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The science of self-healing / Simple self-healing practice I do every day

The science of self-healing / Simple self-healing practice I do every day

Today I want to talk about how we can take it from a “wish” to action. 

The thing is, your body is AMAZING. One of the most amazing things about your body? It can heal itself!!

My body can heal itself. Your body can heal itself. It’s what they’re designed to do. 

We already intuitively know this. For example, when you cut your finger, what happens? It heals. You don’t have to do anything about it but give it time. 
But what about more serious or more chronic things? Like back pain, poor digestion, or even insomnia? 

Can your body really heal those too? The short answer is, yes. 

But it gets a little more complicated. Because we don’t just need to heal the back pain itself, but we need to shift the beliefs, patterns, and other subconscious emotions that might be connected to it.

Today I want to give you that FIRST STEP and show you a self-healing technique I use regularly to help bring my body back to its optimal, flowy, sparkly, healthy state.

Watch the video below to follow along with this special technique: 

Right after you watch, comment below with how you feel after doing the exercise.

I can’t wait to read your experience!



2 Responses to The science of self-healing / Simple self-healing practice I do every day

  1. Elizabeth Malenica says:

    Thank you Laura. This healing method felt wonderful. It is truly amazing when one is in search of how to deal with issues in ones life it magical appears. I have been battling with anexity. I feel that there is always something wrong with me. At this moment I have this issue of my tongue and mouth burning or tingling all the time. It started 2 weeks ago. I am in my menopause years. I try to mediate everyday. I go for long walks in the woods to clear my negative thoughts. I am currently reading Deepak Chopra book on ageless body, timeless mind. Everything he has written you have said in your video on everything is connected and we can heal ourselves if we are open to it. I am ready to be open. Thank you and I will continue doing this excercise. It felt great. Cant wait till your next video.
    Love and Light

    • Laura says:

      Thanks for sharing this Liz. I’m so happy you found me too. I’m happy for all this to change for you too as you open to the new possibilities for everything to heal 😊

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