What if you could have it all?

A growing business.
​​​​​​​A fit body. A calm mind. Sacred family time.

And FUN.


Imagine waking up feeling calm and peaceful. You put on your cozy slippers, grab your journal and a cup of tea and settle in your favorite little nook. You drop into a deep meditation — the kind you’ve always tried to get to — your body is buzzing, you’re having visions, feeling totally present.

After your morning practice and a gorgeous, homemade breakfast, you get to work on fun creative project — an idea that just came to you last week. You’re so in the zone you almost lose track of time.

Right before lunch, you check your email — more clients aching to work with you. You have a fresh, colorful lunch before you hop on a few client calls and they’re amazing. Everyone is having major shifts and transformations.

And you STILL have time to take a dance class and have a cozy evening with your man.

You look back on the past few months and can’t believe the shifts you’ve been experiencing in your mind-body. Your back pain is virtually gone, you’ve lost 8 pounds, and amazing ideas and visions now just come to you. You on them without fear or self-judgment.

Running your business — and your life — is FUN.

This is what life can be like when you connect all the dots. Because after all...

Nothing is separate

You see, we tend to treat all these areas of our life as separate. 

We hire a business coach for business. 

A chiropractor for back pain. 

A doctor for digestive issues. 

A love coach for relationships. 

Sure, these things help. I LOVE the chiropractor! And I’ve worked with some amazing business coaches in my life. But the thing is, these solutions are incomplete. 

Do you ever notice that many people have one or the other? They have a thriving business...but they’re overweight. Or they have an amazing body, but they’re living paycheck to paycheck. Or their business is growing...but they’re sick all the time?

You see, there’s an intelligence that informs everything in the universe. It’s all connected. We’re all connected. And if something is out of whack — like you have back pain or money issues — that’s normally a symptom telling us there’s an imbalance in the whole SYSTEM. If you can support the whole system to improve, then everything can improve. 

You ARE your business

Over the past 15 years I’ve been studying cutting edge mind-body practices, the principles of the Universe. I know that when you connect them ALL, everything lines up.

Since I started using these mind-body-Universe tools on a daily basis, I’ve created a life and business on my own terms. I take ballet class in the middle of the day. I come up with and create 6-figure ideas — without a rigid, masculine business plan. I travel to amazing places like Hawaii, Cayman Islands, Egypt — all while my business is running and serving hundreds of people all over the world.

And I’ve helped my clients create the same.

I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs burn out because they sacrifice other areas of their life to build their business. I’m here to show you it doesn’t have to be that way.  

You CAN have a hot body, a 6-figure business, an amazing relationship, and a fun life.

All you need is a mind-body shift.


Superhuman Mastermind

Mind-body training for entrepreneurs

Superhuman Mastermind is a 12-month mind-body shift designed to help you feel amazing in your body, life, AND business.

Most masterminds just focus on your business and the strategies you are implementing to grow your business. But they’re missing one KEY piece — your biggest TOOL for success: your body!

In Superhuman Mastermind, you’ll learn the secrets to mastering the “inner game", bust through limitations, old blocks, and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and really hone your intuition so it’s a powerful catalyst for your business growth — on YOUR terms.

Superhuman Mastermind is your chance to immerse yourself with extraordinary entrepreneurs who will support you, inspire you, and encourage you to grow without sacrificing your body, your health, or your relationships.

The 12 Month Experience 

The promise of Superhuman Mastermind is simple: To facilitate a quantum leap year in your business and your life. 

When you say yes to Superhuman Mastermind, you are saying yes to catapulting you past your comfort zone and into a whole new world of possibility and growth personally and professionally. Some of the shifts you’ll experience will happen quickly, but for lasting change, it takes time (just like growing a baby or a plant!) In Superhuman Mastermind, you’ll get the most advanced mind-body training out there to get ahead and lead the way for your peers and community.

Members of Superhuman Mastermind get access to...
1 Live Group (60 minute) Master Call per Month for 12 Months (Includes 1:1 Attention, Hot Seats and Recordings)
2 In-Person Retreats in NYC
1 Ticket to Wholly Shift Live Event
Free LAHF Workshops throughout the 12 months
Private Access to the Superhuman Mastermind online portal where all dates and replays live for your ease
Access to Private Superhuman Mastermind Facebook Group/Forum
FREE Access to Wholly Shift Weekly Calls
(Mondays, 2:00 - 3:30 PM Eastern)
FREE Access to Superhuman Fitness
All strategically designed to effectively support you for a quantum leap year in the next 12 months.
Here’s how Superhuman Mastermind works

Group Sessions:

Where you get group and individualized support in a virtual classroom. I tune into your body’s universal “computer system”, see what needs cleaning up, and clear the way for your innate genius.

The coolest part? Since every cell in the Universe is connected (but you already knew that, didn’t you?), the work that comes up for each individual in Superhuman Mastermind…is also healing and shifting you.

Live In Person Retreats in NYC:

This will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. We take the mind-body practices that we focus on in our virtual sessions and integrate them into your body through experience and movement.You’ll walk away feeling like a superhuman. People will be drawn to you like you have a tractor-beam.

You get a chance to connect with your Superhuman Mastermind “Power Team”, get individualized sessions with me, delicious organic food, life-altering meditation sessions, and experiential training to help you truly understand and trust your body’s ability to guide you, heal itself, and be a catalyst for massive change in the world.

When you walk out of our retreats, the sky will look brighter, your eyes will glow, and you’ll be able to brush past every tiny obstacle that used to stress you out…just by connecting with your own inner guidance.

Upgraded seat in my “spiritual vortex”:

I don’t just show up for sessions, blow your mind, then wave “see you next time”, leaving you in the universal dust. I hold your intentions, wishes all of the time. If you’re feeling stuck, you can always reach out to me for support in our private Superhuman FB Group.

You have a free spot in each chapter of my group program, Wholly Shift, throughout your entire time in Superhuman Mastermind. Wholly Shift is like Superhuman college, while Superhuman Mastermind is like Superhuman grad school. When you combine the two, your shifts, intuitive power, connection to your body, and ability to call in magic become even more massive.

You also receive free access to an incredible community of superhumans around the globe.  With your Superhuman Fitness membership you'll receive 2 new workout videos every month plus access to the entire digital library of 25+ video workouts.  
Who is Superhuman Mastermind a Right Fit For?

Superhuman Mastermind is not right for everyone.  Here are a few qualifications and characteristics to help determine if you may be a right fit...

Superhuman Mastermind is RIGHT for those who are

• Coaches, Content Creators, or Online Influencers who are looking and ready to make a big leap forward in next 12 months (and beyond!).

• Work and Play well with others (even if you're an introvert like me!).

• Willing to be open, coachable and vulnerable.

•​​​​​​​ Have a mission in this world and are here to make an impact in a big way.

Great! What's The Next Step? 

Superhuman Mastermind enrollment happens on a rolling basis.
Click on the link below to fill out your application today.

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