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How to Find Inspiration & Overcome Writers Block! Your Inspiration & Action to Create

How to Find Inspiration & Overcome Writers Block! Your Inspiration & Action to Create

I often feel that when I’m making you these videos, there is something bigger coming through that I can’t put into words.

It’s like we are all part of a picture that is being painted… Or story being written.

But what if the words you are trying to create are ‘stuck’?

And you try..

And try…

And time passes….

And nothing.

No more joy, just frustration.

So where does that joy come from? And how do you reconnect to it and use it to actually create your visions?

I’m especially moved by this week’s Action Ship as this one really did ‘just happen to me’… Just as it appears!

Please show up and write your part of this story in the comments down below. Don’t leave me character-less!

And let me know what actions you are going to take to give your story a life.

Thank you for showing up and being a part of my story. And co-writing this story…

I’ll see you in the next installment…!

With leaps of love


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24 Responses to How to Find Inspiration & Overcome Writers Block! Your Inspiration & Action to Create

  1. Emily Suggs says:


    What a fun video! Made me want to dance on a roof too!

    Hmm what’s my part of this story? This video comes into my story at a time when I am channeling my creativity into a BodyTalk practice and building it to be something that supports and sustains everyone who is a part of it. There have been moments of stuck-ness in how to create something that is really me but also able to serve others.

    This video is a great reminder that we are all connected and I don’t have to make that connection happen on my own. And also that for what I’m creating to really be me I just have to let it flow. I think it’s because of your action ship being brought into this world that lately I have felt more in the flow and creating more just by allowing the process to come through me.

    Thanks for continuing to make these every week.
    I really love getting a glimpse into how your story connects to each action ship and brings you to places and moments where you can share your insights with us so perfectly. It definitely shows that allowing it to flow is a continuous practice that we have to allow happen in every moment.

    Looking forward to coming back and watching many more times :)


    • Hi Emily!

      Well…. we can dance on a roof together soon I am sure! You are such a special part of my story and thank you so much for creating this whole experience with me :)

      I just want to remind you that supporting yourself and others are INclusive (not exclusive!) As you remind me too… when you are dancing in your creativity and joy and sharing that, you are lighting up that same experience in others… and after all, that’s what it’s all about. Health, movement, feeling fulfilled, passion, purpose..

      Thank you for watching and supporting these Action Ship creations to flow from one to the next and for reminding me to trust. Trust the process and the dance and the story that is coming through.

      It is quite magical and very beautiful
      Thank you and love
      Laura xoxo

  2. Sherrie says:

    How funny! 2 nights ago I came up with an idea for a children’s story. I’m very excited. I know it will be complicated and take energy, but I don’t feel afraid. Your video makes me feel like i’m on track:) I think you are really gonna like it….it’s a secret for now.

    • Yay Sherrie! That touched me so deeply. I can feel the magic of it and can’t wait to read it :) I’m so happy to be a part of your creation and reminding you to keep going! Keep going and birth it because now I’m ready to read it! Much love, Laura

  3. Terra Rose says:

    Thank you Laura!

    This was a perfectly timed video! I’ve been doing a lot of writing actually and am getting ready to finish/edit and release a transformational workbook. There have been so many moments when I just don’t want to move forward, it’s like there has been something that just wanted me to stop writing, especially as I get to the end. This week, I’m going to finish it and send it to the printers!

    “Birthing isn’t always easy” was the gentle and beautiful reminder I needed! You’re right…but I suppose “Easy” wasn’t what I was looking for when I started anyway.

    Thanks again for bringing back the message of “joy”!

    Love, light, personal freedom n’ stuff :)

    • Hi Terra! That’s awesome! Yes, I feel it myself in projects, and even these Action Ships each week… but it’s always worth seeing it through and so helpful to remember that they are a part of so many other people’s lives and help them create their stories! So thank you for sharing yours and yay for JOY, light and freedom! xoxoox

  4. Donna says:

    Hi Laura,
    I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your action ship videos and how amazing it is to watch what you bring out in people, including myself. Keep it up your awesome.

  5. Sandy Edwards says:

    Hi Laura

    Thanks for the video and views of the roof dancing and wall art. The music is great too, especially the words to the music clip. I no longer have a BodyTalk practice (though I do still use it when asked) so I do value the connection to that part of my world through your connections.

    I have more or less hibernated this winter, hardly moving far from my own front door . Weather-wise we haven’t had a very cold winter and have had a bit more snow than is normal for this beautiful valley in the Kootenies in British Columbia, Canada, but I HAVE to move more in a day!! The inspiration came to me while listening to the background music and jiggling about in my chair to “move like Jagger”. You see, the thought just arrived that I do indeed have a connection to Jagger – we share the same birthdate and I am indeed the same age as this person who has a song written about he moves! So, if the old rocker can move then so can I! So, crank up the tunes, it’s time to dance about like a child in the wind at at the sea at Lyme Regis.

