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Feet Problems? Affecting Your Posture? Try This Simple Exercise Now

Feet Problems? Affecting Your Posture? Try This Simple Exercise Now

Don’t let your feet feel unloved and neglected :( They undergo immense pressure every day, responding to your every whim!

And sooner or later they’ll be telling the rest of your body that they’re not happy and before you know it, you’ll have a strike on your hands…Or feet! Or back.. Or neck..!

For real though, just taking a few minutes to go through these simple steps with me will immediately leave you feeling more secure, strong and clear about every step you take.

And your feet will be happier and then everyone’s happier!

And you might be surprised at some of the connections that you can actually feel.

These are worth knowing before you take another insecure step so that you’re not creating more tensions!

Okay, enough from me….

It’s time to ‘talk to the foot!’

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14 Responses to Feet Problems? Affecting Your Posture? Try This Simple Exercise Now

  1. Emily Suggs says:

    My feet are saying, “thank you!”

    I did my right foot first and I only had small socks so I wasn’t sure if it would work, but….I could totally feel a difference in my foot (and then feet :)!

    My right foot felt so stable in the ground. I got the image of my foot being like the ocean’s foot print on the planet. It was so stable and strong and supportive but still relaxed and all happening with ease :)

    So awesome. Now my left foot feels the same and I have two very happy feet!

    as always, thanks Laura!


  2. ali says:

    I love the connection of the feet to insecurities! I just rolled on the green balls while watching this, and was wishing I could magically appear on March 4 for the workshop!


    • hi Ali love. Oh, I was SO just feeling you!! Yeah, I wish you could magic over toooo! Let’s chat tho. Today maybe? So, you were rolling on your green balls… but what about standing on your socks!?? :) xxoxoxo

  3. Mila says:

    So so very very interesting! And I have a lot happier feet now. I have been having knee issues lately (and pelvic as well) and this felt really good. Thank you!
    I’m such a royal people pleaser and it has so much to do with insecurities. Perfect timing as usual.
    And I wish I could join you for the kung fu kidneys, but maybe some online stuff for us in Denmark.

  4. Rita Chabot says:

    Oh my, such a simple exercise with such a powerful outcome. The balanced feeling I experienced from stepping on a squishy surface then on to a hard surface was wonderful. Thank you from my whole body and spirit. ❤❤

  5. Danica Holoviak says:

    My foot are much happier now! Ahhhh. The rolling in and out part loosened up my ankles, and I think my spine feels more relaxed too.


  6. Hello Laura,
    What a great action ship! We do tend to forget about our feet even though they carry our body here and there all day long. It is a nice reminder to pay more attention and “care” right? What I do, when I feel my body is tight, out of balance or aches is stand on a cardboard roll (I kept it after purchasing a rug :o)) and I stand and massage my feet. It definitely changes my day! But honestly I haven’t pampered my feet in a long time. Thank you for your lovely videos and tips. Love your energy!!
    And keep me in your list for future online Franklin course. ;o) Kisses

  7. Eric Wallace says:

    hey laura :) funny cool luxurious foot-action ship! feet feel nice, grounded, activated, conscious. exhaled insecurity about finding desire to fulfill certain un-fulfilling obligations. see you for the foot/kidney/bladder workshop this weekend. xo – eric

  8. michelle says:

    just did this here in dublin after traveling. it’s amazing how quickly the body responds to a little movement and love. thanks laura!

  9. Barbara Hames says:

    I love the feet rolling, Laura. I’d completely forgotten about connecting with, and exercising my feet…duh! and I dance too. Gonna take my socks n Franklin balls to dance classes from now on, n give my feet some consideration and time before class. I’ll let you know if I can balance better, sautee higher, etc. or any changes I notice.
    Thanks for that reminder! XX

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