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Remember Your Dance with these 2 Simple Steps!

Remember Your Dance with these 2 Simple Steps!

This week’s Video is for my mom, Babs. She wrote asking how to memorize dance sequences. You can read her post down below…

I can relate to her challenge of ‘feeling confused and fragmented’ when she has to learn something new. I know that for me, I always had a hard time remembering dance combinations and would go around and around in my head trying to ‘get it right!’

When I was actually afraid of ‘getting it wrong!’

If you are trying to make the right move and remember all the steps, then this video is also for you! Learn how to step into your ‘right’ moves!

Babs wrote:

Can you help with remembering dance sequences. I started ballet about 3 years ago (I’m 65 now), and love it but … I already have a belief that I don’t know the individual steps, and I probably stop breathing. If I get the feet right I still have to add the arms, and the head and the feeling. Aaagh! The teacher goes too fast for me. If I can do it over and over slowly, then I can do it all. Taking a video helps cos I can do it slowly at home. I watch myself and see the confusion on my face. I want it to be easy, soft, flowing, joyful, complete. I want my eyes to see it all and my body to know it all, and my heart to feel it all.
Love Babs (Mummy)
… and as I’ve just discovered, when I have something new to learn, my body seems to fragment so that I might know my arms are beautiful. but I don’t know what what my feet are doing. Please put me back together so that I can move as a fluid unit, Laura.

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17 Responses to Remember Your Dance with these 2 Simple Steps!

  1. Emily says:

    Thanks Laura! I will use this next time I’m in dance class :) For me this is a great reminder for outside of dance class too! Remembering to not live in fear of the steps but to know that I am always taking the right step is so helpful! It helps me to live in the present moment and not worry about what could happen or what has happened before.
    Thanks again for your wonderful videos each week!

    Will leave you a video comment on YouTube as well :)


  2. Barbara Hames says:

    Thanks Laura. The fear was making me hold not only my breath, but also my whole body. There was no way I could flow with the music. I just felt lost. After I watched your Action Ship, and talking with you, Friday class was so much better-I knew which way to turn (of course). Anyway, we have class on Wednesday and rehearsal on Friday (for the Dance Show on Saturday). I’m gonna drag out any remaining fears and remember to breathe. I’ll keep you posted.
    Love and gratitude for your reminding me of what I know already.X

  3. kylie says:

    I agree with what emily mentioned that this applies outside of life too! If you remember this, then you can’t make excuses about not doing something or not making a decision, since it’s always right.
    Thanks! Kylie

  4. Kathleen says:

    LOVE your videos, Laura! Not only are they a delight and so much FUN! your wisdom oooooooozes…. and EVERY TIME I am given a gift. So this time, I am going to use your gift to cleanse me of fear and to KNOW my KNOWING as it has to do with my upcoming teleseminar for Winter Solstice. Rather than spend my time being fearful, when that energy comes up, I am going to do the cleanse AND see myself doing it/feel myself in it and jsut BEING in the KNOWING of my gift to others.

    Your videos are a top priority for me to watch every week. Where many I delete, yours I cherish! Thank you for stepping into your Self in the world. Its a powerful force!

    • Hi Kathleen THANK YOU!! What a gift to read that too! My passion for creating them is fueled from the amazing feedback and interactions with incredible people… To be able to make such a difference in people’s lives is heart-opening-amazing!!!! I SUPER appreciate your participating and sharing! xox

  5. kylie says:

    further insights into my reaction to this video :)

    i appreciate your collaboration with your mom even though you’re so far apart. an aspect of my life vision is having a food blog with my mom, but i’ve been telling myself that that can only really happen if we’re living closer to each other.. and i used that as one reason (out of many that my mind can come up with) to move home instead of really going through the process of finding my own place in new york.

    maybe, though, being far apart could be even MORE collaborative and fun. oh, i didn’t have this ingredient for the recipe you suggested so i tried this and it was amazing! the blog could just be our back and forth. less planning, more flow. kind of like life. :)

    i know you had one video about the mother-daughter relationship, but how do you perceive working together on questions like this or having a little project and creation together changing your relationship with your mom?


