my body, my health and have developed the trust that my body really can heal itself.


I remember when I first felt one of the techniques, body chemistry, literally fire up my immune system and I could feel it taking care of the virus I was suffering with. It was incredible. Now, I guess I take for granted that my body can heal and that I can support it’s process. I don’t look at illness as ‘bad’ anymore. It’s just a flow. Reading this book has connected me back to the memory of life before BodyTalk- which in turn has fuelled my excitement and passion to share this work with others.

What a gift to have the tools to remind and focus the body on it’s own healing. To say “yes, you can fix it- just focus here on this virus or pain..” or whatever it is. The healing comes from within. Amazing.

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