You’ve known all along that you should be “listening to your body”, but somehow you keep binge-watching reality TV, eating a whole pint of ice cream, avoiding exercise for weeks, repeating the mantra “I'll start Monday”.

You’ve known all along that you should “put yourself out there” (you know, launch your new business, publish that controversial blog post, make a video, get your butt on stage, record the song, ask him out)
...but you’re too busy worrying “what will everyone think?”.

Let go of the subconscious patterns, beliefs, injuries, blocks, and memories that have been trapped in your cellular memory. The blocks that have been keeping you from creating real change, lasting change in your body, business, and relationships for so long.

Because when you actually feel the feelings from the past, your childhood, even your ancestry, you can finally release them. GET GOING NOW

Once you release them? The real shifts begin to happen.

It’s where*:

You go off gluten and sugar without even trying

Your partner of 8 years proposes

You feel grounded and supported

You no longer care what the rest of the world sees you, you just go

You have clear, intuitive visions for your future

You radiate with happiness

You breathe more deeply, stand taller, and feel tension melt away

You experience more rapid growth than you have in years

You feel more connected to your Self, physically and spiritually

Your business is booming

You wake up happy and go to sleep relaxed

You exercise and eat well because you want to, not because you should

You make effortless changes that you’ve been trying to motivate yourself to do make for YEARS

*all actual shifts experienced by Wholly Shifters.


Usually, the group format is a more economical, watered-down, B-list version of the coveted one-on-one, VIP session, or high-level mastermind.

Not here!

Yes, it’s a more affordable way to work with me or to dip your toe into my magic vortex. But unlike most group programs, the group format actually magnifies the results. Each week, when the Wholly Shift group logs on with me, the energetic connection is so strong and crackling it’s hard to believe.

It explodes in a chain reaction of epiphanies. From person to person to person across the globe, lifelong mental blocks fall away like dominoes.

Here’s how Wholly Shift works:

The group calls have no agenda. I have no pre-planned content. Why? Because each session is unique to each individual in the group, our connection to each other, and our connection the Universe.

I will be ‘tapping in’ to the collective to find the perfect insights and directions for your experience. I lead you through simple steps to make radical, immediate shifts.

The course runs in terms just like the school year (think Hogwarts on the internet): Fall, Spring, and Summer. The Fall 2017 Term has begun.

Wholly Shift meets once a week every Monday LIVE online at 2PM EST.
Sessions are 90 minutes. Each and every one is TOTALLY UNIQUE.

Each session will be recorded and available via the private Wholly Shift replay page within 24 hours of the session.

Every single cell in the Universe is connected. Whether you are online “live” or not, you are still present with us. So, when I tap into the collective to find the perfect insights and directions for the group, I am tapping into all of us. Even if you’re sleeping, in a meeting, or at the store stocking up on toilet paper, you are an essential part of the session.

“Sometimes the recordings are even more powerful for me. I've been shocked at how “spot-on” they are for what is specifically happening in my life and my body at the time -- and I wasn't even “there”. Crazy!”

- Heather Pierce Giannone

“I'm really re-creating my life in ways that are more and more in alignment with me, shifting things and not needing to understand how or why… Just getting to the 'root' of the patterns and shifting them. It's very powerful work. ”

- Charu Morgan

“Laura is very intuitive and works from her heart (instead of solely her mind). ”

- Joana Coelho

“I feel like a new person and have experienced more concrete growth in the 4 weeks than I have in all of last year! ”

- Alysen Starko-Bowes

“Wholly Shift is life changing. ”

- Kate Stefans

“My back is releasing more, my skin is breaking out less and less, and PMS cramps are dramatically decreasing. I'm experiencing more love and connection overall and I'm connecting to visions through my heart and not through my head. ”

- Heather Scott

“Wholly Shift is totally different from anything else - you really feel involved as a group member (instead of one of hundreds on the end of a phone line).

- Charlotte Lascelles

“Yessss!!! It has been the best four weeks! Last week everyone was telling me how happy they saw me, I was smiling every day, and radiating the light you all let me see in myself. Thank you all!!!! ”

- Maria Laura Reiner

“I've stopped eating sugar & gluten without even trying!! It's been something I have known my body needed for probably 2 years now and every week I hope I will be motivated to make a change… I wasn't even thinking about it when after the session 2 mondays ago I simply did not want it anymore! ”
- Charu Morgan

“If you would like to feel freer and have your life open up to new possibilities you want to try Wholly Shift. ”

- Joana Coelho

“It is like a family that is with you through the rolls and tides of life - but better. ”

- Elizabeth Blue

“I'm enjoying my home and family more and I'm rarely angry now and feel so full of LOVE. My business is now booming, progress-filled, growing, expanding, prosperous and elevated. ”

- Shannah Wallace

The magic continues in our private Wholly Shift Facebook Community

Get access to Laura, connect with fellow Wholly Shifters, celebrate your epiphanies and #whollyshiftmoments, and support each other to process, grow, and shift. You’ll feel connected 24/7.

When you’re in, the Mind-Body-Spirit-Universe connection is no longer just a cool concept. It’s something you feel. It’s how you live

It’s where your heart leads

So if you’re tired of pushing and ready to let your inner wisdom guide you, ready for healthy to feel “normal”, and ready to feel like you’re floating downstream, then you belong in Wholly Shift.

Our company is here to change your health, happiness and life.

That’s why we invite you to fully participate in Wholly Shift for up to 21 days. (That's until 11:59pm Eastern Time on the 21st day after you purchase. If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promises, we’ll happily refund you 100% of your money.


If your interested in getting a refund, simply reach out to Team LAHF before the 21 day period has ended. We require you to fill out the pre-program survey, participate fully in the Wholly Shift sessions, and speak to one of our team members before we refund your money. Why? Because we know that if you show up fully for the sessions, you’ll get the results. It’s that simple. This work is not a ‘quick fix’ but this shift is real if you fully show up. If you participate to the sessions and still do not feel it is a good fit, then we’ll refund your money. *Beyond this 21-day gaurantee Wholly Shift is non-refundable and payment plans are non-cancellable, to find out more click the terms and conditions link below.

No matter what you need help with, Team LAHF is never more than a click away.
Email us at

You’ll be part of a worldwide community of leaders and changemakers who are here making the world a better place in their personal and professional life.

You’ll be able reach out for support and ask Laura questions in the private community Facebook group where she is very active.