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My Evening Routine

My Evening Routine

When it come to having a powerful day — lots of us jump to our morning routine.

I am 100% in support of having a powerful morning routine but we often overlook our evening routine!

Having an evening routine sets us up for a restful and restorative sleep and then a peaceful, productive and focused morning + day.

The most important thing when it comes to an evening routine is creating a space where you can wind down and bring your body into the parasympathetic state — aka the rest and relaxation place where the body can restore itself.

Here are the components that I incorporate into my evening routine.

  • Power Down Your Electronics: We spend most of the day plugged in and connected to our devices — cellphones, ipads, computers, TVs… When we sleep, our body is in the parasympathetic state – so before bed, we need to set ourselves up for that wind down. Turn off your emails, texts and tings. Close your computer and either turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode.
  • Ball Roll: If you do one of these tips – do this one! Rolling your body on Franklin Method balls really brings your body into the parasympathetic state which will help you to fall into nice restful sleep easily. You can roll nearly any part of your body! Your shoulders, feet, butt, back… This gentle movement helps your body release tension, slow down, and helps you breathe more deeply.
  • Take A Bath: or warm shower then get into your favorite PJs
  • Dim The Lights: Set up your mood lighting by either dimming your lights, turning lights off and fairy lights on, or lighting some candles.
  • Eat Earlier: If you’re eating close to bedtime, your body will spend a lot of the night processing and digesting your food rather than doing the other metabolic processes that usually happen during the night. I do my best to eat a BIG breakfast & lunch and smaller dinner.
  • Fill Up Your Glass: with water ;) Every night when I go to bed, I bring with me a big glass of sole to sip on before bed and first thing in the morning when I wake up.
  • Cover Your Eyes: I use the arm of a sweater to cover my eyes or you could choose an eye mask — but darkness is really important for restful sleep!

What do you do to wind down? Leave me a comment below letting me know!



7 Responses to My Evening Routine

  1. Shira Abergel says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Ever since I started an evening routine my life has become so much more enjoyable. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

    -dim the lights
    -light incense and sage and palo Santo
    -do a little yoga sequence
    – and I used to write the things I’m grateful for in a journal
    And also write how I’m feeling (in body, emotion,& mental state) just as an observation.
    -I’ve been lazy, but I want to bring that last one back.

    It takes a good hour to do but I think it’s worth it 💜

  2. myke. in Lexington, Kentucky says:

    Dear Laura,

    Myke from Lexington, Kentucky here.

    My evening routine is primarily focused around performing Reflexology on my feet, and activating the primary accupressure points in my feet and legs. Then I massage my legs.

    I too keep water beside my bed. But I sip it during the night as well as before going to sleep and upon waking up.

    When I wake up I do the same routine all over again. It is amazing how much more energized you will feel if you do even a quickie Reflexology session on yourself first thing in the morning.

    Then at stop lights during, my morning commute, I balance the two hemispheres of my brain by doing the BodyTalk head and sternum tapping routine. If I feel tired during the day, I take my thumbs and push them into the accupressure points along the sides of my spine. Amazing how good that works.

  3. Angela Roggenbauer says:

    Laura, you know how much I LOVE my evening ball rolling. It’s my drug of choice. I really can’t describe just how amazing my body feels when I’m done…rolling has changed my life. I finish out rolling standing and rolling my feet with a small spiked ball. Before I roll, I take a bath.
    I no longer wake up with sore muscles and this is amazing but, my cellulite has gone away!!! I LOVE ROLLING AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  4. Em says:

    You have me intrigued with this ball rolling. I do dry skin brushing and I swear I sleep better on the nights I do it! Is ball rolling anything like that?
    I also like light candles which is really relaxing and do some stretching and breathing. I am not super consistent with doing this every evening, but I am inspired to do this every evening! Just a few minutes to wind down!!

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