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Leave your shoulder tension in the park for 2012!

Leave your shoulder tension in the park for 2012!

Have you included shoulders in your 2012 goals!? ★ Do you ever get shoulder tension? It can be very painful and debilitating especially when you want to be doing other things…

Like playing music!

So this week’s Action Ship is for John, who was the guy who met Emily in the airport last week~ when she was dancing and FranklinBanding… ★ He’s a musician and shared some of his music here, along with his plea for help with his shoulder tension…

So for you AND your shoulders for this New Year, we are going to the park…

To find fun, play and freedom!!

Make sure you do the whole thing fully- on both sides.

Remember it will work best if you are very focussed! And then please write me a comment and tell me how they feel!

Like it, share it, and have a FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!!! ★★★★★



8 Responses to Leave your shoulder tension in the park for 2012!

  1. Emily says:

    Thanks so much for this video. My shoulders thank you too :)
    With my shoulders so relaxed I feel like I have let go of all the tension that I don’t need and can focus more clearly on what I am doing in this moment.

    Happy New Year Laura! See you in Union Square today :)


  2. way cool, I especially like the dirt falling of the supraspinous fossa, ha, ha,
    away the dirt, in the splendor!

  3. Patsy says:

    Exactly what was needed, Laura. My shoulder has been crackling at me for the past few days demanding I pay attention to it!! Thanks.

  4. alyce says:

    thank you laura, my shoulders enjoyed the park, sliding and swinging! much more relaxed and now I am more likely to go play!

  5. elizabeth says:

    hi laura, happy new year! i have had a ton of shoulder tension lately, so this vid is very appreciated! i remember doing a similar excercise with you in a Franklin class at DNA. its very effective, and i love how effortless it feels in my body. i’d really like to be more creative this year. i’d also like to eat better and lose 30- 40 pounds in a fun way. and do more BodyTalk!!!! of course :)

  6. Emily says:

    Oh Laura!!

    I love, love, love this video! Amazing!

    Such a powerful reminder to not forget about my little shoulders in this new year! Also a lovely reminder about my own power to inspire and connect to people. Thank you!

    Thanks for helping me in both of those ways! Much appreciated.

    I loved the slide image at the park as well as the swing image. I found both of these video images quite effective and useful.

    My shoulders have had been an area of tension and resistance for me for quite awhile. In fact I never liked the arm swinging in the Franklin Method teacher training. Swinging with the idea of the little girl on the swing (so cute) really helped.

    Thank you Laura!

    Here’s to a great 2012!!

    Love <3

  7. Barbara Hames says:

    What a great video and a wonderful way to start 2012. So many of the people I see, and friends, have ‘shoulder issues’. If everyone just spent 5 minutes doing what your video shows, well, the world, and all its shoulders, would be a happier place.
    I LOVE your videos, Laura.

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