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MargMeadQuotegradientWhen we come together around the planet and connect in to the brilliance within, we catalyze major shifts not only in each of us and our lives, but in the world around us.

And the more of us that tune in and witness the miracles? The more we create them.


So, what is Wholly Shift?

Wholly Shift is unlike any other program on the internet. Why? Most online programs address a certain thing: how to make more money, how to grow your business, how to lose weight, how to organize your closet, how to make origami birds, etc.

So if you want to make more money this year, should you find a program that focuses on money?

Here’s the thing: your actions and what you get in life are 90% driven by your subconscious.

And in the subconscious, when one thing shifts, everything shifts.

It’s like a traffic light that goes out of power. If the light isn’t working, it creates a traffic jam for not only that intersection, but for all the surrounding roads and systems. All you have to do is repair that one traffic light and then everything will run smoothly and efficiently. That one shift ripples into everything.

That’s what your body and your subconscious is like. And that’s why Wholly Shift does not focus on just one piece: if you want to make more money or quit eating sugar or find the right partner or start exercising regularly? The whole of you needs to shift. The whole of you needs to get on board with the new you.

Yes I want to join Wholly Shift

So, you could go try to read a book about how to make a million dollars and use your discipline and self-control to follow those steps until your inner resisters start coming up to sabotage you (and give you tight shoulders!).

Or you could shift ALL of you so that making money feels effortless — along with eating healthy, having relaxed shoulders, etc.

How long does Wholly Shift run?

Once you’re in, you’re family! You don’t have a year subscription commitment to your family do you? I didn’t think so. That’s why we recently changed the Wholly Shift membership to Lifetime. Once someone joins Wholly Shift, they will have lifetime access to this support.

When do we meet?

Each Monday at 2PM EST / 11AM PST, we meet on the internet, in a virtual “room” on video. For 90 minutes, I tune into our collective energies to find what, in our bodies and lives, could be improved. And then we allow those things to shift. Each and every session is TOTALLY UNIQUE.

Outside of class, you have unlimited access to a support through the private Wholly Shift Facebook Community to share your insights, connect with your fellow Wholly Shifters around the globe, celebrate your #whollyshift moments and connect with me beyond the calls. You absolutely have no obligation to spend time in the Facebook Group, but most of our Wholly Shifter’s agree it’s the best place on Facebook to hang out :) You’ll feel connected 24/7.

What if I work a 9-5?

Each Wholly Shift session is recorded and many active Wholly Shifters only watch the replay’s due to their schedule.

If you can call the shots in your schedule and can come to the live calls? Great.

Matt, a Wholly Shifter, works in an office and many Mondays at 2:00PM he rents out a conference room so he can sit in on the Wholly Shift calls uninterrupted.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

Each Wholly Shift session is recorded and many active Wholly Shifters only watch the replay’s due to their schedule.

Emi, a Wholly Shifter, is a stay-at-home mom of 2 kids and looooves watching the replays in the evening to get her personal upgrades after the kids have gone to bed.

This program can work into your schedule any way you’d like it to.

Yeah, but are the replays really as effective as being there live?

Every single cell in the Universe is connected. Whether you are online “live” or not, you’re still present with us. So, when I tap into the collective to find the perfect insights and directions for the group, I am tapping into all of us. Even if you’re sleeping, in a meeting, or at the store stocking up on toilet paper, you are an essential part of the session.

For example, Alex, a Wholly Shifter is in med school and can only watch the replays. Sometimes, due to her schedule, she can’t watch them until 3 weeks after they were live. But no matter what, the session she watches are always exactly what she’s studying in school in that moment!

Whenever you are able to make time to watch? It is perfect.

What is the Wholly Shift Lifetime investment?

The lifetime membership to Wholly Shift is $2500. Previously, Wholly Shift was priced at $1668/year with members renewing year after year. Lifetime allows you to be a part of this community for life without ever having to make another payment again :)

I’m in too many groups, I’m not sure I can hold space for all of these new people.

This experience is for you and only you. Of course, we’re all connected and the Facebook group is here for support – use them if you’d like. What we’ve found is a lot of people love it and find it the best place to hang out on Facebook. The experience & support is unlike any other group. But again, you can use it as much or as little as you’d like!

What if I join and the program is not for me?

Test drive Wholly Shift for 21 days completely risk free! Our company is here to support you. That’s why we invite you to fully participate in Wholly Shift for 21 days. If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promises, we’ll happily refund you 100% of your money back. NOTE: We require you to fill out the pre-program survey, participate fully in the Wholly Shift sessions, and speak to one of our team members before we refund your money. Why? Because we know that if you show up fully for the sessions, you’ll get the results. It’s that simple. This work is not a ‘quick fix’ but this shift is real if you fully show up. If you participate to the sessions and still do not feel it is a good fit, then we’ll refund your money.


Yes I want to join Wholly Shift

See you on the inside Wholly Shift …


    Wholly Shift meets continuously throughout the year every week (except for holidays)

    We meet live every week on Mondays at 2-3:30pm Eastern Time

    Session notes and replays are available online for replay and review within 24 hours

    Each session is completely unique and guided by the group

    You’ll have access to Laura and the Wholly Shift community for support via private Facebook group

    Wholly Shift Lifetime investment is $2500

    Once you’re IN Wholly Shift Lifetime you won’t have to worry about ever renewing. When you’re in, you’re IN.

    You’ll experience shifts like: 3 new clients signing up ‘out of the blue’, sleeping better at night, sugar cravings vanishing, healthier sex drive, stronger ability to connect to peace no matter what is going on in outside life and so much more

    There are Wholly Shifters sprinkled across the whole planet: from Zimbabwe, to Portugal, to San Francisco. Aka superhuman friends all over the world!

Yes I want to join Wholly Shift