5 Powerful Mind-Body Actions To Transform Your Body, Business, and Life

Tap into the Power of your Uterus for Health, Creativity & Birthing your projects!

Tap into the Power of your Uterus for Health, Creativity & Birthing your projects!

Do you ever wish that you could create and birth your projects more quickly and easily?

Would you like to ‘tap in’ to a deeper power to catalyze this process?

This week we are going to be delving deep and looking at the strongest muscle in the human body… learning how it moves and how we can keep it healthy… and then access it’s power!!

And… How to free yourself from PMS!

After watching this video, I’d love to know:

1. Who are you & what are you birthing?
2. How does accessing this immense power of your uterus allow you to create more easily?
3. Do you feel a physical change in your body, abdomen and pelvis?

So join me to access some deep WOMAN power so you can easily create and birth your babies and dreams. While improving your “female health” and ‘time of the month’ stress!

And thank you again for being a part of the Action Ship family and for living and birthing you!

Much love


26 Responses to Tap into the Power of your Uterus for Health, Creativity & Birthing your projects!

  1. Mila says:

    Excellent timing as always with your action ships! So looking forward to seeing results with daily practice.

  2. Amanda says:

    Laura!! Cooool! What if you are a women without a uterus??!

    • Hi Amanda :) Good question.

      Even if you don’t have a physical uterus, you will still have the energy field of it, so you can access that.

      Obviously things will be different in the body. And depending on how this came to be, there may be some emotional clallenges that need to be resolved… Each person is obviously different :)

      I think that if more women knew the importance of their uterus and how to take care of it, we wouldn’t be living in a world where it’s removed so freely. So I’m focussing on more happy, healthy uteruses for an abundance of feminine creation!

      Does that answer your question?

  3. Michelle says:

    Excellent! Just watched this with my sister and her 4mo old! Thank you for the ease and pleasure in experiencing the uterus!

  4. ali says:

    Happiest of birthdays! Thank you so much for being who and what you are :)

    I am forwarding this video far and wide… and looking forward to the workshop.

    I have a big project to birth – it’s so close I can feel it. And I often help people bring their work into the world. I will keep sharing this video!


  5. Lovely B-Day video…it brings warmth right out of the screen.
    All is not lost or us, guys; we have a prostate..and a bigger bladder thats also got three layers of muscles that can expand greatly, but I know, its not so impressive..
    Wonderful video, lets do what we are here to do, birth our ideas!

  6. Sonja says:

    Dear Laura HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!
    I like this inspiring video very much and the warm, grounding feeling after walking in my pelvis and my uterus! I never thought about my uterus in this way! Thank you very much!

  7. Danica says:

    Thanks for helping my uterus feel connected to my everyday moving around.

  8. elizabeth says:

    excellent! thank u so much for doing this action ship, and happy belated b-day :) it’s always so refreshing to find out that anger is necessary and related to moving things THROUGH the body. i feel very comforted after doing this action ship, and will continue to practice this week. it’s like giving my body a big hug!

  9. Lydia says:

    Hi Laura,
    So many things came up watching this video! I have an IUD at the moment and I feel more than ever that it needs to come out. I am having trouble starting projects, and for the first time it occured to me that a device hanging out in my uterus preventing pregnancy and making me horribly uncomfortable every month is probably preventing other things as well.
    Loved the image of using the heart’s power to help move blood through the uterus rather than anger. I felt an overwhelming joy when I focused on strengthening the connection between the two organs, and felt shudders run through my body when I let my arms rest in the creative power of my uterus. So exhilirating! I now have a powerful tool to use every time I have trouble birthing a project. I know these embodiments will empower me to get through the hard steps of creating my new film! Looking forward to letting you know how I get on :)
    So much birthday love to you.
    Thank you for being in my life!
    Much love,

    • Emily says:

      Wow Lydia!

      What a beautiful comment! (so glad I didn’t read yours before I posted my comment because the beauty of your comment is a tough act to follow!) Thanks for sharing it.

      Will be thinking of you birthing your future projects. All sounds quite exciting!

      So thankful to be sharing this actionship journey with you.

      Sending much love to you!

