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Stepping Into My Vision with Happy Feet

Stepping Into My Vision with Happy Feet

Now that it’s freezing cold here in Brooklyn, I’ve pulled out all of my warm sweaters, hats, scarves, and slippers.

Whether I’m inside at home or out and about, my little happy feet are all bundled up (and easily forgotten about!)

Here’s the problem with that…

If we ignore our feet, it makes it much more challenging to actually STEP into the goals, resolutions and visions we have for ourselves for the New Year.

I have an experiment for you.

I want you to connect to your biggest goal you want to see manifest for yourself in the New Year. Write it down.

Ask yourself the question: How real and possible does it feel to step into this vision?

Be as descriptive and honest as possible :)

Then press play on today’s Action Ship video and follow along with the 6-minute exercise.

After you’ve watched, leave me a comment below answering the same question post exercise: How real and possible does it feel to step into this vision?

Can’t wait to hear from you.

xo Laura

P.S. This Saturday I’m leading my December workshop: Leap Into The New Year (spotlight on feet!) It’s going to be an awesome workshop using both Franklin Method & Universal Health Principles to explore the power of our feet, how to increase our flexibility, stability and strength in our feet and and then how that translates to life – aka taking leaps in life and steps closer to our dreams and visions – literally!

Learn More & Register Here: https://footworkshop.securechkout.com/

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  1. Khiron bruno says:

    Goddess laura please connect me to your bare feet soles forever please, your bare feet soles are the sweetest soles on earth!

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