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How to Win an Argument with Your Computer!

How to Win an Argument with Your Computer!

So you listened to your body and what did it say…?
Maybe something like… “I spend WAY too much time at my computer!!”

Do you need more time on the beach, taking time for yourself, taking a walk?

But your computer doesn’t agree. IT thinks that you actually need to SIT for longer and write more and more and more.

So what do you do and how can you keep both your body AND your computer happy!?

Watch this video and DO the ACTION and you’ll find some more agreement in this ‘special’ relationship!

In the comments below, I’d love to hear your tactics and strategies for resolving disagreements with your computer friend!

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(and Kat, I’m excited to hear how you are feeling too!)



14 Responses to How to Win an Argument with Your Computer!

  1. Jena Chambers says:

    Laura I just watched your video and wanted to say great job and perspective. I love the enthusiasm and energy behind it. This is such much-needed work as we all learn how to balance increasing technology with our happiness and embodiment. It’s an excellent integration of your kinesthetic background, personality and lifestyle. Puts it all into an important, much-needed cause. I look forward to hearing more as your “extravaganza” unfolds. Keep it up and lots of love to you

    • Hi dear Jena. Thank you! It was so lovely to read your comment and hear your voice from my screen! It’s an essential part of this big connection via the ‘web’ that is unfolding, and I feel so blessed to be able to share that. Thanks for seeing it, and sending your love. I feel it :) Much love to you too my dear. Love xoxo

  2. ali says:

    A W E S O M E ! the computer is such a perfect practice, indeed! I love the armpit move! this video is so perfect for so many people I know – especially those in my office. :) one thing I do is bring my franklin balls and peanut to the office. I put the little green balls under my seat bones while I work. I find that it improves my posture, keeps my hips happy and my shoulders loose! I can’t wait for your series… that is *genius.* big hugs to you from Boulder! xo ali

    • A-L-I !!! Yeah, baby, get those armpits rockin!! :) Yes, the peanut and the balls!! Oh yes. They will need to be introduced very soon! I’m thrilled to make the series… It’s coming! :) Hugs to you and Boulder. When you coming to NY!? So much love xoxo

  3. Emily says:

    Yay Laura yay!!!

    This is awesome! Wrote you a comment as soon as I got home tonight!! Wonderful, wonderful video. Love it!
    Such useful information. Love how you tied everything together and formed it into such a perfect video. Love the real element of this video with the doorbell and Eric getting home! ;) love, love, love!
    My shoulders felt so much better after doing this week’s action. Have to remember it for the days when I work on my computer a lot.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Much love to you and my computer :)

    Emily xo

    • HI Emily. Thanks! Yes, it was perfectly times, wasn’t it!!? :) We can all use the reminder when we’re at our computers! THanks for sharing your inspiration and support. I love reading your comments! xo

  4. Barbara Hames says:

    What a valuable reminder, Laura. I love the armpit thing! And I love the Action Ships that zoom in! How do you do that.
    I’m gonna share this with lots of my friends here in Bali.

  5. Kat says:

    YAAAY! Thank you Laura, you are a super star! I have tried the exercises. I especially love the throwing out of the responsibility! It’s true, it carries such a tremendous weight. I’m on a laptop and will invest in a keyboard to change my posture. LOVE the new perspective! Again, thank you so much! X

  6. Emily says:

    Another awesome Action Ship! I’ve shared this one with lots of people. Am noticing how I’m siting now as I’m typing this and it feels much better already since watching the video :)
    Thank you for taking the time to give us these videos each week!
    I agree with the comment above- I am also excited for your series!!!! If these videos have this much great information in them I know that your series will be incredible.
    Thank you :)

    • Thanks Emily! I am thrilled to be offering this important information in a way that produces immediate results. I always feel better after making them too! Thanks for sharing them, and I can’t wait to hear how you enjoy this week’s video! Love, Laura

  7. candia says:

    Wow Laura!

    this action ship is amazing, very nice reminders specially to enjoy what one is doing and flow.



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