5 Powerful Mind-Body Actions To Transform Your Body, Business, and Life


laura-hollick“I would highly recommend Laura to any entrepreneur who wants to step into their next level of success with their whole body and being. I booked a 3-day Intensive with Laura because I wanted to clarify the next steps in my business and integrate them in my body. As a personal brand, I am my business. Each evolution in my business is an evolution within myself. I now feel crystal clear about the direction of my business and I know my body is aligned with it. As a result of working with Laura I have integrated my business dreams into my body in such a seamless way. I feel as if I can move forward with grace and empowerment. I feel my roots as an entrepreneur are more solid and able to support the fullness of my dreams.”
Laura Hollick, Award-winning artist, Founder and CEO of Soul Art Studio Inc.


nathalie-lussier“I didn’t really know what to expect from working with Laura. I just knew she had an energy and presence that spoke to something inside of me, and so many of my friends and colleagues spoke highly of her work. What I got from our sessions together is a deeper understanding of all the things that have been holding me back, in both my business and personal life.

Laura’s ability to tap into old patterns, memories, and other forms of stuck-ness and just shift them out has changed the way I operate in the world. I’m now able to work in the virtual world that I’ve always felt comfortable in, but now I can approach it from a place of true alignment and clarity.

I’m truly grateful for the changes that Laura has brought about for me, and I can now fully trust myself and my body. Whenever I’ve felt stuck or wandering, Laura’s words come back to me and I can continue to move forward!”

Nathalie Lussier, Digital Strategist


nathalie-lussier2“My dear dog Millie was having an adverse reaction to a vaccine she got, and I knew I didn’t want her to take any more drugs so I turned to Laura for support. Laura held space for Millie’s body to heal, and it opened up some interesting parallels between Millie, myself, and my husband.

My dog is way more than a dog, she’s a lifetime companion, and even a business partner to me… and that’s something that I wasn’t fully aware of until our work with Laura. Not only did we learn more about Millie’s past (she was abandoned before we adopted her), but we also got her to stop biting and scratching the wound where she had been vaccinated.

Millie’s personality has also shifted since her sessions, because now she’s friendlier with other dogs, and she knows she has a place and a purpose in our family.”
Nathalie Lussier, Digital Strategist


Natasha-Wozniak“I went from barely being able to get out of bed due to intense hip pain to training in Capoeria 3x a week! I had a lot of trauma from suffering the loss of my father at 13, and when it started surfacing 15 months ago, I developed intense hip pain. I did sessions with Laura, and after even just one, my “hip injury” got so much better. My yoga teacher was shocked at how quickly I was improving week to week. I am finding the need for body integration on a regular basis, through both great and difficult things that come along in life.
Now, my body feels great. I train in Capoeira 3x a week, and I have never been stronger or quicker.”
Natasha Wozniak


Kristen-Domingue“Working with Laura Hames Franklin is BEYOND worth every penny. My processing speed and ability to recalibrate has up-leveled BIG time. I worked with her ONE TIME last year, and that session was the catalyst for all the actions I took that helped me cross the 6-fig mark this year. You may not always understand what she’s doing, but I can tell you, she is MAGIC. If you’ve tried everything else (EFT, NLP, etc.) to deal with being scared shitless while you do big things, then THIS will blow your mind and seriously change EVERYTHING. You MUST work with Laura.”
Kristen Domingue, NYC

James-Wedmore“Laura was able to amplify my existing situation. Today, I’m playing a bigger game. I crossed paths with Laura at a time in my life where I already felt I was at the top of my game. I was on track for the biggest year financially, I had just moved across the country to New York City and fallen in love. There was not one aspect of me begging for a “Fix me!”. Laura helped me realize how much I can still get in my own way. With a few key distinctions, I was able to see rapid growth that I was otherwise unable to without outside help (her!). Laura was the catalyst for that, and she is an essential ingredient to my weekly and monthly routines. She is my secret weapon, and I encourage you (just like I have encouraged so many others) for her to be your secret weapon as well.”
James Wedmore, NYC


Elsa-Isaac“Laura is the channel my body uses to communicate with itself and me. I was talking to Laura about my constant struggle with fatigue and digestive issues. Dedicating an hour every 3-4 weeks to give my body the time and attention it needs to heal itself the way IT wants feels amazing. I have a different relationship with my body now. I’m more patient and understanding with it, and have noticed my energy slowly increasing. My sessions with Laura are like I’m going to get a massage at the spa. I always look forward to them.”
Elsa Isaac, NYC


