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How To Eat While Traveling

How To Eat While Traveling

As a sensitive person and extremely clean eater – eating while traveling can get tricky!

Luckily – I’ve had A LOT of practice coming up with creative ways to eat healthfully while traveling.


Here’s what I do:

  • Steamer Baskets: a few weeks ago I told you about steamer baskets and how they’re my secret weapon for making my superhuman breakfast every single day. I always take steamer baskets with me so I can make superhuman breakfast in the morning.
  • The Basics: Whenever I travel, I take a travel size of olive oil, a himalayan crystal salt grinder, and pepper grinder. These come really in handy so I can easily dress up any of my meals whether I’m eating at home or eating out. A lot of restaurants are happy to prepare dishes very simply so you can add your own high quality salt and oil.
  • Canned Fish: This is a life saver! Wild caught sardines, mackerel or tuna are super easy to travel with and are an easy way to bring protein with you! This is especially great for the beach and flights.
  • Sauerkraut: I often take sauerkraut with me! Especially when I’m traveling, having probiotics on hand is super important plus I love the taste and the extra bite it adds to all of my meals.

I always bring food with me when I travel by plane so I can prepared with delicious and nutritious food during my travels.

Pro Tip: put a little himalayan salt in the water you buy at the airport or during travels to get a boost of minerals and to stay extra hydrated.

Plan For The Arrival Day: Depending on what time I arrive at my destination, I’ll pack food for the next morning so I can make sure I have what I need for breakfast. Yep — that means packing a bunch of kale and a sweet potato in my bag!

Do Your Research: Look up stores or places where you can eat at the location you’re traveling to before you go.

It’s easy to compromise while traveling and think ‘hey – I’m on vacation!’ but maintaining your food choices can be easier than you think. Do your best, do a little research, and take the time to bring with you what you need.

I hope this is helpful! If it is, leave me a comment below and let me know :) And if you know someone who would really benefit from some of these tips, forward them blog post.



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  1. Idy says:

    Thx for some great tips but what do you do with these baskets? How do you use in a hotel? Where do you buy them?

  2. Barbara says:

    Love these tips, Laura. And food that I take with me always tastes and feels so much healthier than any plain food I have ever eaten

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