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How To Make A Standing Desk

How To Make A Standing Desk

Transitioning to standing desk has come up A LOT in conversations with my clients. They agree but get stuck on how to make it work without buying a whole new desk!

If this resonates with you — I have a few tips for how you can create a DIY standing desk without spending more money AND with using things you already probably have around the house!

Why Standing Is Better Than Sitting

Most people spend a lot of time sitting, hunched over their computer. Our body is designed to move and when we sit, it signals to the body that we don’t need to move. Sitting can create tension in the pelvic floor, in the shoulders and neck (creating forward neck).

When you stand – we sway, we move. We’re always changing positions and it’s much easier to wiggle around or shift positions which creates some amount of movement. Plus, it’s really hard to slump over your computer when you’re standing!

Having a more dynamic mobile experience in your body while you’re working will help you think more clearly. You’ll have better blood flow, more oxygen to your brain, and you’ll be more alert. And it’s better for your metabolism – who doesn’t want that? ;)


How to DIY a Standing Desk

1. Stack It Up! Grab a stack of cookbooks or shoe boxes and place them on your working table or desk and put your computer on it! You can easily adjust the height and find a position that works best for you. If you can – make sure the computer screen is placed at your eye level. You can use a separate keyboard that is the right height in front of your hands.

2. Get Creative! Look around your house or office and find counters and surfaces that may be a better height than your desk. If you go looking – chances are you’ll find a countertop around that will work great as a standing desk.

How to Sit Healthier

If you are sitting – there are definitely healthier ways to do it!

1. Smile! :)

2. Keep Moving – wiggle around, set a timer on your phone to remind you to move or shift positions so you don’t get stagnant in one position

3. Sit balanced between both sit bones & don’t cross your legs

4. Take breaks and take a walk!

5. Sit on a Franklin Method ball (it helps with posture)

And if you have any other tips – please do share in the comments below!

See you next week!



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  1. Em Crone says:

    Great tips!!! My brother built an awesome standing desk out of wood!!!

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