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Exercises for SI Joint Pain: How to Relieve Sacro-Illiac Joint Pain

Exercises for SI Joint Pain: How to Relieve Sacro-Illiac Joint Pain

You’ve been working hard. You need a break! Come hang at the beach with me…

And you’ll discover a rather unconventional way to get rid of sacro-illiac pain as well as finding more release in your lower back and hips.

‘Each step requires a mobile SI Joint. Free yours now!’ – @laurahames

There are 4 simple points that I shared in this video – each simple, obvious and yet magical when combined together.

Get your butt on the sand and refresh yourself with some sea breeze and inside-pelvis insights!

And tell me which of the 4 you enjoyed the most and of course how you feel afterwards.

Thanks for connecting, enjoying and sharing :)

Love and sunny wishes

14 Responses to Exercises for SI Joint Pain: How to Relieve Sacro-Illiac Joint Pain

  1. mila says:

    This was such an eye opener! SI joint and piriformis issues are my speciality, but this video made so much sense. I tuck my sacrum all the time and try to “control” it. Would love to hear your thoughts on piriformis issues?

    I just got the Franklin method Pelvis Power DVD – wow – thank you! So simple movements and revolutionary. And finally someone actually explains how things actually work and not just some silly exercises.

    My psoas has improved so much with the psoas book and with the dvd I am armed!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Mila! Yes, I know the pattern. Most people do try to control the sacrum and tuck it under (consciously or unconsciously). Yes, piriformis… that is a topic. If you would like to submit it as an Action Ship request, I can add it to the list. Just give me some more insights into your experience, what you would like it to be and the information that you currently believe.

      I’d also love to hear how you like the Franklin Pelvis DVD.

      Yes, isn’t it brilliant to step out of the ‘exercise’ mentality, and just move with embodied function. A whole different space, body and result!

      Thanks for sharing your pelvis insights :) Keep them com in’ xo

  2. Great video girl! SI pain has been my angst for 15 years on and off… the warm sand visualization is wonderful! Thanks!

  3. michelle boule says:

    thank you laura.
    i’m going to try out the beach bum ASAP! it feels utterly confusing but i’m going to enter the confusion and see what comes of it! :)
    and the warm sand feels great.
    i’m flying back to NY the day of the pelvis/knees workshop so i will have to join you another time.
    thanks again and lovely to see you and smile while watching this video.

    • hi sweetheart. ok, so after a week, how is it feeling? were you able to let go into the experience a little more? have you been imaging the warm sand feeling your pelvis and letting go of the fears? let me know… If you dive deep, I think you will find some new insight, inspiration and magic beyond the mind of confusion. SO much love xoxo

  4. Emily Suggs says:

    Laura, this has been on the top of my list for the longest time!
    This Action Ship is in my top two favorite ever!

    My pelvis feels amazing and my body is saying thank you to my “new” pelvis
    I feel lighter, more supported and free in my movement

    You have such a fun and bright way of sharing your insights with us

    Thank you!


    p.s. I went to the park today and pretended I was hanging out on the beach with you :)

  5. Ali says:

    Laura! I’m bummed I missed the beach with you ! I love this video – its genius! – and I resonate with the fear of moving forward part.

    Beach bums & sandy bottoms,

  6. Julie says:

    I laughed the whole time you were putting sand inside the pelvis. It just brought me joy. I often use the imagery of sand, but I have never thought of it be warm sand on the beach with the sun and the sound of the waves. Lovely.

  7. Linda Dubeau says:

    I had my eyes closed as you went through the steps in your recap and could feel my pelvis relax. The free gift has so been helpful in connecting to my pelvis and allowing myself to let go and trust in my body. I too have suffered from stiffness and blockages in that area. Thanks again for another tool in my toolbox of healing!

  8. Emily Anton says:

    Hello Laura!
    I love this video. Totally loved seeing Mr. Pelvis at the beach. Love that beach, and being able to be there with you through this video. Thank you!
    Amazing and life changing points about SI joint pain. So wonderful. Will have to (and look forward) to practicing those all more. :)
    Much love,

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