Lara DalchMy work with Laura helps me stay open to the possibilities in my life instead of clinging to things that feel comfortable but are no longer serving me. I’d recommend working with Laura to anyone who has a sort of inexplicable feeling of “being stuck.” Laura will help you get unstuck…fast! You have to surrender and keep an open mind, especially if you’re skeptical of everything (like me). It also helps if you’re already in touch with your body – through yoga, pilates, etc. – since you’ll be better able to tune into the shifts that Laura catalyzes; but certainly not necessary. In fact, working with Laura can help you begin to tune into your body in a way that will help you in other areas of your life.

When I first heard about Laura … honestly, I wondered if it was all a bunch of “woo woo” junk. (Laura knows I love her, so I can say that now. ;) When we began I felt an increased energy, much more positive mood, and a sense of peace that things in my life are flowing as they should. I also learned I’ll have everything I need if I can remain open to it. ”
Lara Dalch, Wellness Coach


Michelle-Vargas“I see results all over the place, from being able to decrease my sugar cravings to fostering a deeper relationship with my family. I had no idea what to expect from working with Laura, but what I’ve gotten from it are things I never could have expected! Overall, I’m now connected to my body in a way I never considered possible. It’s sort of like my body and my mind have a mutual respect for one another that wasn’t present before I started working with her. I even got my extremely skeptical boyfriend to try it and he loves it too! Laura is EXTREMELY tuned in and her perceptions are amazingly on point. Come with an open mind and try it out… you won’t be disappointed!”
Michelle Akin, Brooklyn NY


Lewis-Howes“Laura Hames Franklin is my secret weapon. I do a session with her when I’m feeling off balance physically or mentally and the sessions always help me gain more clarity in my life. It’s like taking steroids for my mind, and she is a great guide to helping me understand my inner system to perform at a higher level in life.”
Lewis Howes


Liz Brazier“Laura’s work has made me happier, calmer and more relaxed! I have a feeling of being safe and full. Laura opens up your mind to a new way of connecting with your body and manages to sprinkle magic throughout your body! I feel extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Laura.”
Liz Brazier, Lifestyle Coach


Pat Romain“I had seen Laura’s work in action and knew that I needed to work with her. I was attracted to Laura via her youtube channel, and during our session I also realized that I was attracted to her “personality” because that is exactly what I want to exude. I want to be free and dance like no one is watching… have a party and invite everyone in my life to rock it with me… clients, kids, family etc.

After working with Laura, I have more clarity on things that I felt but didn’t understand. It’s like Laura has put a flash light on what I need to shed and also what I need to focus on.

I know that the change and release that happened during our session is real and here to last, because right now I am working and writing this in my bed surrounded by my kids whom are watching tv… this would have never happened before.

I would recommend her services to everyone, if you are ready to see your “stuff” and release them then you are ready for Laura :-) The most important to know when working with Laura is that, you don’t have to do anything… nothing at all and the work just gets done!”
Pat Romain, Digital Business Strategist


Bree Hester“I had never heard of tapping before, and had no idea what to expect when working with Lauar. Since working with Laura, I feel very clear, and able to focus on what I need to do because I know that my body and mind are connected – I just need to trust that they know what they need for each other. I had such an amazing and surreal experience. Her insights were so spot on and I felt lighter when we were finished. It blew my mind. I had tingles the whole time. I wept that evening when telling my husband about it. I wish that I could have a session with her every day. Laura is insightful in a way that I did not know possible. She says that anyone can learn to do what she does, but I doubt that anyone has as natural of a gift as she does.”
Bree Hester, Life Coach & Weight Loss Coach


Stacey Harris“After working with Laura, I was really clear immediately, it opened up ideas that I had really pushed aside and decided I “couldn’t” do. I felt a real weight lift when not only I let go of some old emotions but also when I let myself be open to ideas I had shut away. I would and I already have recommended Laura! The whole experience was amazing! Be prepared to be shocked. It will open you in ways you really need to be ready for. Thank you so much for your time and your kindness Laura, you’re a total gift!”
Stacey Harris, Social Media Rock Star


Jenny Prince“When I first worked with Laura in the back of my brain, I was thinking “Tapping? Is this like Scientology?” But now I feel downright buoyant! I am so freakin’ sure of myself right now, mostly because everything that came up in our session was just a reaffirmation of things that I’ve been feeling. I can’t tell you how powerful it is to have someone touch your body and give you words and imagery that clearly describe your deepest emotions. I feel more grounded than I have in years.

