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Anywhere Ocean Massage

Anywhere Ocean Massage

Got a pole? Banister? Boat rail!? I know that you can do this on the subway in NYC!!

Use said object to gently encourage your your legs, feet and armpits to give up their pains and dissolve them into the ocean by simply following along with me…

Roll, squish, breathe and most importantly how clearly can you bring through the images and really feel them?

If you can focus, you’ll be shocked how effective this is and even more surprised at the places you’ll find opportunities to ocean massage yourself!! :)

Be by the ocean and relax no matter where you are by watching this. @laurahames

Leave me a comment & post me a pic on facebook of the places you can practice this exercise!

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  1. kelly says:

    This page is awesome and informative. Thank you for the great information. I love getting a massage and this made me want one more.

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