5 Powerful Mind-Body Actions To Transform Your Body, Business, and Life

Do problems become a vicious circle? Tap into a new Perspective right now!

Do problems become a vicious circle? Tap into a new Perspective right now!

This week, the Action Ship took flight to bring you a completely different perspective! You’ll have to watch to see where we are…

It will bring you a large breath of fresh air and new horizons!

Often, when we get stuck in one view of the world & forget that there are other ways of looking at things. Do you ever notice that your problems lead you around and around and you keep ending up back where you started?

I am feeling very lucky that the Action Ship chose to give me this fresh perspective this week! And so happy that I can share this sunrise with you!

With the help of the Action Ship, I am learning how to ZOOM-OUT and ZOOM-IN with greater ease and efficiency & bring it to you!

It’s amazing what a simple shift in observation does- both inside of our bodies and in the world around us :)

Your Action this week is to find a new perspective on your current challenge. How has this problem been preventing you from reaching your goal?

ZOOM in, out and around. I have taken you inside your lungs, into the water and fluids of your body and to high a new horizon.

Albert Einstein said “You can’t solve problems with the same mind that created them.”

So tell me in the comments below, how this changes your problem? What is your fresh perspective?

As next week is ThanksGiving (and my birthday on the same day!), I want to offer YOU thanks for joining me each week.

Send me your requests for a video by posting them in the comments below the video & I will answer 3! (and remember, I will still be here in this beautiful place… so you can incorporate that as well!) or/and on my Facebook page.

And super thanks for sending me your pics and comments on how great your almond milk is! Please do post your pics on Facebook of your inspirations and actions :)

See you next week!
Much love,



18 Responses to Do problems become a vicious circle? Tap into a new Perspective right now!

  1. Emily says:

    Oh my goodness Laura!!!!!

    This video… WOW!!! So brilliant! Your BEST actionship yet!!! SO amazing!!! Thank you! Exactly what I needed… thank you.

    This video was even more powerful for me having been with you last week for your 11.11.11 session and the breathing and psoas workshop. Seems exactly like a continuation of last weekend…

    The addition in this video to your free gift was very too cool, wonderful imagery that could only have come from Hawaii.

    Definitely have already watched this video a couple times. (by the time I post this comment probably like 10…) :) And will probably watch it a bunch more times this week! I finally finally feel “healed” from my “sick day” yesterday. Thank you. So many powerful emotions running through my body every time I watch this video (completely different every time I watch, lots of breathing)

    Been thinking of fractals a lot lately and seeing all the fractals in nature, in my lovely collard greens from the coop, the trees of NYC (currently lit up with Christmas lights) and knowing these exist in the body too. This video completely brought this idea to a completely new level for me!

    This was the problem that I wrote down at the beginning of the video – having the no how and capability to market myself and get customers to experience Franklin Method and BodyTalk Access with me because I know I can help them cause I have the tools to do so. The feeling with it: apprehension in the pit of my stomach/intestines and frozen feeling in my diaphragm and unfreezing it through embodiment brings tears. I would like it to be easy and flowing.

    Definitely was and am getting stuck (like a in thick, sticky yellowish glue on my feet making it impossible to move forward or around) with my problem.

    The shift in perspective brought me to the realization that I’m taking all the right steps and listening to my body and it’s intelligence and that I simply need to keep going – moving forward, up, down and around and jump in my actionship every now and again to remember the feeling and my own creativity. Worrying about the future or present isn’t going to do me ANY good. It is more important for me to FOCUS on the BIG picture of MY LIFE.

    This all has empowered me to feel BIGGER, WIDER, more EXPANSIVE and EMPOWERED with juicy goodness and creativity!

    Thank you Laura!

    Emily x

    • Hi dear Emily.

      Wow, that was such a joy to read and witness with you. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly.

      You really are… being it! I watch you every week taking huge leaps in your awareness, insights, embodiments and connections.

      That’s all I have to say! Enjoy your ride and thank you for sharing it with me. And I am honored to be watching and participating in your expansion and empowered creativity :) The people you touch feel this too…

      Keep feeling the feeling & taking action…. and that’s it. After all, what else are we here to do, if it’s not feel inspired and discover more incredible experiences!

      Love, Laura xo

  2. “Nothing is, but seems.” said Shakespeare…so you if nothing is, then your current perspective is just a seeming and how easy is it to change that!
    Thanks Laura! More inspiration from the action ship please!

    • Thanks Eric.

      Great quote.

      After all YOU are the king of shifting perspectives and I reply thank you for that. You have opened up huge expansiveness inside me that I would have never known possible. A true gift of joy, light and trust.

      I am honored and thankful to be passing on this inspiration and feeding some back to you.

      Lovely honeymoon
      Laura xxxoxox

  3. Rowena says:

    Thank you Laura. I LOVED looking at the tree in the background while imaging my lungs filling expansively! Wonderful. And watching the water on the rocks….beautiful.
    The Shakespeare quote from Eric is SO very helpful – next time I get stuck I hope I will remember it! Thank you Eric!

  4. Amanda says:

    I’m going to be watching this video several more times. I’ve already watched it several times! It’s so beautiful. Very nice imagery. And I felt you in my heart! You are in there and it’s full of so much gratitude for you! MMM! LOVE! And an early Happy Birthday to you! Sending you some celebratory laughter!

