5 Powerful Mind-Body Actions To Transform Your Body, Business, and Life

Get this Muscle Moving to Improve Flexibility, Release, Inspiration & Flow!

Get this Muscle Moving to Improve Flexibility, Release, Inspiration & Flow!

Do you want to be able to flow from one experience to the next with more ease and grace?

Or do you find that you have a hard time letting go, and being able to actually embrace the newness.

You may be ‘thinking’ all the ‘right things’, and meditating on ‘letting go’ and ‘opening up’ ….. but it still feels like a constant effort. And let’s face it, if you’re having to ‘work’ at releasing, then…. You don’t have it!

Want to quickly change this?

I guarantee you that wherever you are at in this process, if you do this simple exercise, you will feel more release, flow, inspiration and joy enter your body!

Let’s learn how the diaphragm functions in breathing in this simple Franklin Method exercise.

Join me as I lead you through this process that will give you a deeper insight on you.

Learn about your most essential muscle (if it doesn’t work, you’re dead), and how we can improve it’s function?

As our mind and physical body match up and focus on what is already happening inside of us (all the time!) – it improves! Effortlessly!

And by the end of this process (if you focus and do it fully), you will feel a transformation in your breathing and day!

Leave a comment below, and let me know how you feel and the changes that you felt in your body… and how this affected your ability to ‘let go’!

Thanks for watching & May your breath be with you!

See you soon :)



27 Responses to Get this Muscle Moving to Improve Flexibility, Release, Inspiration & Flow!

  1. Emily says:

    Thank you Laura for another fabulous video!

    So wonderful, useful and inspiring! :) Allowing movement (in all senses of the word) is so essential and something I definitely learn more and more every day.

    It is amazing all the patterns of holding – from ballet, life… that I have/had in my body. My process of allowing movement has been scary at times, emotional… but mostly AMAZINGLY FREEING!!!

    I loved the illustrative exercise of holding your stomach, keeping it tight then trying to breathe. Brought up such intense emotions of really deep, strong fear!!! A really powerful demonstration for me of what I actually used to do!

    Another powerful moment for me was after the second side of side bending with the movement of the diaphragm. I felt a huge surge of energy (of good juice!) and relief!

    Amazing video, so many useful exercises and embodiments! I know your class on November 6th will be absolutely wonderful! :)

    Much love,
    Emily xo

    • eleanor says:

      Hi Laura,

      I love the action ship and I’ve just returned to this breathing video. I’m a bit confused about what the ribs are doing when we breathe – when I bend over to the side it feels like i should breathe IN when I go over [ ribs moving apart] and then OUT when i straighten [ribs moving together] I still feel better after doing it your way, but it doesn’t make sense to me..

      would love some more action ships around breathing

      thanks so much for all the fun and exuberance


      • Hi Eleanor! So happy you love the Action Ship! :)
        Yep. we do need some more vids on breathing!
        With this particular exercise, we are focussing on stretching the diaphragm, so that is why we are breathing out while side bending. Of course, you can do either, but the breathing out on the side bend will support that intension. (That’s why you feel better after it) You are correct about your rib analysis! I hope that helps and yes, there is certainly a lot more… xo Laura

  2. Emily Suggs says:

    Thank you Laura! Not only did this video give me a wonderful image of my diaphragm but it also gave me time to REALLY BREATHE! I’ve already had many moments of noticing myself not fully using my breath and in that moment remembering your video and using your advice. Really grateful to you for the time :)



  3. Amanda says:

    That was delicious! The breathing and the visualizing just felt yummy! Weird?!

    Also, is the workshop the 6th or the 14th?

  4. Irela says:

    Thank you Laura!!!

    I really needed this information, especially today. I am practicing breathing since I will be travelling to an altitude of 4800 meters, and I am hoping that breathing exercises will help prevent a bit altitude sickness since I live at sea level.
    Since I won’t be able to be in NYC, I would be interested on an online breathing class.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, and above all for the wonderful energy that you transmit.



