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3 Ways to Sail Through TRANSITIONS!

3 Ways to Sail Through TRANSITIONS!

There is only one certainty in life.

It WILL change!

There is nothing we can do to stop it.

Every moment we are being ripped apart and reconstructed (at a cellular level). A constant evolution of change.

I have been feeling the inner shifting more rapidly and intensely than ever these past 2 weeks. It can feel gut wrenching and disorienting…

Ha ha! I guess I set myself up for this by creating a life- shifting program called Wholly Shift! And it IS just that.

I feel so blessed to have the best tools in the world to support, catalyze & direct this shift. And every day I’m increasingly inspired to share these secrets with you.

“Three ways to sail through transitions faster and easier w/ @laurahames & the #actionship!”

So in today’s Action Ship I’ll take you to 3 powerful access portals so you can sail smoothly through the rough ocean waters of life.

Woo hoo! What are you waiting for?

Your next brillianter version of you is waiting patiently for you to have life to her.

After you’ve practiced this lesson, make sure to add your favorite easy-transition tip to the list.

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Loads of love


6 Responses to 3 Ways to Sail Through TRANSITIONS!

  1. Roya says:

    Hi Laura,
    We lived in the same building 7years ago in prospect heights Brooking. We are in Portland OR, after Mexico. happy and very green. But always miss NY
    You seem well,
    this is very helpful, and I do always with transition is having to let go, saying good buy to something is always hard.
    which stops me to go forward….


  2. I loved today’s Action Ship! I could fully feel its effect in my heart, joyfully. The feet love to be massaged as well as the willingness center of the neck. The heart is so wise, patient and present for self soothing. Thank you for sharing from the wisdom of your beautiful heart and connecting it to other willing hearts. Today, I felt your heart connect with mine. Hearts hearing hearts – love it!

    Much love, Frieda xo

  3. Ali says:

    These are always so perfectly timed! Love you !

  4. Ramya says:

    Thanks Laura! I love your energy! Yes…..connecting with the stillness in the centre of my heart did leave me ecstatic!!!! A big Hug to you! Yes there is a newer version of me calling out to me….I hear and see the signs everyday, and a part of me gets excited and a part of me gets frozen up! Just this morning I was talking back to myself and soothing myself and saying something along the lines of,”yes yes….I know I have to go there ….I know thats the vision of the future me but I can take my time,…let me take it one step at a time and rest in the peace of my current being….no rush…etc. etc.”.
    The awareness of this ‘freezing up’ showing up (or originating from???) my body was an amazing revealation to me today!

  5. Jess says:

    I love love love this video! Especially sitting in the heart rather than trying to mentally problem solve. I’ve needed that for a while. Thanks so much!

  6. Susan Lee says:

    Wanted to watch this – but it wouldn’t work – couldn’t get the video part to display

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