I want everyone I know to experience this! I think this experience will do wonders for anyone ‘on the verge’ of anything – which makes it perfect for risk takers, go getters & those who want to live life to the fullest. Be open, be calm, and don’t expect anything at all. You are beautiful and you deserve to be reminded of or introduced to the primal part of nature that connects us all. Laura – I will remember our session forever, it was so pivotal for me and really marks an important shift in my life that I was just starting to accept. I feel lighter and happier fully embracing the part of my journey that I’m on right now, so thank you!”
Jenny Prince, Organic Farmer, Author & Blogger


Rebecca Reser“When I first heard Laura discuss her process I was skeptical. Regardless of her mention of science behind it, the body matrix observational process seemed like something difficult to believe. However once I saw Laura demonstrate her process on a colleague, I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself. Part of me was curious as to what she could reveal that I couldn’t see for myself or that I wasn’t willing to confront alone.

Since working with Laura, I feel more free to express myself in an uncensored way. I feel empowered to take action in big changes that have been a long time coming, and release myself from the inner, subconscious critic that has held me back. Overall I feel more confident and conscious about what my next steps are for reaching a higher level of mind-body connection and a more meaningful impact in my business. I also feel more positive about my big vision for the future and the work I am doing.

I think Laura holds an incredible talent and I would definitely recommend her to anyone feeling stuck in any aspects of their personal or professional life. Her intuition is quite deep and she’ll gently guide you through both your blocks and your talents to see where your body needs to heal itself and become stronger or focus. Laura’s light is so bright that simply being around her is a gift and an eye opener. Laura’s gifts are so profound that she may reveal deep stories or experiences that you have never mentioned before. In fact, they may be so deep that you honestly hadn’t thought about their impact in a long while, yet can feel how they are still affecting you once she mentions them. She is an extremely intuitive person and her strengths in revealing your inner world are astounding. It is truly an experience like none other and something so rare in this world to connect with Laura Hames Franklin.
Rebecca Reser, Entrepreneur & Web Marketing Maven


Tina Paymaster“I’ll admit I was a little skeptical of working with Laura, but that’s my nature. I tend to need to experience something, whether it’s a product, new healthy idea or even spiritual practice to believe in it. I never want to promote anything or tell my own clients, family or friends to do anything that I haven’t tried myself.

I feel so much more positive than I did when I first walked into the room with Laura. I feel energized, almost too much, to keep going forward and making progress in my business and life. It’s true when she says you may not experience a sudden 180 after the first day, but when she told me my “worry” wanted to fly away, I can say with confidence that it got it’s wings and is flying! I would absolutely recommend Laura and her services to anyone that is ready to look deeper into their souls.

Resistance won’t serve anyone well, so I feel the person has to be ready and willing. I think so much success and positive shifts in peoples lives comes from the work that they do within, not without. Laura’s gift is to help you access that space within you to create those changes and to be open and honest. Resistance and reluctance won’t serve you well. I also think that you need to be ok with just living your life after your sessions and not expect a “smack in the face” change to let you know that the powers of the universe are at work. Be willing to do the work, be open minded and when you look back a few weeks or months from when you started, that’s when you’ll see what just happened.”
Tina Paymaster, Health & Lifestyle Expert


Amy Lippman“Since working with Laura, I have felt more of a desire to make space in my life for this baby that is arriving soon! I would recommend Laura to anyone who is feeling stuck in any aspect of their lives. She is so intuitive, with a huge heart and I think being able to be passive in the process is such a gift. I love the idea that we don’t have to work so hard!”
Amy Lippman, Marketing Strategist for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs


Ali-Schultz“Laura is a force who is about to unleash her magic on the world by moving us into alignment with the inherent wisdom of the body. She knows that the ‘body is a map’ and a guiding light in the dance towards new rhythms of ever-expanding consciousness. Her keen insight into the dynamics of form and function empowers us all to firsthand experience of the body’s wisdom. Her integral work supports the wholeness of the human experience – and creates a swift shift in perception that is immediately palpable. A session with Laura always articulates whatever is blocking the ability of my spirit to fully shine through.”
Ali Schultz, Boulder Colorado


