5 Powerful Mind-Body Actions To Transform Your Body, Business, and Life

Running Injuries can be so frustrating! Get 3 keys to running free!

Running Injuries can be so frustrating! Get 3 keys to running free!

Ellie loves running, but she keeps getting injured and tight, painful hip flexors….

She does everything ‘right’ but still gets strange injuries that stick around preventing her from doing what she loves…

Sound familiar?

So the Action Ship is going to give you some keys to preventing injury in whatever activity you like to do.

AND I promise you, if you do this whole exercise with me, you WILL feel more strong, flexible and run faster & longer!

COOOL, so what you waiting for!? Get moving now!

Stop being baffled with strange injuries that won’t go away, and start looking in the right places for answers… and it’s not what you think!!

In fact, you might learn that if you are trying to get ‘STRONG’ in the wrong way (thinking it’s right), causing you more tension, pain and injury!

So do these exercises with me fully, and in just a few minutes, you will feel a change, then write me a comment down below and tell me how it feels!

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Thanks so much for watching and joining me here each week, and I love hearing your responses and all the great things YOU are doing

Have a fun week!




ps. Did you see I’m teaching a BodyTalk Access class next Saturday Feb 18th, and a Franklin Method ‘Pelvis and Knee’ workshop Sunday 19th.

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Yay! See you there :)

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18 Responses to Running Injuries can be so frustrating! Get 3 keys to running free!

  1. Reid says:

    What a coincidence! I saw this after I left you that message about the pelvis. It’s great to have a video reminder! This is great stuff.

  2. Emily says:

    Thank you Laura! This is so perfect. I don’t run but I am a dancer and just from following along with you I can feel such a difference in my pelvis. I was just moving some large furniture around in my apartment and I was feeling my pelvis getting really tight. Your video came in perfect timing and now it feels SO much better. Actually my whole body feels better. Like it created a ripple effect down through my legs and up through my spine.
    Thank you for this video and all of them!

  3. Emily says:

    Also my dad is signing up for your weekly videos! Knowing my dad that is a big deal :)
    Looking forward to hearing how much he loves them too!

  4. maria says:

    I’m seriously thinking about moving to new york just to take your classes, each video is great from argentina maria

    • Hi Maria! Thanks and yeah, I’d love to see you here! I had a lady from Greece come to NY to take the workshops this weekend and do some session with me… and she’s having a ball! Keep me posted on your thoughts and enjoy <3 Hello to Argentina!!

  5. This is freakin’ brilliant! Thank you a million times Laura for helping me free my pelvis and (hopefully) releasing my running angst. xoxo

  6. Barbara Hames says:

    That was so cool, Laura…and I don’t mean the weather over there. I so love the pelvis. wish I could join for your workshop.
    Love Babs

  7. Linda Dubeau says:

    Hi Laura,
    Loved this video. I really felt the warmth in my pelvis just by following the movements in your video. I will practice these 3 notions of feeling the frustrations and letting them go and be digested and `goodbye`, then to move with the feeling of rotation in the pelvis, and then the image of all the ligaments and muscles being elastic. This is an area that I have been struggling with and am grateful for these new insights.
    Un grand merci,


  8. kylie hudgens says:

    I think the letting go of the frustration is so important, because we keep creating ourselves as less than or not something else! I catch myself doing this with my elbow a lot, and have really been able to observe how my mind has held me back.
    I also want to learn specifically how you tied that band around her when she ran! :)

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