    My problems… a dozen came to mind and I couldn’t pick one to zoom out on. I think I am WAY too zoomed in:)! I’m zooming out on all of them…WAY out. This comment and my perspective is going to be segmented as I watch the video over again. And again.

    And thanks for teaching Tyler how to breath and how to love on his psoas! It’s been fun watching him do some of the exercises and hear him breathing in the morning.

    • Thank you thank you thank you! It’s so fun to ZOOM around! And so easy to get way too zoomed in… we need those gentle reminders to step back from the picture to see it fully! Love to hear how that flys for you as you watch it more.

      Love to Tyler… I’m so digging his new breathing experience! It was amazing to watch :)

  5. Emily says:

    So much beauty! Not only in the sights you shared with us but also the insights :) Love the feeling I get inside of myself when I zoom out, its totally like a deep breath of air filling my body and a wonderful calm as well.
    Thanks Laura. What you have to share is beautiful


  6. Lydia says:

    Lovely Laura,
    I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful this weeks actionship is. The moment you appeared in front of those beautiful trees and said “fractals” a smile rupted on my face and I was lost in the joy of imaging the miracles of my lungs. Imaging those cool ocean waves spiraling through my body was so effective it practically sent me running for a glass of water.
    The most helpful was shifting my perspective around the painful challenge of facing a long distance relationship again.
    Ben and I are both moving back to the states, but he will be in Chicago, and I will be based in Miami. We were both fighting to stay in NZ so that we could just be together, but at the cost of our individual happiness and integrity.
    After watching this video I let myself imagine this move from Ben’s perspective and found that even though long distance can be hard, it’s perfect for the both of us right now.
    I realized he would be in an environment where he could really grow, surrounded by people who love him and support him.
    When I imagine him so happy in that space, I know beyond any doubt that this will only strengthen our relationship. It makes me happy to imagine him thriving, and we can always visit every few weeks until our work takes us to the same place again.
    Thank you for giving me the tools to understand the pathway of my life, and to emody every moment along the way.
    Much love,

    • Hi dear Lydia. What an amazing perspective and painted picture of your sensations! Thank you :) I am so excited for you both to see how it unfolds! And thrilled you will be easily phone-able again! Hugs xoxo

  7. elizabeth says:

    this is beautiful.
    a problem i’ve been having is health/money. i became seriously ill about two years ago and am still not completely well. i went from employment, independence, an apartment and a car to welfare. its taken a huge toll on my body/mind and also my finances. i have a debt of tens of thousands of dollars and have been ignoring calls from a collections agency. i had SO MUCH anxiety about calling the collections agency. before the phone call I was shaking and crying. EVERYTHING seemed to be wrong with my life. i felt paralyzed by fear, shame, and doubt. my body felt huge and heavy. it was difficult to breathe. my head felt like it had tight band around it and my shoulders felt like they were being pinched together.

    i got myself together and made the call. as bad as it was, i felt relief after talking to the woman at the collections agency. even though it’s not an ideal situation, i had perspective on what i was dealing with. it was no longer an unknown. i realized i might be able to settle for a smaller amount and the woman i spoke to was very understanding.

    all this happened, before i watched today’s action ship. after watching, i feel like my perspective shifted a great deal. it is hard for me to ask others for financial help. but maybe i can do this now without being afraid. i hope the shift can manifest positive changes in my health, and, ultimately, my financial situation.

    Laura, i was wondering if u could do a “PMS” action ship…i know its just for us ladies but my “problems” really seem to hit me 10-fold at this time of the month. i feel shaky, un-grounded, short-tempered, achy, and full of fluid and like there’s a big weight around my neck. i think this is one of those times! my “perspective” is definitely distorted. is there any BodyTalk that might help us out? and who knows, maybe the men in our lives will benefit as well ;)

    as always: aaaawwwwweeeesome work on these ships! glad to be on board with you and thank you for all you do for us. xo.

  8. Barbara Hames says:

    Well what a good topic, Laura. Next time a sticky situation comes up, I’m gonna move into a different ‘Me’… one that does things in a timely fashion, and with the only possible outcome being success. Happy Birthday! X

  9. Myrna says:

    LOVE this Ship! Such brilliant guidance, as always!!

    Here’s my question….

    What is a healthy way to strengthen personal, energetic boundaries, so that when engaging with other people or when out in public and not engaging one-on-one with someone (example, if I’m just walking down the street alone or in a busy shopping mall) my energy field is not “loose” and allowing in unnecessary, harmful energy that can be out of alignment with my own personal frequency.
    (Oh my God! That was a mouthful!)
    Additionally, can you talk about how we can better support someone in a way that is not intrusive or obnoxiously interfering with their personal right to make their own choice(if for example I feel that I want to encourage someone to move away from something and choose healthier options that I know would greatly improve their well-being)?

    I want to be able to honor my space and everyone else’s while still being involved in a healthy way.

    Thank yoooou & the magic Ship!

    • Hey Myrna :)

      Thanks for your question! Yes, this is an important one. I am sure many people can relate. Can I ask you a couple more questions… how does it feel when you feel your boundaries are weak? Have you felt an unhealthy situation affect you, and what does this prevent you from doing? If you knew that you had strong boundaries, what would it free you up/ allow you to do?

      Thanks… this will help me answer you even better!

  10. Hi Laura!

    great sensation of radial thoracic expansion and images of flow, the mountains view and the natural magic.

    Loved this action ship!


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