Navjeet-Bawa“The group session was like a good, deep meditation for me – I could feel the group energy, and the experience was more collective in nature. I felt a deep connection with the Earth, and the Universe, as well as a oneness with the planets and the stars. There were sensations in the body everything seemed to be moving towards the center, from left and right, merging, integrating. And after the session ended, the body, the breath, all went very quiet. It was a powerful, meditative state. I didn’t want to move for a while. Thank you for creating a space to explore and be.”
Navjeet Bawa, NYC


Kat-Csengo“Laura’s sessions have worked wonders for me! We’ve had 2 sessions so far and I’m absolutely blown away by the results. Strong emotions like a deep sitting fear and sadness have started to drop away. I feel much lighter and happier now. After just one session I could feel a tremendous change in the way I reacted to certain things and how I made decisions. It was amazing—I couldn’t believe that these results are possible with a session conducted via Skype. Everyone should book a session with Laura. I’m already looking forward to my next one.”
Kat Csengo, New Zealand


“You opened my mind and my eyes to the difference between “moving” through space and feeling the rhythm of the body in motion vs. “placing” or “positioning” the body in space. I’ve enjoyed the fluidity that has come out of the realization. I know it will take some time, but I can already feel a difference in my movement given the fact that I’ve set a new intention and have new imagery to work with. Thank you for this!”
Aide Zorilla


Phil-Earnhardt“Laura is one of the best experts anywhere. She again knocks it out of the park with this video. Her demonstration with the foam torso-shape is right on. The open-cell foam is a tensional structure and a pretty darn good model of how our
body’s tissues behave. I observe how many body/mind professionals represent science in their presentations. The concepts are often counter-intuitive and quite subtle, but she gets the points across well. It takes a lot of thought and a certain passion/fearlessness to make that happen. Please tell your friends about these videos, and please refer your scientists/engineers to her work. The geeks will have a major “Aha!” moment when they realize how smart you folks are — and they will be fiercely loyal after that happens.”
Phil Earnhardt

Rachel“So many amazing things have happened. The biggest thing is that I have this “I am at one with the universe” feeling. I’m not just observing anymore, I feel I’m part of all of these things. I feel that my “house” (body) is quiet and calm and at peace for the first time. Usually the attic or some other area is a little messed up or dark or cluttered or noisy. I realized that I’m connected to everything and everyone. And that means that my parents, who totally hate each other and have been divorced since I was 5, are ALSO connected.That made me feel safe, strong, and confident. Before that I walked around disconnected, compartmentalized, and torn. If I was with one parent, the other would get angry, etc., but if those two are connected to the ocean, sky, and clouds, then they are connected to each other, and I am connected to both of them – not just one or the other. This is very powerful!”


Elin-Ledskog“My shoulders feel amazing and my mind is calm! I’ve done a week’s LAHF-poster exercises now and my body feels really amazing. Each time I’ve felt more focused, relaxed, and confident afterwards.”
Elin Ledskog


anonymousAs an athlete and a generally fit person, I thought I knew all I needed to know about my body. All I was interested in was the emotional healing and spiritual growth. I was all up in my head, but Laura helped me find my heart and then the rest of my body. She first taught me how important and amazing my body is. Then she taught me how my body truly works and gave me the visualization skills needed to be a super human. She helped me peel away decades of bad habits, unhelpful belief systems, and emotional wounds. She got me in touch with my intuitive IQ and then helped me use my body as the big sensation organ that it is. She helped my marriage break free of old bondage and grow in to a healthy and supportive partnership. She helped my son through some tough growth spurts. And she helped my dog as he was working so hard to help us process anything we were going through. Laura is a beautiful human and I am so grateful she is here on earth doing her good work right now!


Sora-No“Who knew learning about the body could be so much fun and so delicious.
I can’t wait to play again.”
Sora No, NYC


Wendy-Turner-Larsen“The session Laura did with me certainly shifted my confidence in my work and in myself and I feel more okay to just be me in what I say and present, and how I say it. Today I spoke to a group of 80 women for a half-day workshop and it was so much better and richer than it has been in the past. The feedback from my workshops since that session with her has improved as well. I also feel more calm and less controlling at work. Contracts are flowing to me.”
Wendy Turner-Larsen


