Starship Business Program
The not-coaching intensive for entrepreneurs who
are ready to connect their body,
mind, and business with Universal wisdom.

Building your business from someone else’s blueprint is like following a paint-by-numbers kit.
You may end up with a flower, but it’s missing something.
That Something?
This is not your first time at the digital rodeo. Your “list” is nothing to sneeze at. You’re not a stranger to the stage. And you’re really freaking good at what you do. People rave.

But you still feel like a “best kept secret”.

You’ve poured over so many personal development books that the Buy now with 1-Click button on your Amazon account has burn holes on it. You’ve been coached, you’ve followed the steps, you’ve masterminded, you’ve had a few breakthroughs…but the question “So how’s your business going!?” kinda makes you cringe.

Something hasn’t quite clicked yet.

You know in your gut that you are here for a deeper mission, but you’re not really sure what it is. It’s not just about the money (though a new Macbook and a trip to Santorini this year would be nice) — you were put on this planet for a reason.

So you’re still looking for answers. But those answers? Are not in yet another blueprint. Not another road-map. Not another 5-Step System.


But how do you make the leap from just “plugging along” to connecting to your role as a leader? A life-changer? Where your work is not just “great”, but it creates a ripple effect that touches thousands?

You’ve heard that if you’re driven, hard-working, and motivated you’ll get there: you’ll “make it”, have the body, the relationship, the business, the money, the raving fan community.

But you know that’s a lie.

True leaders aren’t driven. They drive.

At this stage in the game, it’s not about pushing harder. It’s about trusting yourself.

You know those people who get “intuitive hits” to guide every decision they make? From how to price a product to whether to take on a client to whom they should strike up a conversation with on the subway?

Yeah, you have that too.

The only trouble is, you have all of these pesky memories, injuries, beliefs, patterns, and scars that keep you from hearing that inner guidance.

The not-coaching intensive for entrepreneurs who are ready to connect their body, mind, and business with Universal wisdom.
It’s like a secret club for those who use their superhuman nature to guide their business and life.
Here’s what happens when you come aboard the ship.
(No, we don’t serve Kool-Aid. Too many preservatives.)…
Where you get group and individualized support in a virtual classroom. I tune into your body’s universal “computer system”, see what needs cleaning up, and clear the way for your innate genius.

The coolest part? Since every cell in the Universe is connected (but you already knew that, didn’t you?), the work that comes up for each individual in Starship…is also healing and shifting you.

Just you, me, and Universal intelligence. In these monthly 15-minute sessions, I tune into your body-mind to see where we can find your next level of clarity.

Don’t let the term “laser” fool you, sh*ft gets real, fast.

This will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. We take the mind-body practices that we focus on in our virtual sessions and integrate them into your body through experience and movement.You’ll walk away feeling like a superhuman. People will be drawn to you like you have a tractor-beam.

You get a chance to connect with your Starship “Power Team”, get individualized sessions with me, delicious organic food, life-altering meditation sessions, and experiential training to help you truly understand and trust your body’s ability to guide you, heal itself, and be a catalyst for massive change in the world.

When you walk out of our retreats, the sky will look brighter, your eyes will glow, and you’ll be able to brush past every tiny obstacle that used to stress you out…just by connecting with your own inner guidance.

I don’t just show up for sessions, blow your mind, then wave “see you next time”, leaving you in the universal dust. I hold your intentions, wishes all of the time. If you’re feeling stuck, you can always reach out to me for support in our private Starship FB Group.
You have a free spot in each chapter of my group program, Wholly Shift, throughout your entire time in Starship. Wholly Shift is like Superhuman college, while Starship is like Superhuman grad school. When you combine the two, your shifts , intuitive power, connection to your body, and ability to call in magic become even more massive.

Each Starship session is clearing another layer of the “junk” that keeps you from living and operating in effortless ease.

Here’s an analogy for you…

OK so imagine you live right near the beach. And imagine that you have always dreamed of sipping your morning tea from a swinging chair on your porch with a clear view of the ocean.

