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Why Alignment is a LIE

Why Alignment is a LIE

In today’s “spiritual” and “health” world I hear so many people throw around the phrase alignment and say things like “that does not feel aligned with my purpose.

The thing is…in nature there are no lines. There are spirals, curves, waves and bends.


If you try to achieve alignment by getting “in line” or following the “linear path” you are going to fall flat like the line itself because you are missing a key concept:

If you’re not feeling TRUE alignment in your body, you’ll never feel true alignment in your life – be it with your true purpose, your relationships, your sense of freedom, your finances, you name it.

The ONLY way to find alignment is to clearly understand how your brilliant body actually works.

So, how do you find alignment with flow and ease rather than rigidity and linear stiffness? That is exactly what we’re talking about in today’s Actionship!

In this video, I’m debunking some of the greatest myths about alignment and purpose and instead showing you a new way that will guarantee greater clarity on how to use your body and the fundamental principles of nature and the universe itself to bring you into alignment with your highest, brightest and most radiant self.

And if you’re ready for an even deeper embodied experience? Join me this Saturday for my “Align Your Spine and Find Your Purpose” Workshop Live in Brooklyn or online via Livestream.

I know you’ll experience a shift in just 10 minutes of today’s Actionship…so imagine what a whole 4 hours will be?!

When you’re done watching today’s video, leave me a comment letting me know how bright and aligned the day ahead of you feels.



P.S. This Saturday, November 5th I’m hosting a “Align Your Spine Work and Find Your Purpose” Workshop LIVE in Brooklyn and online via virtual livestream. Space is limited and it’s going to be an incredible experience you won’t want to miss. Click here to register and learn more.

2 Responses to Why Alignment is a LIE

  1. Julie Nantel says:

    Applauding you. loving you, thanking you Laura for your bounciness, you aliveness, your uniqueness.

    “I allow myself to bounce into my bright beautiful future” with butterflyiness!!! (with freedom, joy & enthusiasm!!!)

  2. Anna says:

    Wow!! What a great Action ship! Beautiful words✨
    Alignment sounds serious and rigid.
    Movement, butterflies, bounciness,: this sounds inspiring and creative
    It’s like having to choose between two world: a world of “have to” and “trying hard” vs a world of creativity, ease and play💙

    Thank you!!

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