    • Hi Kylie :) I am SO happy that you shared this… and YES, indeed… I think it’s a really special and hugely healing experience to collaborate with your mother, especially when it’s at a distance. There is something that is very empowering and freeing when you step into the effect that you can create on each other’s lives… even from far away. And it really helps you embrace YOU and then have a new relationship based on two whole people… rather than the interdependent thing that happens as children. We are so connected to our parents (whether we like it or not), and when we can really dive in and explore that, we find that our world and possibilities for experiencing more really open up…

      I’m definitely going to share more on this in later blogs and programs…

      And keep me posted on your and your mom’s food blog!! Sounds great :)

  6. Lisbet says:

    YES –
    Fear or worries paralyzes in some degree breath, thoughts, moves – . It is so nice to remove these tentions – regid energies from arms and legs bringing them to diaphragm and bring me back to center – to breathing. Very nice – like healing and taking care of my existential base:)
    Free to make a sustainable move. Very nice. Thank you.

    Best wishes Lisbet(denmark)

    • Hi Lisbet! I totally understand what that’s like! I remember how challenging it was for me for a long time, trying to escape the fears and worries… but as we experienced here, often we just need to direct them where to go, and then there is a deep healing that naturally occurs. I’m happy for your new base! xo

  7. Barbara Hames says:

    Removing all that fear works a treat, Laura…especially when I add breathing too! I even discovered where a lot of the fear and ‘freezing’ stems from … childhood stuff. I’m still perfecting that skill of ‘NOT THINKING’ but I’m just believing that it is all flowing and thoughts are absolutely not necessary. Yes, I do know the dance. I keep tapping that into my brain so that it strangles any doubts and fears that are creeping around. So, I’m off now to drag out more fear, switch off the thinking, BREATHE, and dance!
    I’m so happy that your response to my ‘issue’ has allowed me to see that there are only the ‘RIGHT’ roads.
    Thanks Laura, from the bottom of my ballet shoes.

    • That is SO brilliant Babs!!! You are a star and thanks for sending me your pics of you at your show. Now I can’t wait to see your video :) I LOVE you and your ballet shoes!!! What a gift you are to me and this world xoxoxoxo

  8. elizabeth says:

    Laura, this is a really good video, thank you for suffering through the mosquitos for us !! this was a difficult one for me to grasp. i am still too much in my mind, in the doubt, and not FEELING the feeling in my BODY. i looked down at my feet and they still felt like they were not connected with the ground. i will continue to practice though and let you know how i am doing.

  9. sue burdick says:

    Great stuff as usual! here’s another take on that for Babs, from a 63 yr old always dancer, sometimes new learner of other stuff…it’s called a hypnotic rehearsal wherein you lie or sit down, calm breathing and mind with relaxing thoughts, then imagine your way though an entire phrase or combination of ballet (which I still love and take class whenever I can) and you can even bring in an imaginary teacher, say Baryshnikov or Fonteyn or Laura, who can show you details etc. and FACT your muscles will all be 30 % actually doing the movement! and so your body will have actual muscle memory when you next get to class…and voila, you can allow yourself a big jump forward in your kinesthetic memory of the movement! Enjoy pas de bouree chasse…with all your heart…I know i do!

  10. Emily says:

    Hi Laura! :)

    Thank you soo much for this wonderful video! Fabulous!

    Love your Hawaii videos, feel so much like I am right there with you which is AMAZING since I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii!

    Love all the locations you take us to (even if there is rain and mosquitos)

    This video holds such great advice for dance (as I’m a dancer :) ) and life! Trusting you KNOW is the best and seemingly hardest thing to do – but when you truly trust it is really soooo EASY!

    I often find in dance class when I truly trust I just KNOW the combination I can dance the sequence with complete ease, grace, beauty and have an amazing experience!

    Also I find in life when I just TRUST, everything is infinitely easier and flows from me effortlessly!

    Thank you!

    Emily xoxooo

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