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Exercise? What to wear to exercise for lymph drainage & detox.

Exercise? What to wear to exercise for lymph drainage & detox.

My mom has flown off to Vancouver.(where she is going to complete her Franklin Method Certification next week! Yay Babs!)

I’m still in Brooklyn (for the next 2 days) continuing to make you videos to catapult you into new dimensions of health & awesomeness.

Today. We’re continuing on from last week’s detoxing Action Ship….

And getting jiggly with it :)

I heard your questions and I have chosen to dive a little deeper into one of the points we discussed last week.


As you know exercise gets things moving. We break a sweat. The muscular movements massage the lymph. It’s essential if we want to support out bodies ability to naturally cleanse 24-7/365. (all the time)

BUT there is something that most women do (and this isn’t just when they exercise) that will make this natural cleansing backfire and potentially create more havoc, health issues & pain.

These pains and serious health issues are avoidable IF you take this 1 easy to implement piece of advice.

Take ACTION now (this is the Action Ship :)

Watch the video and make the change. You’ll be saving yourself a LOT of future health disasters. Seriously.

Please remember to like & share & let me know in the comments if you’ve done it and what changes to see.

I’ll be hanging out in the comments and on Facebook to answer your questions and support your new body!

See you there

Loads of love and jiggles :)




Ps. Even though this is for the women of the family, guys you will probably want to pass this one along to your female friends!

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Ppps. Stay tuned for the last part of my 3 part series with Physicist Nassim Haramein. —–Essential information to change your body & our world. Don’t miss it!


8 Responses to Exercise? What to wear to exercise for lymph drainage & detox.

  1. Claudia says:

    Yes, I do accept the challenge. ;0) I just started working out because I am gaining weight in all the wrong places and the worse part there is cellulite. EEIIIKKK
    What type of blouse are you wearing? I’d love to know. If you can’t say online shoot me an email.
    I got rid of the under wires a while back. Victoria Secrets makes a great cotton bra without under wires and you still look perky and wonderful. ;0)

  2. Barbara Hames says:

    That’s such good advice, Laura. Can we send it to all the bra manufacturers so that they can start designing and producing pretty, colourful, bras from natural fabrics, without underwire. And if you have larger boobies, and feel the need to stay bra-ed, it’s good to give your breasts and armpits a good firm massage every time you have a shower. I’m gonna send this link to a designer I know.

  3. Laura Hames Franklin says:

    That’s awesome Claudia! Thanks for sharing your tip!
    This shirt was Hawaii. The make is brazil bazar.
    Keep me posted on your working out progress :)

  4. Monica says:

    Hi Laura,

    What are your thoughts on rebounders? I have a portable one at home and I have read that they are really good for working the lymphatic system, BUT it makes my butt flabby and droppy, LOL… Any advice?

    • Hi Monica :)
      Is there a reason you think rebounders make your butt flabby? I don’t see any reason why they should.
      The only thing that I personally feel can be a challenge is if the rebounder sinks in the center causing your feet to be uneven putting pressure on your knees. I usually avoid the small ones for this reason.

  5. may says:

    hi laura,
    what you are wearing in your video looks like a bra to me, albeit a cotton pullover one. do you think those kind are safe? i’ve been told that the band that goes under the breasts still creates unhealthy heat. i would love your thoughts. thanks!

    • Hi May. I don’t wear these even very often… and usually just wear a tank with nothing underneath. But I also do plenty of movement and am aware that my lymph is flowing well. This top allows movement and not to much heat as it is cotton. I think that this sporty bra is a big step up from what most people wear :)

  6. melodie says:

    I love this idea.

    I’m a put uncertain about it though. I work out at a gym and I’m a little concerned about the extra attention…

    I’ll try it.

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