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Feeling Responsible for Other People & Neglecting Yourself?

Feeling Responsible for Other People & Neglecting Yourself?

Last week I taught my Starship retreat here in Brooklyn to an amazing group of entrepreneurs and one of the biggest things I kept hearing was:

How do I take care of myself when I feel like I am responsible for other people?

i.e. the husband, kids, clients, business etc.

It’s so easy to put other people first, but that usually comes at the expense of feeling you don’t get what you really need.

So what do you do?

In today’s Action Ship, I take you through two simple processes (under 5-minutes) that will help you be able to take care of yourself AND take care of the people around you without feeling drained and exhausted.

After you’ve followed along, leave me a comment letting me know if you notice a shift.


P.S. Know someone who always puts other people first? Do them a favor and send them this email.

9 Responses to Feeling Responsible for Other People & Neglecting Yourself?

  1. Patricia Wade says:

    really needed this today. Feeling calm and centered . Blessings

  2. KC Mahoney says:

    I have had a stressful 48 hours and I decided to click on this weeks Action Ship video for a little insight, and viola! I feel like a new mindset has come over me and I believe the truth of what really is mine to take on and what is not. Thank you Laura for a wonderful reminder of what is really important rather than focusing on the stress and allowing it to take over me.

  3. Relinde says:

    This was sooo perfect for me right now! Thanks Laura. Feeling instant release. Lots of love!

  4. Carina says:

    Thank you!! Last night was a rough night with massive heart racing then waking not feeling NOT much better. After watching this and doing the exercises, I’m not feeling so dead anymore

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