      <3 Emily

  10. Emily says:

    I LOVED this video Laura! SO brilliant! Yay! :)

    I love your Hawaii videos, such a treat to be able to experience Hawaii with you! Lovely! Lovely energy and you look beautiful there! :)

    Such a wonderful timing for your video – perfectly timed to my last BodyTalk session! :) Love how that worked out! The perfection of the universe certainly takes me back sometimes.

    Wonderful to tap into the power of my uterus and embody it! Extremely educational to learn more about the power of my uterus – didn’t know much about my uterus before! Certainly didn’t know how it moves! Really neat!

    Felt the creative power, strength and energy of my uterus in every port de bra I did today in ballet class! Too cool! And felt AMAZING!

    Accessing this incredible power inside me (be it a bit scary!) truly is helping me step into more fully my next step of embodiment and awareness of my mission with the actionship on this planet!

    I have to admit I am still in the processing phase and taking baby steps! Rather scared of the HUGE step that I see in front of me!

    Thanks for sharing the sounds and beauty of Hawaii with us city dwellers! :)

    Endless amounts of love,

    Emily xo

  11. Hi Laura,

    happy birthday and thank you for sending me this video, it’s fantastic!!

  12. Emily says:

    More more! this feels like a really important thing in my life and I can think of so many other women who would love this! Sharing it with all of them.
    Thank you Laura (and Laura’s mom) for bringing such wonderful information and actionable tools each week.

    So happy to share this earth with you

  13. Barbara Hames says:

    Can you help with remembering dance sequences. I started ballet about 3 years ago (I’m 65 now), and love it but … I already have a belief that I don’t know the individual steps, and I probably stop breathing. If I get the feet right I still have to add the arms, and the head and the feeling. Aaagh! The teacher goes too fast for me. If I can do it over and over slowly, then I can do it all. Taking a video helps cos I can do it slowly at home. I watch myself and see the confusion on my face. I want it to be easy, soft, flowing, joyful, complete. I want my eyes to see it all and my body to know it all, and my heart to feel it all.
    Love Babs (Mummy)
    … and as I’ve just discovered, when I have something new to learn, my body seems to fragment so that I might know my arms are beautiful. but I don’t know what what my feet are doing. Please put me back together so that I can move as a fluid unit, Laura.

  14. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday last week! I watched this with my 9 year old daughter. We have talked about our uterus (among other wonderful parts of our body) since she was 2 – not because I thought it was time but because she had a desire to know. For her to hear someone else talking about this amazing thing in our womanly bodies was so great for her – and for me to watch her be completely involved.

    As for myself, I had started the week out with a uterus/female energy meditation. It was perfect to add the mechanics of the uterus in motion. I feel that was such the perfect addition of information just at the right time. Thank you! I also have so many questions that go with that. Like what is going on with it’s neighbors – the rectum and bladder – as well as the fallopian tubes and ovaries. All to be explored and discovered.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart/uterus connection!

    • Hi Julie :)

      That is so wonderful. I loved reading this and imagining you and your 9 year old connecting to your powerful uteruses! It is so important for our young women to know that this amazing muscle is inside of them- and not to be scared of it! How did she feel when she did the exercise? I’d love to hear her perspective.

      And yes, you are right that the is zoo much more to focus on and see….I am so excited to create a whole program delving deeper into this essential information. Thanks for writing and sharing! It’s great to hear.

      Love, Laura x

  15. kylie hudgens says:

    I was so agitated last night at work (PMS), so I laughed when I finally watched this video this afternoon. If only I had watched it when I actually got it in my inbox ;)
    But I do really value the idea that the anger is there for a reason, so it can be acknowledged and then helped along it’s way. It’s easy to forget how much I love my body — the uterus specifically — when I’m in that state! So thanks.

  16. hey gorgeous… love your videos. this one i bookmarked and will come back to again to use. happy b-day and love to see my name pop up. thinking of you angel face. xxoo H

  17. happy birthday love. your videos are awesome, love them. bookmarked this one to come back to again tomorrow. keep up the magic… your a gem. xo

  18. Kathy says:

    Look forward to what you and Eric will come up with regarding the Uterus!!!!

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