But you can’t see it. There’s acres of brush, twigs, old tires, tree trunks, Styrofoam coffee cups, empty candy wrappers, etc. between you and the ocean. Junk.

All that junk? Your old patterns, injuries, beliefs, memories, that you’ve accumulated throughout your life.
The Styrofoam cup? An argument you had with your dad when you were 15.
The old tire? The time you tore your shoulder when doing cartwheels.
The twigs and branches? Fender benders, tiffs you’ve had with your partner about your budget, that time you revealed your new business idea to your mastermind and felt judged.

In each session, we clear out that garbage that has been buried in your cellular memory.

We pluck away at the twigs. Uproot the weeds. Toss those used wrappers in the trash. And at our retreats, we bulldoze them.

So you begin to see the ocean, perfectly. Effortlessly.

The wake-up-without-an-alarm lifestyle. The share-your-deepest-desires-over-an-evening-stroll relationship. The fit body that skips, bounces, and pirouettes free of pain or stiffness.

It’s the part of you that effortlessly:

Runs into rock-stars on the way to Whole Foods.
Gets a custom order for your product from the CEO of an organization you’ve always admired.
Has a waiting list of clients for a service you haven’t even announced on your website yet.
Figures out that tiny tweak that allows your business to run itself with half of your hands-on time. Phew!
Exercise daily because you want to, not because you have to.

Yeah, that version of you. Just like that view of the ocean, it’s right there.

Starship is a place where you don’t need to rely on the chiropractor, the acupuncturist, the supplement, or the affirmations in order to heal.
Where you don’t need to buy the latest 7-Step Blueprint to make $8,333.33 per month.
Where you don’t need another guru to tell you what your niche should be. Or what program you should create. Or whether you should do a webinar or a teleseminar.

Every time I had a session with Laura, I walked away feeling like a superhero. As a result I made more money by falling deeper into my gift and serving. My business is remarkably different than it was 6-months ago. When I started Starship, my business was grossing a mere $750/month. In the 6th month, I billed over $9,000. I think it worked ;-)

The biggest shifts I experienced were found in learning to let go of logic when it’s not necessary, and learning to trust and surrender to the unknown. That guides me every day.

I would 100% recommend Starship to other business owners – without a shadow of a doubt.
– Samuel Hershberger

Starship has helped me connect even more deeply to the available wisdom that is inside me, ready to give me the answers I need. Intuition? Yes. But it feels even deeper than that.

I meet more and more amazing people — “my people” — that I have been craving relationships with. And I have found a deeper love for myself that is incredible.

I have more and more moments where I go, “whoa – this is my life – I love it!” Now I had HEARD of people having this kind of feeling, but it is new for me :)

I’ve gotten great clarity about my message — and it continues to deepen. I started writing publicly (something I have resisted and feared). I started my newsletter and started building my list. (Have been wanting to do this for the past year.)

As a result, more people are commenting/liking my posts, and in general, reaching out and being drawn to me. I used to run as soon as I got this attention but with Starship I feel a greater ability to hold this energy and allow it in.

I also experience a desire to serve — before I have felt so focused on getting my own lifeboat, that I couldn’t think about others. Now I find myself saying, “guide me… show me how I can best serve” – just having this intention shift within me is so HUGE.

I’m in the midst of planning a workshop that I would not have the guts to do without the energy and support of Starship and Laura. I also started performing again.

Also, I’ve just had the best money month of my entire life!!! More and more people are reaching out to me out of the blue. More opportunities coming my way. More confidence in my skills and in owning my value. More random blessings of money just given to me. Whoa!

– Elizabeth Blue

Everything and everyone is connected, and it’s important to embrace that when creating a business and life that thrives. It seems like working with a coach who doesn’t address the whole mind-body-spirit-universe (like Laura does) would feel bland and not be entirely supportive.

As a result of Starship I’ve experienced and increase in income and a desire to take care of my health and my body. I’m making exercise a #1 priority now and it feels amazing.

– Bennett Sullivan