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Jaw Pain: How to Relieve it. Prevent Teeth Grinding & Relax Your JAW

Jaw Pain: How to Relieve it. Prevent Teeth Grinding & Relax Your JAW

Yes, this is definitely my most jaw dropping video yet!

Do you ever watch people who are talking about being relaxed… but they are all tense?

This simple lesson will make sure that you don’t turn into that stressed out person and if you do have tension or pain in your jaw, a simple and fast way to relieve it.

Today is our last day in Santa Barbara before we head down to Venice… and I hope to give you some glimpses of our trip next week. (or maybe before if you’re subscribed on YouTube)

Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you soon



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14 Responses to Jaw Pain: How to Relieve it. Prevent Teeth Grinding & Relax Your JAW

  1. Ellen Myers says:

    The jaw gig was fabulous. I did it right away. I am always suffering from the pain of locked jaws these days.

    The tapping is so gentle yet so efficient for relaxing it. I will do this every day.


    • Marie Levy says:

      My jaw feels much happier now, after the cortices and jaw-stroking. I’m not aware of jaw-tightness during my day, though my teeth show the effect of tooth-grinding, sadly.
      Thanks for the reminder.

      • Hi Marie. I’m happy that your jaw feels better. If you keep practicing this, then you might start to notice when the tightness creeps in and if you start to want to grind your teeth… and soon, it will all be more relaxed and you’ll notice it all going away :) Let me know how you get on! xo Laura

    • Sweet! Yeah, so happy to help. Seems tightness in the jaw is rather common. But with the right awareness and ease of relaxation, it can change very quickly. Let me know how it goes after a week. xo Laura

  2. Sofian Ong says:

    Well that was a pretty cool Action Ship, Laura. My jaw definitely needed (and still needs) some melting. I’m gonna add that to my daily plan to educate my jaw to MELT…just like the chocolate sauce. Enjoy your trip. XX

  3. michelle says:

    tight jaw! i needed this one. so funny to see you talking with your jaw like that. this action ship made me laugh a lot. :) i’m sure that will help my jaw too!

  4. alyce says:

    Great Action Ship! balancing cortices with jaw-stroking… felt great. thank you.
    p.s. i want one of those tiny skulls! where?
    love , alyce morgan wise

    • :) Isn’t it cute. I actually need a new one because it’s missing a bit… I can’t remember where I got it exactly. I picked it up on my travels, but I’m sure I can find another, maybe do a search online and let me know what you find. Love, Laura

  5. Malinalli says:

    hi Laura i dont think my jaw got any tighter when you told me to relax it, i laughed! this video adn the beach bum video made me laugh, it was wonderful i feel so relaxed! thank you :D

  6. Emily Anton says:

    That was AMAZING Laura! Thank you sooo much. Much needed! Most of my family has jaw problems that we thought just run in the family. Will be sharing this video A LOT :) ….wonder if my mom has watched it… Will ask her.
    Love how your videos are developing.
    It is an amazing process!
    Love you,

  7. Andrea says:

    Very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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