Madeline-Haywood“I used Laura’s Free Gift for the first time today and was surprised that I began crying when I did the “connect your heart” exercise. It felt good to have those feelings be released. I can’t wait to watch more of the videos and continue using my gift.”
Madeline Haywood, South Carolina


liz-dialto“Best. Decision. Ever. I’ll never forget when my boyfriend called me after his first session with Laura raving about how amazing it was and insisting that I let him get me one, too. 2012 was a year of many transitions for me personally and professionally. For a decade I was living in this zone of potential. I would hear from people, “If you actually knew what you were doing, you’d be dangerous.” But it wasn’t about marketing, sales, or business strategy. As an entrepreneur and a woman, what I needed was to connect with my spirit, my body, and my intuition. THAT is what Laura facilitates for me. She gives me access to emotions, limiting beliefs, and energetic blocks that I can’t access myself. The results are deep connection to who I really am and freedom to create anything I want in my life.”
Liz DiAlto, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach


Molly-D“Since our session a few months ago, I feel stronger emotionally than I have in years. It took a while, as you said it would, for everything to work itself out but the results have been pretty incredible. I ALSO haven’t had any back pain since our session, after being totally out of commission for at a few days every few weeks. None, not once! Thank you”
Molly D, NYC


Kristen-Mangione“Our session was nothing short of miraculous. I can breathe again. I have never experienced such freedom in my lungs and chest after releasing trauma I’d held onto most of my life. It’s beyond words.”
Kristen Mangione, BodyWorker, NYC

Rachel“The insight I gained about my life during a Body Talk Session is simply priceless. Shoulder pain? Gone. Laura Hames Franklin is truly gifted. Her warmth and wisdom transformed me in miraculous ways. I left that table with a strong spirit and sense of direction and with a peace of mind that I haven’t felt in a really long time. That’s not to mention the luminous glow you get from it, which is more amazing than the best anti-aging cream you could buy!”


Elizabeth-Shapiro“I have experienced a physical and emotional shift. Whenever I’m having a rough moment I remember Laura’s wise words (and incredibly supportive smile) and I fill my body up with love and light. Thank you for all of your amazing workshops and ACTION SHIPS. You are an inspirational goddess.”
Elizabeth Shapiro, NYC


Lizzy-Thompson“I’ve come home after work feeling less tired and I’ve had a blissful calm vibe all week. I’ve been able to find moments in my daily life this week to check in with my heart, breath and shoulders in new and refreshing ways. It’s also great to share and meet others in the workshops and find out how they learn and watch them transform throughout the workshop as they make connections….. fascinating! Thank you for all your work Laura!”
Lizzy Thompson, NYC


Karin-Maury“It’s like coming home. I was surfing YouTube and came across Laura. I was overwhelmed. I love the way she so generously shares her vision and her knowledge.”
Karin Maury, Denmark


Ford-West“I have been experiencing a radically different embodiment. My heart feels much more open, as if there is more space in the chambers of my heart. I can visualize more ease and flow throughout my spine and my shoulders feel much more released. I am experiencing the spiral flow of blood through my heart and entire body – so grateful and looking forward to more!”
Ford West, NYC


Amanda-Mayberry“Laura is great at making a true connection with you and your body. When I first met her, it was clear to me that she took her body seriously. Her obvious comfort in her own body made me feel confident that she would be able to help me in mine. As a small business owner just starting out, I have additional stresses that I’m not used to dealing with. I’ve recently had to deal with some heavy family issues, and my stress manifests itself in my body in the form of tension and worry. In just one session, Laura was able to take all that tension and help my body process it. Without me telling her much about my situation, she was able to communicate with my body and pinpoint the areas that needed the most attention. She helped free me from my worry so that I could focus on the things that I could control. I was much more at peace after spending only 20 minutes with her. It only takes a few minutes, so what are you waiting for? Let Laura help you take control of your body and your life!”
Amanda Mayberry, NYC


Emily-Anton“Yesterday’s session was AMAZING! My sleep last night was incredible and ballet today was amazing! On attitude swings especially I felt so much more expansion in my back and spine!!!”
Emily Anton, NYC


Ma-Thelma-Baterna“Thank you so much for sharing health techniques! I love all the demonstrations but mostly I was in tears when we touched about the heart!”
Ma Thelma Baterna, Phillipines

Terra-Goeres“Laura is like a big ray of sunshine :) I was feeling totally drained from answering emails and chatting on Skype all day. But after going through her video, I felt refreshed, re-energized, and my head is much clearer. ”
Terra Goeres


Rebecca-Bone“I slept the best I have in weeks and the pain in my back is 90% better. The session yesterday was so wonderful and transformative!
Rebecca Bone, Dancer, NYC