    • Hi Irela! Thanks for posting. I’m so glad that this came perfectly timed for you!! What are you doing up at 4800 meters?
      Yes, I will keep you informed about an online breathing class :)
      Happy travels and much love,
      Laura xox

  5. ali says:

    breathing and psoas!? amazing! i will teleport! :)


  6. Fang says:

    Hi Laura, November 14th is a Monday. Is the workshop on 13th or 12th? My friends and I are very interested in signing up!

  7. Dear Laura,
    Thank you for taking the time to record this video. I appreciate learning about how my diaphragm moves. The exercises make me feel more present in my body. Feels good.

    I’m also inspired by how many videos you’ve made and accumulated. Keep them coming, Laura! You are doing an amazing job with your videos.

  8. Julie Galvan says:

    What perfect timing! Last week I had a minor accident with multiple minor but deep responses throughout my body. I got to much of it myself but the left side of my diaphragm was stuck. I feel much better and I am able to process the emotional impact of this much better as well. Thank you! As I am on the west coast, I can’t make your workshop, so if there is an online course, count me in.

    • HI Julie! I love that this video was able to help you :) And sorry to hear about your accident… but sounds like your body is working it out well! Can you pop your info into the sign up box and make a note that you are interested in the online program, and I’ll make sure to let you know! Warmest snow-y wishes from NY!

  9. Malinalli says:

    hi Laura,

    i was very happy to watch this week’s video, specially after waching this other video, which i really recommend to you.

    Gurdjieff: Teacher of Radical Transformation

    it was nice how your simple explanation and beautiful images helped me digest the video i had seen previously.
    i really loved the last image with the expanding toy, i’m looking forward to using it many times.

    i am very interested in learning more about the psoas and breathing, since i am constantly feeling stiff in my limbs although i practice pilates, yoga and meditation. :(

    thanks a lot for your work, it’s lovely and i’m excited about learning more from you.

    take care.

  10. Deb May says:

    Hi Laura – Great video – thanks for sharing – Not able to come to NY for your Breathing & Psoas workshop, but could be interested in somthing online. Details??

  11. candia says:

    Dear Laura,

    I feel my diaphragm medusaeting and all my little cells smilingly breathing with their tiny molecular mini noses in the purple undulating mitochondrial membrane folds.

    (that was an explosive written inner singing of emotion)

    Thank you!

    Keep blossoming and opening peoples hearts.

    Much love,


  12. elizabeth says:

    i did not know that holding my belly in activated the “fight or flight”…i did this for years in a variety of excercises, yoga, pilates, dance, etc…and even when i walked around and sat!!!(ha, i did have “abs of steel” …i don’t anymore) i thought it was good!! wow, it’s kind of a relief to learn that you can be both toned and relaxed at the same time.

  13. elizabeth says:

    i am so sorry i missed the psoas workshop :(

  14. Amanda says:

    Hi Laura. I just wanted to tell you thanks. I just did this video for the second time. Lots going on leading up to the holiday. Lots of emotions getting clogged up. Ah. This felt soooo good. Magical!

  15. Addie says:

    Amazing Laura! I had not realized how much my Pilates instructor training (despite not doing Pilates for about two years now) has limited my breathing. I have been holding so much tension in my abdomen (I thought the nice tone I had and the tension went together, not so!) with the emotional stress of the past two years that I literally feel like my abdomen has grown, through releasing, twofold just in the few hours since I experienced your video. I had been holding my muscles during my inhale without realizing it! And now I feel SO much freer and lighter as I relearn how to breathe with my diaphragm and abdomen in cooperation instead of competition against each other. I predict this will help with my tight hip flexor on one side as well. One question though, I am trying out new exercise forms as I get back in touch with my body through movement and breath…How do I regain some tone in my mid-section without repeating the unhelpful pattern I learned in Pilates? Thank you!!

  16. Richard says:


    I’ve studied classical singing for over 20 years. This short video makes more sense than anything I’ve come across in that time.


    • Hi Richard
      Yes, I understand :) Learning Franklin Method and how the body actually breathes changed my life, breath, understanding an perspective of everything. Stay tune for more insights on breathing!
      With inspiration, Laura

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