    Thank you so much for your story and keep up the Action Ships.


    • Hi Sandy! That’s SO COOL! I love that this is getting you moving more… and love hearing about your connection to Jagger! That’s funny I picked that choon. It my favorite at the moment!
      Yes, get your body dancing and come and let me know in a week how it feels :) Much love, Laura xo

  6. Lisa says:

    WOW! Laura, thank you! This video has just blown me away.

    I only got round to answering your questions on FB a couple of minutes ago, and yet you’ve answered and addressed everything in the video which you created before I got to answer! (Just shows, time is an illusion, huh?)

    My thanks to you and Tyler – he had a lot of wisdom and I love his thoughts on connections and growing brighter because of them – and yes, I’m feeling more inspired.

    I’m almost tempted to say ‘Let me think about what step I’m going to take next’ but that would be counterproductive, wouldn’t it? LOL

    So, let me commit to something right here and right now….

    This week I’m going to sit down and let my main character talk to me about her story, and her life, and I’m not going to censor whatever comes up on the page. I’m going to let her have her voice and speak. And my goal is to get this done by Friday evening.

    I’ll share with you how it goes.

    This is an amazing action ship. And the way it unfolded is a lesson also. I just have to show up with the intention, and the rest will fall into place.

    That’s the most important part of writing – the showing up.

    Thank you so much, Laura. BIG BIG hug and lots of love.

    • Lisa! Yes!! I love how this whole story has evolved! Thank you for creating this story… and thank you for writing yours!
      When you said that you are going to let your character speak, it gave me the chills! I feel her excitement to be given life.

      I’ll check back to see how you’re getting on, and yes, do come and post again. Keep watching the video if you have a moment when you feel the grrrr or the thoughts, breathe, move and then keep showing up and allow it to be written through you.

      I’m honored to be a part of your story.
      Much much love and a big hug too!
      Laura xox

  7. Amazing video- fabulous!
    Summer is arriving in New York!

  8. Emily Anton says:

    Yes Laura, yes! This video is perfect for me this week! Exactly what I needed to hear.

    I have a lot of things happening in my life right now that I couldn’t really have imaged or dreamed would be in my life in this moment. My current challenge is accepting how amazingly incredible my story has and is becoming. It really is all so incredible and I wonder how I got so lucky and blessed.

    I can clearly see how just going with and accepting the story of how a day or week goes is powerful and benefitical as you discovered dancing on the roof (you looked SO good! I like your moves :) ) and talking with Tyler.

    I could and do feel like I am procrastinating on a lot of stuff in my life. Mainly this starting a business with my healing/empowering practice offering highly individualized sessions/classes to the general public. Feel there is SO much I could and should be doing.

    I feel like my next step is to be proactive and trust in the flow of my week/life journey in this moment. I can clearly see a lot of positive changes and evolutions happening for me in this next week I just need to trust myself and my abilities.

    Even my process of writing you this comment turned really interesting. I wrote that first bit then thought I was getting off track as to what the video was actually about or you were asking for in a comment. I tried to watch the video again, wasn’t able, wasn’t able, wasn’t able. Felt lost! Instead then watch your foot actionship from last week. Felt its power. Then was able to watch this again and realize my comment was exactly on the right track. Wow! :D

    Breathing, develing deep, moving forward in my DREAMS and feeling the immense JOY of it ALL!

    Thank you Laura!

    See you soon!

    xo Emily

  9. Danica says:

    Great video! Looks like so much fun. Let’s all go dancing on the roof!

  10. Dr. Cindy says:


  11. Lydia says:

    Wonderful Action Ship this week! Amazing how they are all so relevant in so many ways, and arrive just when you need them!

    I’m running out the door, but commenting anyway (because if not now, then when!?)

    So many relevant connections. This week I am going to start a blog for a series of weekly classes I am helping to organize, so that the dancers in Miami can connect online and in class. I am also organizing these classes so that I can reconnect to my JOY!
    Will let you know how it goes ASAP!

    Much love,

  12. Hi Laura,
    thank you for all your Action Ships, they are really great!

    What a pitty, in germany, I cannot watch this vid, it is due to the music you have chosen. Concerning writing and how to overcome writers block I am also interested in how I can train my hands for writing? E.g. sometimes they are aching and I also find it important to coordinate thinking and writing as efficiently as possible. I would be very happy if you could answer my question.


    • Hi Bettina

      Oh, that is sad…. maybe I can make a version with different music. I particularly love this video as it was so much fun to make… and was all very synchronistic. I’ll put that on my list of things to maybe do in the future :)

      Thanks also for your question. Do you think you can post it on my Facebook wall http://www.facebook.com/laurahamesfranklin with some more details? And I would love to make you an Action Ship video!

      Talk soon and lots of love

      Laura xox

  13. Barbara Hames says:

    I just had to watch this one again. And dance too! Thanks for the inspiration to move it and do it! X

  14. Jessica says:

    I freakin love this video!

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