Reid-Ginoza“I was working on some technique issues I was facing in ballet, and I found myself focusing on the pelvis. Without consciously realizing it, I used the information that you had given in your Franklin Method pelvis workshops! It was a pleasant surprise that the information was absorbed in there. And it definitely felt right.”
Reid Ginoza, MA


Rosita“After performing the exercise I feel a vibration within the head cavity giving me a sense of openness, clarity and an overall balance throughout my body. Thank you for this wonderful gift. ”


Stanley-Kuo“I felt so much more awake and energized then I expected. Laura’s Franklin Method Breathing and Psoas workshop really transformed both my breathing and movement. My breathing felt both fuller and more fun. The psoas work helped me move from a different place. I feel more balanced and centered in the movement. As a yoga teacher and dancer I learn many disciplines. This workshop adds a new dimension to your movement and breath.”
Stanley Kuo, Ballroom Dance Teacher


Paloma-Rosenbaum“I am a skeptic. So, when I went into my first session with Laura, I was nervous and unsure of what I would encounter or if it would “work”. In general, I stress a lot because of the challenges of running my own small business. I know that I carry my stress in my body in the form of tension or sometimes headaches. Once I got a few minutes into my session with Laura, I felt much more relaxed. From then on, I felt a sense of calm which lasted for the rest of the day. I even continue to apply on a daily basis some of the tools Laura gave me in our first session. It is amazing what these small actions can do to help me feel more calm and connected! Though I still don’t understand how exactly it “works”, I am interested in learning more and whether or not I logically understand what happens, the important thing is that I am seeing benefits from applying these tools already! I sincerely believe that Laura can help my mind and body get back on track towards wellness!”
Paloma Rosenbaum, NYC


Christine-Kilavos“Wow….the session from last night…my body the aches inlets and hip have gone on away or dissipated completely… The jaw is loose and I haven’t felt this in quite a time. My face keeps changing feeling lighter and eyes lifted and more open and the tension has eased, relaxed. This is pretty amazing stuff”
Christine Kilavos, NYC


Jill-RoweIf we believe that our bodies truly are our temples, then Laura is the high priestess, the body whisperer that allows all your bodies’ secrets to be revealed. We all want to understand ourselves and trust our inner voices implicitly. Working with Laura reaffirmed my heart and soul’s true desires and I understand the more I listen to my soul’s voice, the closer I will come to reaching my highest potential.”
Jill Rowe

“WOW what a rush of sparkling energy that runs through my eyes, face and body…fantastic. I really appreciate your dedication of sharing your energy, knowledge & beauty with others, especially the children, I watched Lucy talking about how tapping her cortices helps to create a protective shield around her that keeps all the negative energies away from her….that was so precious :)”
Christopher Williams


“For a long time I had been feeling disconnected with myself, and it seemed that it was getting worse every day. I constantly felt anxious and insecure, when I used to be very outgoing the soul of the party, and then I felt fearful and depressed. Nothing seemed to work, I was lost, and then I decided to do something about it. I was researching online, I was asking God for some guidance – someone to follow and learn from. I found the page of Body Talk and there you ware with this amazing history and techniques. I got inspired again, thank you.”
Axel Calderon


Sora-No2“Laura’s approach is to be supportive, creative and fun. I was given the opportunity to receive a wealth of information through movement, visualization, sharing, drawing, feeling, and letting go. I was afraid that I would not be able to understand the anatomic structure of the body but with the unique method taught by Laura, I understand in depth my pelvis and how it moves. I can visualize my pelvis as if it was a three dimensional image and recall all of it’s parts instantly. There are no words to describe the feeling you get when you are that connected with your body. It’s truly AMAZING!”
Sora No, NYC


Heather-PierceI started working with Laura a few months ago when I couldn’t shake some low back pain and stiffness that seemed to reappear after an injury from over 10 years ago. After only a session or two I was happy to feel the pain clear away. But our work goes way beyond that. I’m amazed at how well Laura is able to pinpoint limiting beliefs and memories that hold me and my body back. She’s helped me resolve drama that’s stressed me out for years. The best part is that I’ve recommended Laura to some close family members, so it’s great to watch us heal and grow together. I’ve already seen a significant change in my family’s attitude and energy. They are happier, which has a fantastic impact on our relationship. What’s really amazing is how my body relates to my business and even my website! For example, after sessions with her I have seen more money come in and a jump in shares of my blog posts/articles online. Her work has even helped me strategize the redesign of my website. She’s like my business’s secret weapon. If you’re feeling discomfort in your body or stuck with the same old issues holding you back in your life, your relationships, or your business, I highly recommend you drop everything and contact Laura.”
Heather Pierce, Holistic Health Coach


