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How To Handle Crazy Life Changes

How To Handle Crazy Life Changes

This last month, since the eclipse, has been a whirlwind for everyone I know. It seems everyone is going through a major shift, ending, beginning, upheaval or some combination of hurricanes & earthquakes (both literally and figuratively).

For me, I’ve moved home, had major team transitions, and had more logistical things to deal with than ever before. I’ve felt out of my depth and swimming in a sea of to-dos with the ugly symptoms of stress. (Tension, mental confusion and overwhelm. Ick 😫)

So what do you do when life hits you with too many things to make sense of? So much change? Nowhere to feel grounded?

Today I have an Action Ship video for you to tune you back into a sense of peace and new horizons. To feel a sense of landing on the other side of the changes and to ease and focus you as we began n this new “school year”.

It’ll only take 5 mins, and you’ll be feeling a new breath and relaxation ready to deal with everything on your to-do list.

Part of my bump may also be my pre-shift of all the new evolution of travel & connections I’m embarking upon. I’ll share more of that soon (of course you can see a sneak peek over on Instagram 😉)

Loads of love
Laura xo







4 Responses to How To Handle Crazy Life Changes

  1. Michelle B says:

    Thanks Laura. Wishing you much stable ground (and/or flexible dancing)! <3 And hope to see you again in Brooklyn before too long!

  2. Margaret says:

    Thanks, Laura! Always love what you are doing! Wishing you all the best as your journey continues to unfold!!! Lots of love and hugs and good vibrations!

  3. Barbara says:

    Perfect timing, (as always). Lots of shifts going on for me right now, and challenges to take on board. Your video was super helpful <3
    And I have just been told I have to fly out of Bali, probably to Singapore, so that my next Kitas (visa), can be processed. And I must do that within the next 2 weeks. I think I sort of knew it was coming, so now I have to fly…again.
    I will come down to earth again when I come down to earth again :)

  4. micca rogers says:

    Thank you for all you give to us! you are a light being! You got it from your dear mother! I shared your video to my sister whose home was destroyed in the Hurricane Harvey in Texas…it helped!

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