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Diabetes Prevention, Health & Exercise for Vibrant Inner Health

Diabetes Prevention, Health & Exercise for Vibrant Inner Health

Is spring blooming for you? Here in NY, the trees are busting out their most beautiful vibrant color show!

So pretty, I wanna eat it!!

Ok. Maybe not eat the tree exactly..

But you can get that colorful, vibrant, detailed health image into you, and give your inner garden some love and organic fertilizer!

(although I made this video answering a Q about diabetes, it’s really about overall colorful health)

I captured this vibrancy for you and your organs so I hope you’ll love eating it up!

And find the random living room noises and pictures amusing! (I forgot to say ‘quiet on set!’ ha ha ooops)

Your insides are waiting to be discovered and painted like a pretty picture :)

Please let me know in the comments what pictures you painted and if you have any tips to share on this topic.

Thanks again for being an amazing part of this community and I’m excited to let you in on some other fun pics I’ve been painting.. very soon!!

Remember if you have an Action Ship request, post it on my Facebook wall….

But saying that the list is getting long so I might have to come up with some other ways of answering all of your brilliant questions!!

Ok, Tea?



Ps. I spent the weekend updating my ‘about’ page on my website and it turned into quite a task!! I’d love to hear your feedback if you have any…

And also… I’ve finally gotten some of my amazing stories into my ‘success stories’ page on my site too. I hope they inspire you! And if you have one to add, I would LOVE that!! Just email them to me with a pretty pic :)

That’s it!


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12 Responses to Diabetes Prevention, Health & Exercise for Vibrant Inner Health

  1. Emily Suggs says:

    So glad to be watching this Action Ship on such a bright and beautiful day!
    When you see pictures of the inside of the body all the parts look so blah. But when I imagine the color I see outside in nature inside of me its a wonderful, alive feeling.

    And I love the reminder that there is lots of life happening inside of us. Thinking of when I’m feeling tired, or sluggish this will be something to remember in those moments :) and to go eat something bright and colorful.

    thanks Laura!

    p.s. hey Eric!

  2. ali says:

    Laura! this made me want to paint with bold bold colors – like the ones that are blooming all over boulder :)

  3. Thelma says:

    Hi Laura, thank you so much for making a video about my Diabetes cure. The video looks good with all the purple flowers at the background. Yes you’re right exercise is very important, I will do it everyday! Please send me more any issues about Health. . . Again I’m grateful learning many things from your site!

    • Hi Thelma! Thank you and I am so happy that you connected with this. The message ‘came through me’ to share with you and I really recommend practicing this all week and bringing it into your everyday living experience. Especially when it comes to connecting with what food to put into your body and having regular exercise. And of course, you can stay tuned to regular healthy insights from me :) I’m so happy to share them! Much love xxxoox

  4. Julie says:

    This blog reminded me of the first time I saw my blood under a high powered microscope (called Dark Field Therapy). I couldn’t hear what the person reading my “blood” was saying because I was transfixed on what surely a moving picture of the cosmos, our Milkly way, the universe. I had to ask if this was my blood even though I had just seen her put my blood on the slide and under the microscope. That moment truly changed how I perceived “me” in the universe…or should I say the universe in me?

  5. Danica says:

    Hi Laura and Emily and Eric
    It was fun to see and hear you all. Thanks for reminding me to think in color, in vibrant alive colors that are flowing and moving and healing all the time inside of me.


  6. Barbara Hames says:

    You are so right about adding colour to your diet. Every chakra can be fed with its own colour it seems…so heart needs green, for instance. Thanks for reminding me. XXX

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