Jennifer-Leonard“Miss Laura has been a delight to work with one-on-one. I’ve been extremely impressed with her body-tapping-intuitive-universe-science approach to healing. After working with her for several weeks, I suddenly stopped craving coffee – Wholly Shift! – and learned so much about my body’s underlying communication system, and how everything in my life extrapolates from this. It’s truly amazing work. Laura does wonders and is really onto something cool and cutting-edge.”
Jennifer Leonard, Design Lead IDEO


ws-praise-monica-guzman“Working with Laura has propelled me into my next evolutionary step by creating awareness of Who I Am and my connection to All That Is. It has planted seeds of growth, inquiry, and passion around Universal Health Principles and the way in which I want to delve deeper into this innate knowing. Not only am I aware of our creating capacity but I am learning to direct this gift in order to generate changes that will create a better world. Boundless gratitude and love to Laura.”
Monica Guzman


Amber-Hartnell“Laura is an endless fountain of inspiration. Her mere presence ignites pure delight and her infectious enthusiasm for life calls forth the brightest, most vibrant version of all she comes in contact with. She embodies love and true care with a depth of wisdom that invites coherence and true vulnerability, gently yet effectively supporting the process of shifting patterns that no longer serve in a way that is so natural and easeful, with results that are undeniable! If you are ready to claim your birthright and embody your essence to the fullest potential here on planet Earth, Laura is a masterful guide who can help to illuminate the path of least resistance…to find your way back home to your true self.”
Amber Hartnell, Ecstatic Birth & Union Specialist


nathalie-lussier“Every time I work with Laura, I feel like I just let go of stuff that’s holding me back, and things just MOVE at lightning speed. I’ve been doubling business income goals left and right. While at times I felt like stopping or slowing this progress, Laura has been there to give me the support to keep stepping into that next version of myself and to keep growing and going big. I feel like Laura is my secret weapon, and I’m constantly amazed at what we keep uncovering, and how much of a tangible impact it’s having in my life and business. She truly is a catalyst at the highest level!”
Nathalie Lussier, Digital Strategist


Emily-Sullivan“The growth and change that I’ve experienced from working with Laura is beyond what many experience in an entire lifetime! If you are looking to make a bigger impact on this planet and more fully show up for your unique purpose and mission then Laura is the person you want on your team. She is here to fully support YOU! There is nothing like this anywhere else. Its not about a system, a method, diets, rules, affirmations, or taking the same path as everyone else. Laura has the capacity to support you to your highest levels and beyond while on your unique journey. There is nothing prescribed to you, only a deeper unlocking of the unique super powers that are within you. Working with Laura will be the best decision you’ve ever made. It has definitely been mine. At 24 I have come further in two years than I could have ever imagined. My life, health, relationships and business are growing and flourishing daily directly due to having Laura on my team. I can’t imagine life any other way! Thank you Laura for every insight and for your deepest commitment to your super powers.”
Emily Sullivan, Universal Health Principles Practitioner


ws-praise-caitlin-naramore“Laura is a new world body and soul miracle-working magician! Through the most subtle and intricate listening to the body’s inherent wisdom and the “stories” that it has to tell, Laura moves mountains of suffering and pain in one session, in what otherwise might have taken lifetimes. Laura combines her incredible knowledge of the body and its functions with her extremely effective and cutting edge use of imagery to guide our brains and awaken them to whole new vistas of possibility from within. Laura activates the infinite possibilities that lie within the structure of our human frames, freeing us to become more and more our true selves and live the lives we are truly meant to live! Wholly Shift and private sessions with Laura have made me stronger, brighter, more robust, youthful and deeply empowered than ever! If you are ready to step it up and shine it out, and are done with tired old ways of being that keep you small and unhappy, Laura’s work will change your world for the best, forever! With rainbows on top! She is truly a shining gem.”
Caitlin Naramore


Marissa-Lluch“Last winter I was referred to Laura by a close and trusted friend. I honestly had no idea what Laura did but I thought “Why not?” For this, I am most thankful because working with Laura has been amazing! This work is very deep but it’s fun too. Plus, I have had RESULTS! Since we started working together, I’ve brought in new money (5 digits worth of unexpected income) and my body feels and even looks better. Not to boast, but I feel prettier! Most importantly, I feel more aligned with my life than ever. I know I have happy changes ahead and Laura has been an integral part of it!”
Marissa Lluch


ws-praise-barbara-hames“Laura has made Universal consciousness a reality, and her passion and enthusiasm is contagious. The world is a far better place with her in it. Laura has been such a positive influence in my life. From even before she launched her website and her online work, she had such an honest and intuitive connection with me, and each person she came into contact with. She is always supportive and insightful, and she has opened doors of opportunity for me that I never realized were possible. I love Laura’s Action Ship videos: full of fun-ness and color, and she has a natural and easy way of getting her messages and teachings across. I’ve taken her tools and exercises into my daily life and practice being in my body and noticing its habits and movements every day. This also extends to being aware of the habits of my mind, and this has helped me stop judging myself. As a result, my childhood dreams can definitely be accomplished in adulthood. I believe this now.”
Barbara Hames


Lara-Degenhardt“I have known Laura for almost 3 years now and she has changed my life in amazing ways through Wholly Shift. She has taught me the interconnection between everything in the universe, how to tune in to my intuition, and how to live a healthy, happy, true to self life. I was having some health problems due to low thyroid function when I started Wholly Shift last year. After 4 weeks of Wholly Shift, not only had my thyroid corrected itself, my thyroid levels continue to move in a positive direction, and my overall health has done a 180 turn. I’m happy, healthy and vibrant for the first time in a long time. Thank you Laura for your amazing gift and for sharing it with the world. You are truly loved.”
Lara Degenhardt, Interior Designer at hue 13 design


Natasha-Lakos“I’m convinced that Laura is a gift from the future. As entrepreneurs, we’re always searching for how we can get to the next level…seminars, books, gurus…but we’re trying to work it out in our head. Laura taps into a deeper wisdom that opens up possibilities beyond what we can read, watch and learn from others. I’m not sure there is a wiser, or quicker way, for us to reach our fullest potential and make the impact we’re here to make, than to tap into our body’s wisdom and let it take us to a whole new (embodied) world. We need this missing part. Work with Laura and be amazed by the results.”
Natasha Lakoš, Creative Direction + Identity Design


Marie-Whitman“I have been trying to sit down and write to you to tell you of the magical transformations that continue to unfold after our phone session in early June. So subtle at first. Many times I looked for more “practical” or “logical” reasons as to why the internal shifts. But my heart knows what it knows. And I truly believe the energy unleashed in our phone session helped propel me to speak forth my creative vision in a bolder way… and then there was the shift that has happened with my Mom; something subtle just…..moved…when I went to visit her in June one week after my phone session with you, Mom and I had the best visit we’ve ever had. Wow.”
Marie Whitman


Sherold-Barr“I met Laura at a conference and we instantly had this connection – one that I rarely have with anyone. My body had tingles and it felt like the hair on my body was standing on end. I knew this was a deeper spiritual connection and one that although I couldn’t explain it that it was important. I asked Laura to do two sessions with me while I was at the conference. I want to say that I’ve had loads of body work done and have tried almost everything. Laura was able to lift grief off my chest and heart from my brother’s murder eight years ago. I knew that I still carried the sadness of that experience and having her work with me gave me a lighter feeling. Laura is a true healer – check out her hands if you haven’t seen them because they are truly power hands. I would highly recommend that you work with her. I look forward to more sessions.”
Sherold Barr, Master Coach and Coach to Women Entrepreneurs


Salihah-Sayeed“Laura Hames Franklin’s stellar intuition and innate wisdom pair with an uncannily accurate perception of the inner workings of the universal matrix to offer the most elite mind-body training available on the planet. Sessions with Laura propel me faster and further on my Golden Path. I’ve grown taller, more confident, gained pristine clarity in business goals as a Holistic Health Coach, busted through persistent writer’s block, awakened immense creativity, transmuted fears lodged in my body parts for decades, and opened my heart’s eyes to the love that has always been around me. I have finally found a stable, grounded, loving home in my body and can allow my spirit to soar towards the bliss, health, vitality, and abundance I desire. Oh yeah, AND my neck and shoulders feel ahhh-mazing, and stress levels are at an all-time low.”
Salihah Sayeed, Holistic Health Coach, Author, Founder of seedsparx